1. Phryq

    Christ Hein "Solo Orchestra"

    I've always thought Chris Hein has amazing solo instruments. I wonder, has anyone ever composed for a Christ Hein Solo Orchestra? As in, his solo strings, solo woods, and solo brass together to make a very small orchestral sound?
  2. rlundv

    First attempt at happy cinematic music - Albion ONE

    Hey guys! Norwegian noob trying to get some overview on orchestral mockups and writing with samples. I have never studied music, and I can not read from sheets, so I can only rely on my ear and what I can hear inside my head :) This is my first template, and my first "real" composition. If...
  3. G

    What Harp libraries do you recommend?

    I'm looking for a new Harp Library. What do you guys recommend? So far I've just ben using the Harps in EWSOQL, but am looking for a new more detailed Harp. Also one with some Harp Effect options. I really like the Hard Effects runs in EWSOQL, but feel like it sounded a bit dated, or I've just...
  4. D

    Soaring...epic trailer/game music

    Thanks for checking it out! http://maestroscorner.com/audio/soaring.mp3 Dave
  5. D


    Hope you enjoy it! http://www.maestroscorner.com/audio/longing.mp3
  6. dog1978

    Orchestra Guide - Get the real balance

    How do I find the right balance of virtual orchestra instruments? Many composers play entire pieces in a mock-up, in order to find out the best set-up for each instrument. But that takes a lot of time. Orchestra Guide solves this problem. For many instruments, a short melody was recorded in...
  7. J

    A brief overview of acheiving realism with programmed orchestral music

    I think it would be a great idea for members to post "simple" ideas of how to make orchestral music sound more realistic. For example Im a guitarist by so could tell if a programmed guitar was indeed programmed by certain charicteristics or in orchestral music having the brass higher than the...
  8. MarcJovani

    Bobby Fernandez - "There aren't any mixing secrets. I can teach you everything that I do"

    Hi everyone, this is my first forum post ever. Please, forgive me if I mess up with the format or style. I wanted to share with you the video of an interview with 3 times Grammy winner, mixing engineer Bobby Fernandez (Clint Eastwood, Danny Elfman, Brian Tyler) Watch the full interview here...
  9. Syneast

    Affordable lightweight full orchestra?

    Pretend for a moment that you are building a full, high quality orchestral library to use on a sort of mid grade, affordable laptop. I'm thinking Core i5 with 8 GB of RAM or something. Whether or not it has an SSD shouldn't matter. The point of this challenge is to pick the orchestra for the...
  10. APD

    DEAL: Get 60% off Embertone's Intimate Solo Strings Bundle + $25 Embertone Gift Certificate.

    60% off Embertone Intimate Solo Strings Bundle + $25 Embertone Gift Certificate Embertone’s Intimate Solo Strings Bundle is an astonishing collection of the most detailed, life-like solo strings on the market today, with all the controls necessary to create beautiful and realistic...
  11. Pianistikboy

    Two excerpts from my 'Agnus Dei', for mezzo-soprano, choir and orchestra.

    Hi ! This is my last composition for orchestra entitled 'Agnus Dei'. Hope that you'll enjoy it. Thanks for listening and for your feed-back.
  12. danielb

    Epic Elf War ... #Trailer #Evenantcourse

    Hi guys I just finished a trailer track after beginning to follow the evenant trailer course ( http://courses.evenant.com/ ) Nice and instructive if you don't know nothing about trailers... So here is a first try, I tried following the steps they describe and to make it powerful !! :) any...
  13. calebfaith

    Angels In Cloud

    Hey, Here's a composition I've been working on lately. Its impressionist inspired and I've been working on my orchestration. I'd love any feedback! Thanks, Caleb
  14. Pianistikboy

    'La Vallée d'Eschcol' - CSS and other orchestra stuff...

    Hi ! This is my last composition for orchestra entitled 'La Vallée d'Eschcol'. Hope that you'll enjoy it. Thanks for listening and for your feed-back.
  15. A

    Recording Sessions in London starting at $299

    The $99 Orchestra has evolved from a Crowdfunding project into a full service company. Customer service, a new booking system, more recording options and new recording session options. New available options London Recording session (20 union musicians) London strings session (10 union...
  16. DanielOutro

    Looking for musicians and producers to work remotely

    We're Outro, a Montreal-based company that has recently launched an online marketplace for musicians, producers and singers. Our mission is to give talented artists a consistent source of revenue — you can work by selling your own loops and samples, or by collaborating directly with Outro users...
  17. D

    Into the West

    This a fun/wacky orchestral piece I wrote this week. It was inspired a bit by the Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts soundtrack.
  18. Pianistikboy

    Arrangement for string orchestra of my piece 'Libera Me' (whole piece) - CSS

    Hi, I have just finished the arrangement for string orchestra of my piece 'Libera Me'. You can now listen to the whole audio track. For this demo, I have used again my go to string library CSS. I hope that you will like the rendition. Don't hesitate to comment. P.S. According to Morodienne's...
  19. tav.one

    Funniest Orchestra?

