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  1. ChrisSiuMusic

    Sample libraries. Are we addicted?

    As composers, we're attracted to sample libraries like flies to a sweaty headband. But why is that the case? Is GAS a real thing? Let's discuss in today's video.
  2. ChrisSiuMusic

    Checking Out: Duplex Saxophones by Orchestral Tools!

    Hey friends! In today's video, we'll take a look at OT's newest jazz-based offering, and see how their sampled saxophones hold up. Please enjoy!
  3. oooooooooooooooooh

    Berlin First Chairs/Sine Player, Messed Up Legato?

    EDIT: Sorry, I just realized I posted this in the wrong sub-forum, fixing now
  4. O

    Berlin Symphonic Harps - install just one?

    Hi all, I'm looking at getting Orchestral Tools' Berlin Symphonic Harps as it seems absolutely unsurpassed in terms of realism and sound. However, as always, SSD space is at a premium and that whopping 79GB of samples is not insignificant! Does anyone know if it's possible to just install one...
  5. Scamper

    Peaks of Tallinn (OT Tallinn only)

    Here's a track I made with Tallinn. No further effects are used besides a tad of EQ. After spending so many hours with the arrangement, programming and getting deep into the details, I can't think straight about it and my view of it is probably somewhat distorted by now, so some feedback...
  6. Alex Niedt

    Beautiful Strings & Choir (OT Tallinn)

    This was one of those magical times when a sample library brought out something that surprised me, and after a couple hours I had this piece that I felt like I hadn't even written. Some of the most beautiful chords and harmonies I've stumbled upon, and I have no idea where they came from or what...
  7. musicalweather

    Shout out to Orchestral Tools' Rotary

    Just want to give a shout out to OT's Rotary (free!) library. This big band library is quite extensive: solo trumpet, mute trumpet, trombone, and bari sax, as well as sax and brass sections. It gives you a nice variety of hits/stabs -- falls, shakes, scoops, and staccatissimo -- as well as...
  8. marcodistefano

    Open Stage Control + Flow 2 = Open Composer Environment

    Hi All, I just released a new version of Flow using Open Stage Control as a remote! Flow2 is a commercial product, if you are interested you can check the page here www.artificialharmonics.com/flow Currently 20% OFF till end of April with code FLOW2 as intro promotion You can fully control...
  9. TheRealNerevar

    My attempt at epic music

    Hello everyone ! So i've been listening a lot of epic hybrid orchestral music lately, and i thought it would be a good idea to give a try making one myself. Some of you will understand from where i took inspiration. I used in order Woods : Berlin (just the flutes and piccolo for accents and...
  10. musicalweather

    Mockup of Rhapsody in Blue excerpt

    Here's a mockup of an excerpt from Rhapsody in Blue. I welcome any thoughts or commentary about the mix, balance etc. I'm hoping this sounds like an orchestra seated in front of you. Did I get there? This is the first time I've actually used all the sections of the Berlin Main libraries...
  11. T

    Spirtfire Audio Orchestral Swarm VS. Orchestral Tools Arkhis

    Hey guys, i wanted to buy either Swarm or Arkhis but i can not decide which is more worth to get as they both share similar sorts of sounds. On the one hand arkhis has a lot more sounds and can be used in a variety of different music styles. On the other hand, swarm sounds very natural and is...
  12. Cory Pelizzari

    Library Spotlight - Amber Strings

    Get it here: https://www.orchestraltools.com/store/collections/amber
  13. ChrisSiuMusic

    The Best Cinematic Orchestral Libraries For Composers and Songwriters! (Buyer's Guide for 2021)

    This is it my friends. 2020's produced some wonderful fruit (in terms of sample libraries), so let's review some of the best. Please enjoy!
  14. L

    SINE player hon to switch user

    In the interface of the Orchestral tool’s SINE player standalone: Can’t find any way to switch user, or to log out. How do you manage that? Is there any way around?
  15. ChrisSiuMusic

    Berlin Symphonic Strings: First Impressions + Walkthrough! (Orchestral Tools)

    Hey friends! In today's library walkthrough, let's examine Orchestral Tools' newest offering, BSS. Enjoy! In my opinion, it boils down to this: The cellos are the standout section of this library. From soaring melodic lines to quick runs, the cellos sound fantastic to my ears. The violas and...
  16. F

    Orchestral Tols Metropolis Ark 1 vs Ark 4

    So I’m having a bit of an issue deciding what to get. I know Metropolis Ark 1 is mainly for EPIC music, loud, in your face my-fff. Ark 4 seems to almost be a mix of Ark 1 and Ark /, but maybe not as epic sounding as Ark 1? Does anybody have any of the above mentioned libraries, maybe 1&2 and 4...
  17. P

    CLOSED SOLD Native Instruments Komplete Select 13 For Sale Includes Massive | The Gentleman Piano + more

    Got a SS61 MK2 KK keyboard, and as I already have all the products I am selling my Select 13 License - Never Registered . Take a look here for all the instruments and EFX included - https://www.native-instruments.com/en/products/komplete/bundles/komplete-13-select/ Will accept £85 over...
  18. avxsound

    Suitable negative MIDI offset for OT Tableau Solo Strings

    Hi all, Has someone found the suitable negative midi offset for Orchestral Tools Tableau Solo Strings ? Especially for legato articulations ? I've tried many values but it's not so accurate. Thanks in advance ! Vince
  19. ChrisSiuMusic

    Orchestral Tools: LA Sessions (Walkthrough + Impressions)

    Hey everyone! Today's library review features Orchestral Tools' venture into the songwriting world, LA Sessions. Marketed as the only library with all the instruments you'll need for your next song, how does it hold up? Let's check it out.
  20. ChrisSiuMusic

    First Impressions: MODUS by Orchestral Tools!

