1. H

    Online mixing service cost

    I'm wondering what the cost of an online mixing service for orchestral tracks would be. I'm mainly interested to learn from it so that I can mix better myself in the future. I've studied quite a bit, experimented etc and I don't think my mixes are bad but I'm sure I don't have that highest...
  2. E

    Getting hold of full orchestral film scores

    I'm looking for some orchestral film scores to study from, but can't really rake out $75 for a few pieces which seems to be a fairly normal price for some John Williams scores Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks
  3. AdamSold

    Waiting - Orchestral track

    Hi! Pls check out my new short track what I've written for a fictive movie scene. Hope U like. "
  4. leoniscaeli

    Game of Thrones Season 2 OST - The Throne is Mine [Full "Orchestra" Cover]

    Hello, My rendition of "The Throne is Mine" from the Game of Thrones Season 2 Soundtrack. VSTs used : - Project Sam Orchestral essentials 1 - Discovery Series : India from Native Instruments This arrangement was done without any sheet music. Hope you like it. BR
  5. stan-k

    Original symphonic work: feedback on realism

    Hello everyone, I would very much appreciate your feedback on the technical side/execution of this work. Obviously, it was rendered using sample libraries (VSL), and I'd like to know if you find anything particularly unnatural or unrealistic, i.e. use of articulatoins, dynamics, etc. Basically...
  6. Pianistikboy

    Sunrise - Cinematic Studio Strings (CSS)

    Hi ! Here is my new composition for orchestra featuring the beautiful CSS string library. I can't do without it now when I need strings on my music ! Thank you Alex Wallbank !! .
  7. borghipablo

    Orchestral recording with the NZSO

    Hello! I just want to share 2 pieces for a film that I recorded last month in New Zealand with the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra and Park road team. I hope you enjoy it!
  8. Pianistikboy

    Seven Kings - CSS strings & orchestra

    Hi ! this is another track showing CSS strings in an epic orchestral context. I admit that I have left my Hollywood Strings library, and have changed for those Cinematic Studio Strings. I think it's for a long time my new go to library. Imo : a great one ! and as I've already said, a great step...
  9. pagliacci

    Late submission, but still a great exercise, revealing DAW experience...

    I was too late for the competition, but I threw myself into this, as my very first full blown attempt at scoring a dramatic scene. Cubase 8.5 Pro was an ornery cuss not accepting any tempo changes without changing the length of the video. There still might be a solution, but I haven't found it...
  10. marky7400

    Mastering Orchestral Music

    Hi I am new to this forum so hi everyone ! I work as a composer but want to get the best result when mastering. My mixes sound too thin and not as loud as other mixes after mastering. Does anyone have any tips on mastering, particularly orchestral tracks ?
  11. leoniscaeli

    Game of Thrones - Blood of My Blood - ProjectSam Orchestral Essentials 1

    Hello, It took me quite some time to make this arrangement without any sheet music. VSTs used : SoundIron for the Choir ProjectSam Orchestral essentials for everything else. I'm open to suggestions if you think that there is something I could have done better for this arrangement. Thanks.
  12. leoniscaeli

    My Orchestral arrangement of "Blood of My Blood" from Game of Thrones

    Hello, It took me quite some time to make this arrangement without any sheet music, hope you like it. VSTs used : SoundIron for the Choir ProjectSam Orchestral essentials for everything else. I'm open to suggestions if you think that there is something I could have done better for this...
  13. michaelamlacher

    My first Orchestral Mockup

    After working 3 months on creating my first orchestral template, I finally made my first mockup. It's a try on Looks Like A Suicide from Dances with Wolves. Since I am very new to this kind of music any critic or advice is appreciated, still have a lot to learn about this. Especially when it...
  14. mikehamm123

    Mike from California

    Hi, I'm in the Bay Area, I just started with Logic Pro X. I'm writing music I'm submitting for trailers and soundtracks. My style is mostly symphonic, although I also play jazz and blues for fun (guitar). A big challenge has been getting 'contemporary' sounds to fit the current styles (action...
  15. S

    Orchestral Mock-Up Reverb

    Hi guys, My template for orchestral film scoring is made with Albion, using Close and Tree miss. I setup 3 auxes for reverb: Front - Middle - Rear and send the instruments according to their position on an orchestral setting (strings in from, woodwinds and brass in the middle, percussion on...
  16. SoundChris

    Soundtracks for Film and Games

    Hey there guys, here is my personal composer web-page. I am a multi-genre composer from germany mainly focused on orchestral, piano, jazz and medieval music. I am also creating hq library demos if needed. If you are interested in my art just check out my music at www.chris-schlee.com.
  17. N

    Eastern Dream by Nektarios.