    I've never laughed so hard since a very long time :rofl:
  20. UVI

    UVI Black Friday Sale: 30% Off Storewide

    This Black Friday, we’re taking 30% off our entire product line!! Treat yourself with our FX Plugins, our Soundbanks ranging from vintage synths to orchestral, and even with Falcon our creative hybrid instrument covering both synthesis and sampling techniques with 15 oscillators, 80+ effects...
  21. ricz

    $99 Orchestra -- RIP OFF?

    Hi folks, Anybody had any luck communicating with / receiving files from the $99 orchestra? I have been trying to reach them unsuccessfully for several weeks through email, Facebook, Indiegogo and their website and am beginning to get rather frustrated. Other clues lead me to believe this is...
  22. Pianistikboy

    Mélancolie - Anthony Sylvestre

    My last track entitled 'Mélancolie' : Turn up the volume to catch the best of this music... Give me your impressions... Keep tuned to my last news on my facebook page : www.facebook.com/anthonysylvestre.composer
  23. calebfaith

    8DIO Majestica Review/Walkthrough

    Hi, I just recorded a review/walkthrough of 8DIOs Epic Orchestral Library Majestica. I would also like to say that I have not received anything from 8DIO to do this review and that I purchased the library myself. Here it is: - Caleb
  24. Demisane

    Hey Guys Would love some input on post production (Mastering)

    It has been a while since I posted anything on this forum. But recently I took the plunge to get a lot of vsts and have been working towards perfecting my production skills. Would be quite greatful if I could get some feedback on possible sound corrections.
  25. A

    Learning about the different roles of the instruments

    Hi VI! This places sound like a place for me and my new interest :-) For a start. Do anyone know a good places for me to study Orchestral/Cinematic music? I am mostly self learned in producing music and do stuff without knowing what I do. Right now I could really use some studying in what all...
  26. StudioSpotlight

    VIDEO | VEPro 5 & 6 - Brief overview and loading time comparison

    ------------------------------------------- NEW FROM STUDIO SPOTLIGHT ------------------------------------------- In Studio Spotlight's first video, we look at the recently released Vienna Ensemble Pro 6, comparing the load times of a string section from EastWest's Hollywood Orchestra Gold with...
  27. Pianistikboy

    Seven Kings - CSS strings & orchestra

    Hi ! this is another track showing CSS strings in an epic orchestral context. I admit that I have left my Hollywood Strings library, and have changed for those Cinematic Studio Strings. I think it's for a long time my new go to library. Imo : a great one ! and as I've already said, a great step...
  28. phil_wc

    Any one know more of Orchestra recording service?

    I search but can't find the list of where they provide orchestra recording services. Now what I know is http://www.sofiaso.com/ http://www.budapestscoring.com/ Budapest Anyone know more of these? I'm finding place to record for low-budget film and has a standard performers. Thank you.
  29. Vartio

    Jupiter Needs Drones

    Just a little sketchy thing I wrote today. I hope you dig it.
  30. mcalis

    Great collection of free orchestral (raw) samples!

    EDIT: Made the mistake of not using search before posting this (in my enthusiasm). I see that this resource is already fairly well known and used in the VI community. Apologies! Perhaps this has already been posted here at some stage, but this is a fantastic resource of free samples...
  31. leoniscaeli

    My cover of the Game of Thrones Season 6 Finale - Light of The Seven - Piano Cover - All instruments

    My cover of the Game of Thrones Season 6 Finale. A great theme for a great episode. Now that I analyzed it in order to make this video, I love it even more. The structure of this theme and its build up are so well done. All the other instruments were done by ear. I recorded all the...
  32. tymax

    New Album "Abandoned House" - Cinematic Hybrid Music

    Dear friends! I am about to finish working on a new album. Here are some tracks from the album, I will be really glad to get some comments, critic and any feedback! Thanks!
  33. Samulis

    Versilian Studios Chamber Orchestra 2.5 - $229

    Hi everyone! After about two years of development, I'm pleased to present Versilian Studios Chamber Orchestra (VSCO) 2, a lightweight but powerful orchestral sample library with a focus on chamber music and unusual instruments. It comes in four 'Editions', each geared towards a different...
  34. Mundano

    Orchestral Woodwinds Panning (MIDI)

    Hello dear musicians and recording artists, i have searched the forum for specific Woodwind's positioning in the mix, but i have found small to none information. Beside plugins like Altiverb, Vienna MIR PRO or Virtual Sound Stage help, beside Virtual Instruments Libraries rooms and mic...
  35. N

    Symphonic fantasy track

    Just posted a new track, and thought of sharing it here:
  36. 1

    First Live Recording!

    Hello everyone! :) This is my first live recording with an orchestra :D I have composed this track for the graduation film "Generation Mars" at the Norwegian Film School at Lillehammer, directed by Alexander Armas Kereklidis Turpin. Recorded with the Norwegian Radio Symphony Orchestra (KORK). A...
  37. Jetzer

    MIDI mockup of The Last Samurai by Hans Zimmer (cover)

    Did this about a year ago, don't think I ever shared it here. Fun to listen what my mockups sounded like a year ago, that solo cello though...ugh. Learned a lot from doing this + it was a lot of fun! Can recommend it to anyone. The piece is called "A Small Measure of Peace" from the original...
  38. MoteMusic

    "Not So Normal"- Orchestra, electric guitar, piano.

