1. Bluemount Score

    How to make realistic and / or cool sounding instrumental RUNS

    Any tipps on that? How do harp runs work in the real world? What about strings and woodwinds? How fast can runs be played realistically? Which notes do I need to hit (scale / chromatic)? Any advice is welcome.
  2. Anevis

    Layring different articulations

    How do you layer different articuations? Recently I´ve been noticing that some tracks have all parts of strings section (1st, 2nd violins etc etc...) playing the spiccato but at the same time they are playing the long patches. Maybe I´m wrong and just can´t hear it properly, but I´ll attach to...
  3. Bullersten

    Blend Hard Rock and Orchestral

    I have tried producing a full blown big drums & overdriven guitars Hard Rock track with a fairly complete brass and string section. Here is the end product: Is there anything that sounds out of place or needs reworking in this version? Any general pointers as to how to make such a genre sound...
  4. FilmScoringAcad

    Art, Craft, Business of Scoring - 40% OFF CyberMonday Only

  5. ChrisSiuMusic

    ScoreTalk (Ep. 1): Home Alone Theme (100th Video Special)

    Hi everyone! To celebrate my 100th video on my channel, I wanted to debut my new series 'ScoreTalk' with a classic John Williams tune. Please enjoy!!
  6. Jorgakis

    My first live-orchestra-experience

    Hello there, I had the fortunate opportunity to write and orchestrate a piece for a friend's final Bachelor exam who studies church music and conducting. As a VI composer this was a great opportunity to test my theoretical orchestration-ability for the first time and I'd like to share with you...
  7. L

    Orchestration: Where do I even start?

    I know the basics of music theory, i.e (reading notation, time signatures, etc). But I have never worked with an orchestral track before. To put it in context, I am an aspiring film composer. I want to learn how an orchestra works, but have no clue where to even begin. I have a hard time...
  8. H

    Marc Jovani SVO Course

    Hello Folks, I am posting this to inquire about Marc Jovani’s Symphonic Virtual Orchestration (SVO) Course. I have following two questions: Would like to know about the experience if there is somebody who took it? I am mainly looking to improve my production capabilities- Arranging, mixing...
  9. K

    Need experienced Spitfire user willing to help me "massage" my orchestral lines

    I am a big Spitfire fan who has all the Symphonic Orchestra and the Studio Orchestra as well as Albion ONE 10th Anniversary Edition. Having come from VSL before discovering Spitfire, I'm sometimes frustrated by the fact that Spitfire's long patches are all velocity insensitive, expecting the...
  10. N.Caffrey

    Suite from "Aladdin" by Alan Menken

    Found this video by chance. Absolutely brilliant, the audio is also very good. Lots to learn about orchestration just by watching (and listening to) this.
  11. Soundlex

    20 trombones is all you need...

    The mass of this sound is close to a celestial body...lush and fat!!!! Beautiful.
  12. whiskers

    Help me build a learning plan? | where to even begin (any advice welcome)

    HELP I'VE TRIED NOTHING AND I'M ALL OUT OF IDEAS! (jk) First off, apologies for the wall of text. Thanks in advance to anyone who ventures through this whole thing. This is gonna be a bit verbose, but I'd rather be thorough than not. I was hoping if people may be so kind as to give feedback...
  13. A

    1950s Orchestration - Part 4

    Hi. I've made a fourth episode in my series analysing 1950s "Light Music". This episode focuses entirely on woodwinds and demonstrates a dozen examples. Hope it's of use! EDIT - I've had to re-upload as the final 25 seconds of music got the video blocked in North America. A new link now...
  14. ChrisSiuMusic

    Panning Up The Middle?

    In today's video, I discuss why I prefer to pan up the middle, especially lead melodies. Enjoy!
  15. borghipablo

    My Orchestral Music Reel

    I just want to share with you my orchestral Reel with Recordings in New Zealand with the NZSO and the Park Road production Team, and also in Skopje Macedonia. I've learned a lot in this forum and It's a pleasure to show you what I do.
  16. David Hall

    A battle to be fought.

    I want to ask some of the pros here or advanced composers, what do you think of this small piece I composed. I know its really difficult to judge a piece of music composed by orchestral instruments since its very subjective. specially when accounting how deep and diverse the psychological...
  17. ChrisSiuMusic

    Breakdown of a Disney/Adventure Score: Orchestration and Arrangement

    Happy Sunday music makers! Please enjoy the second part of this mini series, discussing the arrangement and orchestration of my original ‘A New Beginning’. I’d love to know what you think!
  18. ashtongleckman

    Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers (Score Analysis)

    Hey guys, the third episode of my Lord of the Rings series is live. This time we talk about the second film in the series "The Two Towers." Be sure to pick up all the score graphics created for the video in the pinned comment. Hope you enjoy. :)
  19. nightwatch