    Hi friends! In today's library look, let's dive into Orchestral Tools' newest product in collaboration with Jeff Russo: Modus. If you're into Star Trek or Jeff's work, I think you'll find a lot to love in this library. Enjoy!
  21. Alex Niedt

    First experiment with Orchestral Tools' Modus

    Hi all! This little piece came about while experimenting with the first Modus beta a while back. It's all Modus aside from the tubular bells and timpani, which come from Berlin Percussion. Tried to use as much of Modus as my skills would allow without being too long-winded. Just like the...
  22. P

    I want a new percussion library, but mostly timpani. What should I look at?

    Been considering a new perc library to replace hollywood perc (gold). That library isn't awful but the lack of mic positions, the tone, and the timpani especially leave a lot to be desired. I don't mind most of the instruments, but my current project demands a lot of good, nuanced timpani stuff...
  23. P

    Should I buy some a la carte brass from JXL now or wait for Berlin Brass?

    I was always quite fond of Berlin Brass, as it was the first brass collection for which the demos felt really tight and realistic. I've always kept the berlin collection in the back of my mind but never had the money or the need for such an extensive collection. Now that the SINE player allows a...
  24. Stu Lloyd

    Deep Blue Sea theme played with Sample Libraries

    Recreated another theme with MIDI, this time the theme from Deep Blue Sea by Trevor Rabin. This one took a lot longer, just did it by ear so some parts aren't perfect, hope ya's enjoy! Libraries used: Jaeger (Main Strings) Metropolis Ark 1 (Brass, Choir, Spiccato Strings) Action Strikes...
  25. Stu Lloyd

    Uncharted Theme played with Sample Libraries

    Yo! So did another one, because why not. I chose the theme from 2 because I like it the best. Libraries used: Jaeger (Strings) Metropolis Ark 1 (Brass) Action Strikes (Taikos) Symphony Series Percussion (Bass Drum, Cymbals) Orchestral Essentials 1 (Djembe) VSS3 (Reverb)
  26. Tremendouz

    OT Berlin Orchestra Inspire 1 - is the timpani a good standalone purchase?

    Hi! I'm looking for a budget timpani to complement the other percussion I have and I noticed you can buy the single instruments from some Orchestral Tools libraries separately. I'm just wondering if the timpani for €28 + VAT is a decent purchase (with that price I'm expecting at least some...
  27. M

    Anyone else having problems with SINE player???

    Hey everyone. I recently purchased the new Tableau Solo Strings from Orchestral tools and I am really excited to use it. But, either the library or the SINE player is causing my DAW to crash (Abelton), this happens whenever I load the library or change articulations. I've also tried it in...
  28. amadeus1

    A Comparison of 9 Top Solo String Basses

    Hi guys, Here's a video on most articulations of 9 Solo String Basses including VSL, Synchron, VIP, Chris Heins, Cinestrings, Spitfire, East West, Orchestral Tools, Embertone, and the Kontakt Factory. Best, Bill
  29. amadeus1

    A comparison of 10 solo violas

    Hi guys, Here's a quick comparison of 10 solo violas by a variety of top of the line manufacturers. Best, Bill
  30. Alex Niedt

    Arkhis Demo (NI & OT)

    Hi all. Just wanted to share my official demo for the new Arkhis library from Native Instruments & Orchestral Tools. The textures are so incredibly beautiful and inspiring. Definitely recommended for any fans of the TIME libraries from OT. I also used tubular bells and timpani from Berlin...
  31. ChrisSiuMusic

    Tableau Solo Strings: A Review (Organic Samples)

    Hi everyone! In today's sample library review, let's dive into the newest offering from Organic Samples: Tableau Solo Strings. Please enjoy!
  32. P

    No OT completion days this year?

    Anybody heard any news about the completion days sale? Is it happening again this year? I am looking at a couple expansions and I don't want to buy anything the day before they randomly announce a summer sale.
  33. BradHoyt

    March of the Automatons - VI highlights

    Hi all, I released a new soundtrack based on the 3rd book in the Newbury & Hobbes steampunk mystery series by UK author George Mann, and thought I'd share some tracks from the album here periodically and mention some of the virtual instruments I used. This track is called "March of the...
  34. OrchestralTools

    #OutsideCompetition–THE WINNERS + a special announcement...