    After one year of creating my song "Eastern Dream", I finally released it and finished the music video for it. This song is about war and refugees and their struggle and dream to find a safer and better place. In my eyes, refugees from the Syrian war, Ukrainian war, or any war, are the same. So...
  18. 1

    SPAT vs Altiverb

    I've looked for a comparison, but have not found one for orchestral music. I'm trying to decide whether to go with Spat or Altiverb, but the decision is rather difficult. What do you think sound best for orchestral positioning and verb? 10Dman
  19. leoniscaeli

    Leonis C. - Rise of the Rebellion [Epic Orchestral] - Piano Concerto Like Composition

    Hello, I just finished this composition this week-end, it was really fun to compose and to play. I am a pianist so I tend to use a lot of piano in my compositions. Hope you like it : Don't hesitate if you have any suggestions / ideas or comments. Best, Leonis
  20. Oouzha

    First orchestral work

    this is my first composition for any sort of orchestral ensemble. It's completely unfinished — I have the arc of much more in my head, so I'd say this all amounts to a thematic introduction if all goes to plan. I am 100% open to critique. Does it bore? Does it communicate? What is your...
  21. D

    O Fortuna (Carl Orff) - Mockup

    I was playing around with Storm Choir 2, and decided to do a short mockup of Carl Orff's 'O Fortuna', for fun :)
  22. Phryq

    Albert McKay, composer extraordinaire

    AlbertMcKay.com :P
  23. Cosimo

    Orchestral Positioning & Depth with Multiple Libraries

    Greetings! Long-time lurker and relatively new member here, and this be my first thread. Be gentle. I recently purchased Spitfire Audio's BML Mural Symphonic Strings and was wondering how any of you (who have it) would go about mixing with it for depth and position? I'm currently composing a...
  24. eXagy

    Frank Pfeiffer - Composer for Media - eXagy

    I am a composer for trailer, film, advertisements and games, based in Germany Some of my tracks can be found in my Soundcloud-profile: eXagy - Frank Pfeiffer https://soundcloud.com/exagy Thanks a lot for listening. I also like designing covers, logos, graphics and UI's. Cheers, Frank
  25. Patrick de Caumette

    My latest scores

    Happy New Year to all! I haven't posted anything here in quite a while so here goes: A medley of the best cues from an ABC historic series' first four episodes: and since we have a lot of new members, a video reel of action/suspense/drama/games scenes: I hope that you'll enjoy some of it!
  26. E

    "The Gypsy Waltz" - [Epic, Vocal, Ethnic, Orchestral]

    Greetings everyone, Here is another track I would like to share. It tells the story of a man and woman dancing the Waltz at the masquerade ball. Hope you all enjoy. Thanks!
  27. E

    "Black Sails" - Pirates of the Caribbean [Choral, Action, Adventure, Uplifting, Orchestral, Epic]

    Greetings fellow composers! I made this track a while ago. It is a music video I edited for Pirates of the Caribbean. I call it "Black Sails". Enjoy! Thanks. NOTE: YouTube video/audio is slightly out of sync. I will be making a remastered version of this piece in the future.
  28. E

    “Carol of the Bells” [Epic/Rock/Orchestral/Choir]

    For my first post, I would like to share a track I made for Christmas. This is my cover of “Carol of the Bells”. I always wanted to make my own epic version of this. Hope you all enjoy this piece.
  29. mirrodin

    Short Orchestral Theme Brand for AZPBS

    Hello all! I recently completed a commission for Arizona PBS Central Sound at Eight. The station wanted a new brand thematic bumper for their broadcast and terrestrial radio bumpers and advertising. I produced the 10-second bumper as they wanted that one immediately, and then built outward to...
  30. Jonas.Ingebretsen

    Piece from my new Symphony - MERRY CHRISTMAS :)

    Hello there. Here is a short piece I wrote for my new 30 minute symphony. Hope you enjoy it. Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones :2thumbs:
  31. fnicknich

    Lux Aeterna, music for eponymous short movie

    Hi, everyone. Back in June I rescored a short movie by a Spanish digital artist called Cristóbal Vila as my final work at Berklee's Film Scoring Master program. I'd like to share the result with you now. Feedback is appreciated. Movie: Score...
  32. Infiniquity

    Hey, what's wrong with my Squared Origins?