    I'm back! Vienna Ensemble Pro templates and training. An update on my YouTube channel and website

    UPDATE: It's taken a few months but I'm now announcing my YouTube channel as an active channel making videos daily. Steve Steele's YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/TheSteveSteele, new unfinished website http://www.stevesteele.com recent VSL Certification and much more. (Dorico...
  20. ashtongleckman

    Exploring Howard Shore’s The Fellowship of the Ring (Video)

    Hey guys, if your a fan of Howard Shore’s scores for the lord of the rings films, you might be interested in my newest video in my LOTR score analysis series. There will also be two more to follow looking at the TTT and ROTK. Hope you enjoy :) Ashton
  21. Norman

    Four Seminars on Film Music-Hexachords-Orchestration-The Rite of Spring

    I am excited to announce a series of seminars in Los Angeles! These seminars will run for four consecutive Saturday mornings beginning May 5, and are similar to the ones I have presented in Boston, Seattle, Toronto, NYC, Beijing, Shanghai, Vietnam, and Thailand. Check out more info on me here...
  22. marcodistefano

    Behind the scene of my latest composition - Fragments - Spitfire audio libraries

    Hi All, In this video I show in details the techniques I use to orchestrate and to create a sound which is closer to realism. Libraries used in this composition: - Hans Zimmer Strings - Spitfire Symphonic Strings - Spitfire Chamber Strings - Spitfire solo alternative strings - Olafur Arnalds...
  23. amadeus1

    Orb Composers - Entering and Orchestrating Your Own Melody

    Hi Guys, Here's a tutorial on enter your own melody into Orb Composer. Thanks, Bill
  24. Sate_music

    Planetbase Music

    Hi! My name is Alexander Falinski, I’m freelance music composer and sound designer with 13 years of experience and about 50 finished game projects. The most famous games with my music and SFX: Cut the Rope, Tap the Frog, Lep’s World 3, Planetbase, Dawn of Man. I was also orchestrator of...
  25. AoiichiNiiSan

    Writing for the Orchestra- with Vlad and the Moscow Bow Tie Orchestra with real, recorded examples

    This seems like it'll be a useful resource for those here who want to learn a bit more about orchestration, and hear how it practically works. Vlad has written specific examples to demonstrate the techniques and arrangements he talks about, which have all been recorded by a real orchestra for...
  26. ThomasNL

    Are quick chromatic (almost glissando) lines possible on Clarinet?

    I would like to have this melody glide from the A to the D in a chromatic way. Is this possible on Clarinet? On bassoon it probably isn't, right?
  27. NathanTiemeyer

    Orchestral Colors Question: How do you create this sound?

    Hey all! Over the years listening to many soundtracks, I've come across this particular combination in mostly traditional orchestral scores and I absolutely love it. I've tried to replicate with samples, but I just haven't achieved a result I've been happy with. In most cases, I believe it's a...
  28. R

    Orchestral Track - Feedback needed

    Hi guys, I recently composed this orchestral track. I would love to hear your feedback. I am most interested in what you think about the orchestration, which I am working on improving. This track was meant as a practice. Cheers Rok
  29. Dr Sabs

    The Last Jedi ScoreTalk - Film Score Bros

    Hey Guys, I recently started a youtube channel focusing on discussing film music and all things surrounding it and this week we are doing a discussion of the music of the new Star Wars film The Last Jedi. We stream at 4PM PST and this is the streaming link: Thought this would be of interest...
  30. Epicomposer

    Epic orchestral production walkthrough

    We recently had the chance to talk with German composer and producer Dirk Ehlert (trailer music for The Hunger Games, Destiny 2, Assassin's Creed Unity) on the creation of his first solo album ELEMENTS, published by Dos Brains, L.A. In the course of the interview, Dirk was kind enough to...
  31. A

    My Utterly Spiffing Guide to Light Music - Part 2 - Five Part harmony & Block chord writing

    Jolly hockey sticks! I've finally managed to put together a second episode to this pet project of mine. This time getting right into the nitty gritty of basic five-part harmony and block chord writing. The video assumes you have some musical knowledge and can read the scores, otherwise it...
  32. tnoon

    From DAW to Score MIDI Orchestration eBook

    Hey folks! Earlier this year I wrote an 88 page eBook about the process of extracting untidy MIDI from a DAW and making it neat so that when imported into Sibelius, it looks neat and can be easily orchestrated. In addition to this, I touch upon how to ensure that you don’t encounter any...
  33. michaelamlacher

    Spitfire Symphonic Dynamics

    Hey there, I was wondering if someone of you fellow composers already tried to find out how the dynamic range on the Spitfire Symphonic Libraries (Strings, Brass, Winds) are laid out on the modwheel. I am currently going through Visual Orchestration 2 which is a great source of information and...
  34. Paul T McGraw