    Hey everyone, We realize that there are a few different competitions happening right now. But a few weeks ago, we banded together with our friends at StaffPad to find a fun way for you to get creative, spread some music, and win some prizes. And we’ve come up with the #OutsideCompetition...
  35. Cory Pelizzari

    Buyer's Guide to the Metropolis Arks

    Libraries: https://www.orchestraltools.com/store/collections Support my work: https://www.patreon.com/corypelizzari Buy my albums: https://corypelizzari.bandcamp.com/
  36. Paul Ameller

    Batman The Dark Knight Orchestral Mock up

    Hi Guys, I've recently did a mock up of "A Watchful Guardian" from Batman The Dark Knight. Tell me what you think! I did it on Cubase 10.5 I've mainly used Spitfire for the short strings and CSS for the long strings. The Brass are a medley of Berlin Brass, JXL Brass and Trailer Brass (For the...
  37. ag75

    Do the Berlin Woodwind expansions ever go on sale?

    I forgot to look to see if the Berlin woodwind expansions were on sale for Black Friday. I’ve been meaning to pick some of these up I absolutely love the Berlin WW library.
  38. TheThumbPuppy

    Is Berlin Woodwinds ever on sale?

    I would like to add Berlin Woodwinds by Orchestral Tools to my libraries. It's price – €649 – is rather steep. I was hoping that they would announce a Black Friday discount, but nothing's come up. Does any of you know if this library is ever on sale or at a discounted price? Thank you in...
  39. T

    Need reverb advice for libs like OT Mark, BWW, CSS, etc

    Edit: was able to answer my own questions
  40. Alex Niedt

    Berlin Percussion Demo - Unprocessed

    Got second place for this in the LA Modern Percussion composition contest, but it also doubles as an Orchestral Tools Berlin Percussion demo. All sounds are from the main library and timpani expansion, and there is no additional processing.
  41. Loïc D

    Order 66 - Time Micro only

    Hi there ! Here's a new cue I made over the last weeks on my rare spare time. This time, my personal challenge was to use only 1 library : Orchestral Tools Time Micro. Oh yeah, that's a gooood one ! No effects were used in the process, only the mic positions. Only a bit of mastering...
  42. A

    Orchestral Tools NKS offer 2019

    https://www.native-instruments.com/en/specials/komplete/orchestral-tools-offer-2019/ Inspire 1 and 2 - 349 USD Ark 1 and 2 - 499 USD Ark 3 and 4 - 499 USD Time Macro - 207.50 USD Individual elements also on sale...
  43. Alex Niedt

    TIME Micro Demo

    My demo for Orchestral Tools' TIME Micro is out now. I'm absolutely in love with this library. Instant beauty and inspiration. Can't wait for everyone to get their hands on it. TIME Macro has been one of my favorite libraries since the day I bought it, and I think I love Micro even more. All...
  44. Alex Niedt

    Heavenly Ethereal Beauty | Spitfire, Orchestral Tools, CSSS, 8Dio

    Here's a very ethereal soundtrack piece called "When Life Was Awakening". There's some Eric Whitacre Choir, LCO Textures, Union Chapel organ, and various string and woodwind evolutions from Spitfire, material from a certain Orchestral Tools library, some 8Dio AGE Tubular Bells, and the CSSS...
  45. Loïc D

    Ministry Of Magic - Advices & spells welcome

    Hi guys, Here's a new tune that took me some efforts to achieve and is a first try with my updated template. The inspiration is quite obvious. Any advice on writing, arranging, mixing, mastering, etc. will be rewarded with Bertie Bott's beans. It's nothing ambitious or serious or...
  46. musicalweather

    Need your brass expertise - fanfare mockup

    Here's a partial mockup I did of Dukas' Fanfare pour preceder la Peri using Berlin Brass. I'm in the process of studying brass scoring and also getting familiar with Berlin Brass. I'd welcome any feedback you may have, particularly from those who are brass players or who have brass...
  47. S

    Berlin Orchestra Inspire or Palette Symphonic Sketchpad?

    I'm getting back into composing, mostly just as a hobby atm. I need a good all in one orchestral library for Kontakt Player. I have looked at more or less all of the all in one libraries but I decided to narrow it down to these 2. I like that BOI is optimised to run on PCs with 8GB RAM (and I...
  48. A

    Time Macro - Let's see more of this!

    I know this library has been out for almost a year now - but I feel like it's pretty underrated. Especially compared to all the evolution and motion libraries Spitfire has released. For my money, Orchestral Tools really hit a home run with this library. It was a bit left-field for them and I...
  49. beyd770

    60min speedscoring - now using my own vocal! :O

    Decided to do speedscoring daily for min 60 mins, and just have a go at whatever comes out of it. I decide the theme by choosing a picture, and then disconnect internet and phone, and will go with the first idea that presents itself. It's amazing how often I go back to the first take/version...
  50. fretti

    Irene Adler Theme (Sherlock) for Quintett

    Hi all! I finished the first version of a "mockup" of the Irene Adler theme from the TV Series Sherlock. While the original is actually for full orchestra, I decided to get more into Orchestral Tools First Chairs and did it as a string quintett. I'd be especially interest in mixing tips and...
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