    Hi Gents, I'm looking for feedback on a track that I wrote more than a year ago. Although I was satisfied with it as it matched well my intentions (bit ominous and dark, powerful and modern), it always seemed to be missing something. Something that I still can't figure out myself 1 year later...
  33. T

    Film Scoring - Strings, Drums & Choirs

    I am looking for high quality samples of strings, choirs, and orchestral percussion designed for film scoring. What are your favorites? This may be a foolish question but, does anyone know of any that aren't $300-$400 a piece? I do want awesome quality, so I may just have to pay a high price...
  34. Zhao Shen

    Atlas (Cinematic/Orchestral/Soundtrack)

    Here's my newest piece! Constructive criticism appreciated!
  35. Zhao Shen

    Buyer's Basic Guide to Orchestral Sample Libraries

    Buyer's Basic Guide to Orchestral Sample Libraries https://stormsoundmusic.github.io/orchestral-guide/ Newly migrated to GitHub pages as of December 2020! There are instructions on the site itself for reporting issues, but I'll continue to answer any questions/comments/input on the guide in...
  36. Zhao Shen

    OLD guide - please delete

    STATUS: STUB (WORK IN PROGRESS) - Adding descriptions when I can, the order in which I add descriptions is of no significance Hi guys, Looking back to when I was just starting out with virtual instruments, I realize that it took a LONG time to piece together the puzzle ("There are orchestral...
  37. W

    Loud piece

    virtual recording of chorus & orchestra. I know the consonants are over-heavy in the quieter section .. working on that. Comments welcome. http://www.hartenshield.com/0565_15_and_the_lord.pdf
  38. Gerald


    mmhh!... An orchetral idea... classic ma non troppo! Thanks for listening Gérald
  39. 1

    RME Babyface Pro?

    Hello everyone! :) I'm still trying to find out what kind of audio interface I want to go with, I mostly make cinematic music and have closer to 200 channels in my template. I want to do some overdubs with my violin as well. Will the Babyface Pro perform as well as UFX or UCX when it comes to...
  40. almound

    Realistic MIDI Mock-ups by combining sequencer with notation

    Its as though you had 32 keyboard players simultaneously sending MIDI to your sequencer! But no quantization is needed, each player controls unlimited knobs and sliders, and adjustments to the piano roll editor takes place as they play. Check out hours of free tutorials at...
  41. Joris Devos

    Snippet film & orchestral music

    Hi, here you can find a snippet of some of my work. Everything has been programmed with virtual instruments. I have been making mostly pop and dance music in the past, but now my focus goes more and more towards film and orchestral music. It would be great if some of the great composers and...
  42. Joris Devos

    Snippet film music - sharing same passion

    Hi all, I've been following this forum for quite some time and finally decided to join. I hope to meet interesting people here who share the same passion as me. Over the last few years I've been working with some national and international artist, mainly pop and dance music. Nowadays my focus...
  43. pat

    Hello All! We create professional royalty free samples!

    Hello to all, Im a musician/producer and my team is Fox Samples we create high quality samples all royalty free, in different styles of music from EDM, Hip Hop , Rnb, House, Dubstep, Orchestral and more. We are now one of the leading company in that industry and have had many of our samples...
  44. C

    Capriccio for piano and orchestra

    This is my first full length orchestral work with a virtual orchestra. It contains full woodwinds, brass, strings and percussion, and of course, a piano. The libraries are East West and the piano is a Yamaha C7 (9ft), chosen for its ability to cut through. The piece starts out as a romantic...
  45. donbodin

    Review Capriccio Orchestral Phrase Sample Library from Sonokinetic

    Spent sometime with Capriccio, Sonokinetic's latest Orchestral Phrase sample library. Purists may disagree, but my thought are that with Sonokinetic's phrase based libraries they have started a shift in the paradigm where you can no longer dismiss phrase based tools in the same way you can’t...
  46. JunoVHS

    Here's a whispy, swirling string passage I wrote

    About 8 months ago I wrote this as an exercise in mocking up some strings (cinestrings) which I would need leading up to some projects I had this year. It builds for most of the piece, and I ended up putting way more than thought than usual into the counterpoint/voice leading, and in that sense...
  47. Lawson.

    Kingdom of Riqia - first trailer-type track

    My first serious attempt at a heavy-hitting hybrid-orchestral trailer piece. Hope you enjoy, and as always, I would be honored for comments and critiques. Thanks!
  48. Ollie

    First Composition Post: Cinematic, Orchestral, Hybrid - Feedback Welcomed!

    Hi guys, finally decided to post something here publicly. Always looking to improve, so any feedback and comments are greatly appreciated! Thanks, Ollie
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