1. Soundiron Team

    In The Studio With Composer Vivek Maddala

    In The Studio with composer, sound designer and orchestrator Drew Krassowski Drew tells us about his experience starting his career from getting his education at the Berklee School of Music to moving to Los Angeles and interning for composer Tim Williams. He also breaks down some of his cues...
  2. tarantulis

    Orchestrator needed

    I'm looking for an orchestrator to convert a MIDI mockup into a readable score. The piece is roughly 7.5 minutes in length. No actual orchestration needed, I just need a score. Timetable is flexible. PM me for details. -Dave
  3. N

    * Hiring Music Editor: Epic Film Orchestral Score (Sibelius) *

    I hope it's a right place. I'm seeking an orchestrator (music editor) to edit a full orchestral score (in Sibelius file): sci-fi fantasy epic themes. We're a small team of sci-fi series production. Reference music can be found in our draft trailer: NewEraHumans (see the pinned post, or PM for...