    Mike Verta - Orchestration 3 masterclass video

    For anyone who is at all interested in Orchestration, I want to highly recommend the Mike Verta Masterclass, "Orchestration 3." I am no stranger to orchestration. I have read all of the classics, I can see the Rimsky-Kosakov, Adler, Forsyth, and Kennan on the shelf in my studio, and I have...
  35. JaikumarS

    Comedy Scoring Techniques

    What are some comedy scoring techniques that you've picked up? Any favorite comedy scores? Thank you - JS
  36. Norman

    Private Lessons on Composition, Arranging, and Orchestration

    Do you want your music to stand out from the pack? Do you want to take one on one, private lessons with an industry pro? Do you have questions on how to develop your musical ideas or add pro touches to your orchestrations? If you answer yes, then check out my private lessons, offered via Skype...
  37. A

    My Utterly Spiffing Guide to Light Music - Part 1 - Harmony

    A project I've been working on for a while. Looking at the theory behind Light Music of the 1940s and 1950s. Includes ten examples and discusses the use of extended harmony and shows the scores. Hope you enjoy it!
  38. D

    Writing for a feature

    Hi peeps, I've only recently gotten back into composing and for some reason offered my services to a mate who was doing a feature film. I've put up a few things on another forum but don't really get the critical (i.e. tear it to shreds) feedback I need. Anyway, here are a few scenes if anyone...
  39. Z

    Help me out with ewql Hollywood orchestra

    So, I ordered the composercloud bundle some time ago and the whole point of getting it was to rework and polish (with the added possibilities of the ewql libraries) orchestration for a symphonic metal track that I have finished except for the vocal recordings. The track's current orchestration...
  40. Illico

    Muddy, What hear(s)?

    How to get the sound or piece less muddy ? A "muddy" mix sounds bad. It was something about frequencies wars zone (100-1000Hz), in fact frequencies are fighting and it’s difficult to hear each part. I think that fixing a muddy mix comes down to EQing, but that could be acheive by : - A good...
  41. beyd770

    Any recommendation for quality classical MIDI-files?

    Hey guys! I am at the beginning of my journey as a composer and mockup-artist, and my understanding of musical theory is still very limited. I see a lot of you guys recommending going through orchestral scores to learn about the individual instruments and how to write for them, and how they...
  42. Norman

    Ludwin Music 40% off Sale through July 10th!

    We just want to say thank you to the VI Control community for your continuing support! Fourth of July Sale! 40% off all Ebooks Use the code "4567" for your discount! Click on either image below to go to our website: Click here to read testimonials from satisfied customers:
  43. K

    The Cambridge Guide to Orchestration

    Has anyone ever read this? I'm thinking on doing my first book on Orchestration and decided to go with this because it's cheap for me to get - around 15$ But there are better first books perhaps for first timers with a sluggish sight reading...
  44. ricz


    I just enjoy him so much. The colors are so vivid. And there is a 'brilliance' (as in ooh shiny) to his writing that I find so exciting to listen to. https://www.youtube.com/embed/dWpQkNxGoGE Whoever compiled and uploaded the score deserves a muffin basket. So much good stuff in there...
  45. P

    Orchestrating Sections in a DAW

    I'm wondering what everyone's opinions are as far as how to orchestrate an instrument section in a DAW. What I normally do for strings is that I use string section patches (Violins I, Violins II, Viola, Cellos, Double Basses) and then I also have a solo patch for each instrument. This seems to...
  46. J

    Anyone got any experience with any orchestral/cinematic Midi composition courses?

    I have read about Evenant and Groove3 courses specific to midi orchestration. Anyone know anymore or have any experience with them? Evanant looks good but quite costly and the Groove3 is at a bargain price for 4+ hours of material but i think could be a little outdated now.
  47. ricz

    My $99 Dollar Orchestra Results

    Hi all, I thought I would share my results from the $99 Orchestra project. It was quite a long wait and the communication was frustrating, but I'm glad I did it. I don't have much experience scoring outside of my DAW at this point, so I found this to be a great learning opportunity. Quite...
  48. FFM

    Never overpay for score prep, mixing, and editing of your compositions again!

    Do you think you are spending too much time or money on your score prep and the post-production? Did you know that the Sofia Session Orchestra & Choir offers a complete package for your recording needs? Our services include arrangement, orchestration and score preparation with meticulous...
  49. willf_music

    Transcription Practice

    I would like to get better at transcribing music but where is the best place to start? However, I would like to make this more applicable to everyone so... Let's assume someone is the complete beginner: For Mid Level: For Expert Level Challenges: What are some scores you suggest? Are there...
  50. tav.one

    What instrument is this?

    Starting 0:25 My guess is some kind of harmonics legato layered on a solo string instrument or perhaps a flute? or some kind of a detuned violin?