orchestral composition

  1. A

    "I Tried Composing Like Hans Zimmer For 7 Days" - My first ever attempt at cinematic-style music!

    I just uploaded my first proper video, and it's also my first ever bit of original music! I'd love to hear what you guys think of the video and music. In the video, I go through my process of making this bit of music, and talk about some of the struggles along the way. Give it a watch if you'd...
  2. O

    Sci/Fi Action music - constructive critique welcomed

    Hey guys, I am curious about your opinions about my music, orchestration, and relation to the image, I would be very grateful if you want to share them here. Thanks a lot! WSA submission: BIFSC submission
  3. JaikumarS

    Plugin to position the signal XYZ

    Looking for a third party plugin to position the signal in XYZ(spacing) similar to the one in fruity loops. Thank you.
  4. Dyllan

    Orchestra, metal band, and a full choir?!

    Hey there. So yes, my 1st ever scoring job has a cue, in which the director has requested a 2 min. cue with all 3 of the above. Any tips, or references would be greatly appreciated, thank you! :)
  5. amadeus1

    Orchestral Composition by Orb Composer

    Hi guys, Here's an orchestral composition written by Orb Composer. I only added percussion as well as mixed the instruments.
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