    Hello everyone! I have just finished the score for a short independent film. This is a cue in which our character is at first dreamily drifting in his disturbed state, and then as he walks he sees everyone as peculiar strangers, who may all know his secret. He then finds that his medication has...
  39. 1

    SPAT vs Altiverb

    I've looked for a comparison, but have not found one for orchestral music. I'm trying to decide whether to go with Spat or Altiverb, but the decision is rather difficult. What do you think sound best for orchestral positioning and verb? 10Dman
  40. 1

    Streamers and Punches in Cubase (for film scoring)

    Hello, I'm going to use some streamers in a cue I'm writing for the orchestra (first time live!), and I'm trying to find out how to add streamers in Cubase. I've heard it should be possible in PT, but as of now I only use Cubase. Does anyone know how to do this in Cubase? 10Dman
  41. Phryq

    New Album V

    Here it is I'm into any kind of feedback, especially reverb, but really anything (including artwork).
  42. Anze Rozman

    Phoenix for flute solo and orchestra (Live recording)

    Hello everyone! I hope you all had a nice new year's eve! On 11th of December of 2015 I had performed my piece Phoenix for flute and orchestra by flutist Eva-Nina Kozmus and the Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra. The piece was originally written for Eva-Nina Kozmus in 2010 for flute and piano...
  43. Anze Rozman

    Phoenix for flute solo and orchestra (Live Recording)

    Hello everyone! I hope you all had a nice new year's eve! On 11th of December of 2015 I had performed my piece Phoenix for flute and orchestra by flutist Eva-Nina Kozmus and the Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra. The piece was originally written for Eva-Nina Kozmus in 2010 for flute and piano...
  44. E

    "Desert Rose" [Epic, Choral, Action, Uplifting]

    Hello everyone, I would like to share one more track I made. I thought this might seem nice for Call of Duty. Hope you enjoy it. Happy New Year to all!
  45. fiestared

    Merry Christmas... Mr Lawrence live Ryuichi Sakamoto

    Enjoy ! Love and Peace to all my friends, Musicians and composers F.red Ryuichi Sakamoto Live
  46. Jonas.Ingebretsen

    Piece from my new Symphony - MERRY CHRISTMAS :)

    Hello there. Here is a short piece I wrote for my new 30 minute symphony. Hope you enjoy it. Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones :2thumbs:
  47. Vartio

    Little groovy orchestra doodle

    Some more "why not try pulling this style/idea off" things lol. I hope you like it.
  48. tymax

    In Search Of Treasure - Virtual Orchestral Cinematic

    Hello! A new approach to mixing was used in this composition. Do you think I have achieved the good sound? I would appreciate any help in finding the weak points of this track, what should I pay more attention to and what did I miss. I would be happy to get your feedback. Thank you!
  49. B

    Emotionscore - Score Prep & Orchestral Production

    EMOTIONSCORE MUSIC SERVICE Our expert score and part preparation allows composers to focus on their work. // *October* special rates for 1st time customers We work with European orchestras and have the best session musicians at hand. Orchestration and orchestral session production in close...
  50. TomNoyd

    Tell me what's wrong with these meager attempts at Hybrid music (works in progress)

    I don't mean that in a defensive, sarcastic, rhetorical sort of way. I'm sincerely inviting people to take a listen and give their 2 cents on what needs to be improved with these tracks. (I'm still not too savvy with embing Soundcloud playlists so I may be editing this post a few times)...
  51. W

    Loud piece

    virtual recording of chorus & orchestra. I know the consonants are over-heavy in the quieter section .. working on that. Comments welcome. http://www.hartenshield.com/0565_15_and_the_lord.pdf
  52. A

    Slow piece to test Cinestrings sample library

    This is a short piece featuring Cinestrings Core along with a few other instruments that are part of Hollywood Orchestra Gold. I don't play piano, so I made a conscious effort to make the instruments feel like they were played (using MIDI CC etc.). Any advice and critique is welcome. Thanks...
  53. R

    5 Things Every Composer Should Do Before A Remote Recording Session

    Hello Everybody. Thought you would enjoy this little article we wrote about 5 things that composers can do help better prepare themselves for a remote recording session (or recoding session of any kind for that matter). There will be a follow up to this so looking forward to your feedback...
  54. esencia

    Tips about mixing epic orchestration with UAD plugins

    Hi all.. This is a message mainly for UAD users..but I'm pretty sure that other composers could also contribute a lot with their experience with other plugins... I wonder if you could share your experiencience about mixing strings within soundtrack compositions to make them fit better into a...
  55. NoamL

    A Sea Voyage (sketch for orchestra)

    I wrote this short piece for fun. I got this I-v idea stuck in my head and decided to develop it :)
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