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  1. E

    If you had 2500 usd right now what libraries would you buy if you were me?

    Hey folks, new long time lurker here. Finally I have saved up 2500 USD to buy some libraries as I am gonna start learn how to compose. I have some libraries from before, and I have some things I would like to achieve. So i would really appreciate som help to choose the right ones. First, what I...
  2. Tinesaeriel

    "Wild Witch" (2018) Re-Score - Clara Escapes from Chimera

    Hey again, folks! Did another scene re-score from the Danish fantasy film "Wild Witch." In this scene, we see protagonist Clara escape from the film's main antagonist Chimera, who is serving under the greater-scope Big Bad, Bravita Youngblood. Please excuse the English dub here, as some of...
  3. gh0stwrit3r

    Imperial March [Star Wars] - International Symphony Orchestra Lviv

    Star Wars belongs to our cultural heritage. The music is truly phenomenal! Written by John Williams, the man that plays in his own league. He is one of my biggest examples and a never ending inspiration source. How great it is then to attend a live performance of the International Symphony...
  4. reimerpdx

    Space Opera Track - LAMP, Forzo, and more

    "Chaos Incarnate" Here’s a track I wrote for a client’s Kickstarter campaign video. Libraries Used: Forzo LA Modern Percussion Output Analog Brass Novo 8Dio Rhythmic Aura 2 Master Ensemble 8Dio Lacrimosa Albion One Spitfire Chamber Strings Spotify Apple Music Google Play Amazon Music
  5. reimerpdx

    Freedom and Fantasy - Star Spangled Banner

    Here is a track I wrote for a Dungeons & Dragons kickstarter campaign called Monsters of Murka. Monsters of Murka is a hilarious new campaign setting for fifth edition DND full of comical monsters, detailed maps, parodical mayhem, and political satire! This campaign setting includes...

    Could someone help me to analyze this and could you mockup this?

    Hi, listen to this: I need to understand the choir part 00:30 - 00:44 and the part 01:01 - 01:18. I mean, I know the chords (C minor - C major and C minor - Ab minor) but I don't understand the length (the timings) of this parts (the choir feels organic because doesn't last the same time on...
  7. arpegiah

    Highlights from my "Fantasies" Album

    Highlights from my first album coming up in Februarie 22, 2019.
  8. M

    Lord Of the Rings - The Prophecy MIDI Mockup

    Hi Everyone. I did a MIDI Mockup of this wonderful track from Lord of the Rings. Would love to know your feedback on the same. This is my first upload on the Forum. Looking forward to much more.
  9. Dyllan

    Orchestra, metal band, and a full choir?!

    Hey there. So yes, my 1st ever scoring job has a cue, in which the director has requested a 2 min. cue with all 3 of the above. Any tips, or references would be greatly appreciated, thank you! :)
  10. 4al.Coda

    Into Jungle - Orchestral adventure/action

    Hi guys! :) Recently I get redroom Palette – Primary Colors, and I used it for the 1st time last Week to compose this piece inspired by the next video game: shadow of the Tomb Raider. I chose not to use brass in this composition (just a little bit of tuba sometimes). The beginning represent the...
  11. Red Room Audio

    Introducing Red Room Audio and the "Palette" Orchestral Series, plus a freebie!

    Greetings! Dickie here from Impact Soundworks. We're proud to announce our new "sister" label, Red Room Audio. It's been difficult keeping this under wraps all year and we're beyond excited to finally tell you about it. Red Room Audio is debuting with 4 large-scale orchestral libraries plus a...
  12. JanR

    A Journey of the Heart (transcription from piano to orchestra)

    Hi everyone, I wrote the original piano piece in 2015, and always had in mind to make an orchestrated version also. I finally took some time to orchestrate A Journey of the Heart. Thought sharing the orchestrated version with some fresh ears and see if there is some suggestions for improvement...
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