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  1. Duncan Krummel

    Combining MSS, MSB, and Genesis - Stems Included

    Hey all, Thought I'd put this in its own post for its own discussion. I put together a track using MSS, MSB, and Genesis to showcase how the libraries interact with each other (+ a bit of percussion from HWP non-opus): I also thought it would be interesting, and potentially useful, if...
  2. V

    The Killer Track - Original Composition - Thanks for the link

    Thanks. Below is the link to the Track, titled The Killer Track. There’s something about this track. I didn’t use any of the libraries I had, at that time. My Grand Uncle knew this Old lady who’s got this Cottage Piano & because I was away from NYC, where I had access to piano, she offered me...
  3. V

    Can I post a Track to get an opinion?

    Hello! I am Vivaswan am a Composer I am new to VI Control. I was wondering if I can post a Track that I composed long time ago, just to get an opinion it’s just that I would like to know something about using samples. VMC
  4. LHMusic

    Hey, check my tunes out maybe?

    Hey, so I did this track yesterday and I don't get very much direct musical criticism. I'd like to know what you peeps think about it! and gimme that brutal honesty, I can take it >:D
  5. S

    Trailer : music + sounddesign

    Hi I recently worked on 5 trailers of Hollywood movies. Unofficially but it was just to promote my sound and Music work. Trailers : NOTHING ! Thank you, Stan.
  6. S

    Stan Lockfield -> Hello from France

    Hi, I'm a french composer for films and video games. I also make trailers for films, short-films, etc... I'm 27. I hope you will discover my work. I try to find professional movie projects to work on. I compose music from a long time (12 or 13 years now). Thank you, Stan.
  7. Jediwario1

    Raiders Bounty (original orchestral piece)

    Hi everyone, here's a short orchestral piece I recently wrote. With this piece I was wanting to create something upbeat that didn't rely on generic epic percussion or synth arpeggiators to maintain the rhythm/beat/pace. Sample libraries I'm using are: Cinematic Studio Strings, Cinebrass...
  8. Dmitry Noskov

    Orchestra recording session for feature animation movie "Quackerz 3D".

    Hi Сolleagues! I'd like to share this video from recording session for animation movie "Quackerz 3D" that was shot during one of three days of recordings. Me and my co-composer Alexandre Maslov wrote about 1hr 5min of original music for this film. It'll be released in Russia on February 18th...
  9. Andrew Goodwin

    SNES style song "Lost Island"

    Hey guys, My journey through SNES sounds has been quite interesting and I have written two songs with some info I learned. Here's the first one:
  10. Andrew Goodwin

    Korean Film Score "The Destined King"

    Hi, Haven't posted music in a bit, here's the score to a Korean film I composed music for. It was a great learning experience and quite a challenge being all in Korean. It's taking a festival circuit, so far it's won "Best Short Film" at the Urban Action Showcase in New York(since we all know...
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