1. R

    Omnisphere Library Browser Refresh

    I'm doing an Omnisphere Library Browser Refresh in the browser window (little reverse arrow-circle button). Has anyone done this, and how long should it take? I hit refresh and it's still (I think) "refreshing" six hours later. Is this like a 12-hour or more procedure? Thanks!
  2. tomwolfe

    Introducing: Electra for Omnisphere - an electrical-inspired cinematic soundbank

    Hey everyone! I’m pleased to announce that I’ve released a new soundbank for Omnisphere, Electra. Featuring 100 presets, Electra is full of gritty electric synths. Forged from the sound of electricity, these presets are fizzing with electrical charge. Focusing on Omnisphere's range of...
  3. C

    Omnisphere 2 Slow Browser

    There are many threads on various forums about Omnisphere having slow browser and interface lagging after newer Omnisphere plugins, patch library and sound sources updates. Looks like there are 2 things causing this issue: 1) lots of patches and libraries 2) updates past 2.0.x versions...
  4. tomwolfe

    Tom Wolfe's Solus for Omnisphere out now - lo-fi ambient presets

    Hey everyone! I’m pleased to announce that I’ve released a new soundbank for Omnisphere, Solus. Featuring 100 presets and 39 soundsources, Solus is full of lo-fi ambient sounds with just a splash of cinematic character. Ranging from crackly, atmospheric pads to delicate, brittle keyboards...
  5. Very Loud Indeed

    The Very Loud Indeed Co. Everything So Far bundle review
  6. creativeforge

    ILIO feature

    A feature on the forum's plumber... :) Article on ILIO: :emoji_point_down: Music video: :emoji_point_down: Let me know what you think, Cheers, Andre
  7. tomwolfe

    Out Now: Lunnen for Omnisphere - 100 cinematic presets inspired by British TV (Tom Wolfe)

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to let you know that I’ve released a new soundbank, Lunnen! Lunnen is a set of 100 presets inspired by British TV Drama for Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2. Influenced by scores including Broadchurch, Black Mirror, Marcella and Happy Valley, Lunnen captures the understated...
  8. tomwolfe

    Tom Wolfe's 'F**k Black Friday...' sale Day 2 - 40% off Omnisphere Collection (1000 cinematic presets)

    The ‘F**k Black Friday, It’s My Birthday’ sale continues today with 40% off the Omnisphere Collection, just £86.99 (regularly £144.99) for 1000 cinematic-style presets. Ends at 23:59 GMT tonight! More info -
  9. Time+Space

    24 hour deal for Omnisphere users!

    A BRAND-NEW EXPANSION LIBRARY FOR OMNISPHERE 2 FROM ILIO! Ilio Elevator: Bidirectional Sonics harnesses the power of Omnisphere's modulation matrix, allowing you to explore a rich new way of interacting with your sounds. This pre-release pack of 33 patches is just £8.95 / $10 / €10 for 24...
  10. A

    Keyscape Issue

    Hello, I have an issue with keyscape standalone. After the update, I open keyscape as a standalone but there is no sound, then I reopened it and everything works fine. When I use keyscape through omnisphere I can see there are two patches of each instrument, but one of this can play. for...
  11. V

    PC build recommendation

    I wanna build a PC to produce music using the following softwares: Omnisphere Keyscape Damage 2 Superior Drummer 3 Spitfire Symphonic Strings The songs will also have two guitars, bass and two voices. I'd like to know what PC should handle that type of work but without being overkill. Thanks.
  12. Time+Space

    30% off award winning Baltic Shimmers Omnisphere Edition

    Sonic Atoms' Baltic Shimmers Omnisphere Edition is a beautiful haunting, ethereal and atmospheric collection of Pads, Shimmers and Drones that add depth and movement to your productions. Combined with Omnisphere's powerful features, these beautifully crafted patches offer a few surprises along...
  13. T

    CLOSED Omnisphere 2 (SOLD)

    I'm selling Omnisphere 2 for 375 USD. Paypal only I have the box too if you want that, if you want the box it'll be 385 USD to cover shipping (US only). In order to transfer the license, Spectrasonics requires: Your name, email, Spectrasonics username, and your address. Direct message me.
  14. ylaworld

    Picks a Kit from "User" keep resetting to All Repost

    When I audition a sound from a 3rd party omnisphere pack, it keeps resetting to the "All" category of my User directory. Every. Single. Time. Every. I have gone to the Omnisphere settings and turned off progressive loading, browser sync, and category sensitive attributes since I don't know...
  15. Indefinable Audio

    Out Now: Tension Builder for Omnisphere 2

    Tension Builder is a new patch library for Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 that will help you build some serious tension in your music. The library contains 252 patches, 25 multis, and 167 original soundsources. If you're looking for a new and unique collection of dark and intense cinematic sounds to...
  16. Steve_Karl

    Omnisphere: tilt the velocity sensitivity across the keyboard?

    Hi there, I occasionally run into a situation where a particular patch needs to be more (or sometimes less) responsive to velocity depending on the place on the keyboard I'm playing. Sometimes I want the upper range to be less responsive. It depends on the patch. I know it can be done by...
  17. Cory Pelizzari

    Getting a Silent Hill Sound With My Voice

    Kontakt 6 full and Omnisphere versions here:
  18. Time+Space

    2 free expansion packs with Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2

    Right now, when you buy Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2.6 from Time+Space, we'll also send you two expansion packs from Zero-G and Ian Boddy worth almost £50 for free! Plus, if you're signed up to our Loyalty Points programme, you'll earn over £15-worth of points (or €/$ equivalent) to use against a...
  19. Time+Space

    Omnisphere expansion just £9/€10/$10 + 1000 loyalty points worth £5!

    Expand your Omnisphere with the synthesis expertise of Ian Boddy and this supreme 100-patch collection carefully handcrafted from his enviable arsenal of vintage and analogue modular synths. Dark Ambience Patches for Omnisphere 2 will take you on a journey into the deeper realms of ambience and...
  20. M

    Omnisphere scaling issues

    Hello, Does someone know how I solve this issue? As you can see Omnisphere is placed to the bottom/right for some reason & I can't acces the bottom buttons this way. It works totally fine when I "clone" this instance of Omni, just the first instance does this. Can someone help me?
  21. O

    My first professional soundtrack! Jazz/Disco/Bebop/Synthpop/Ambient/Folk/Dreampop

    I've been making music as a DIY singer-songwriter for years now, and was lucky enough to be hired to create the score for a new online series as some of the people behind it were fans of my work. They basically giving me carte blanche to write what I wanted, so I went a bit crazy, producing in a...
  22. JazzDude

    PluginGurus weekly Saturday livestream at 12 PDT 9pm CET

    join the: anonymous addicted Omnisphere sounddesigners !
  23. Arise

    Best soft synth(s) for "soundtrack" cyberpunk/cinematic style of sounds/tracks?

    Hey guys, I would like to do cyberpunk, cinematic, ambient, underscore, dramatic, futuristic type of stuff, and currently I actually don't really have a soft synth. For reference I'm thinking Deus Ex Human Revolution/Mankind Divided, Tron, etc. stuff like that I guess, but not just limited to...
  24. H

    Use CC to turn off Arps in Omnisphere?

    First post on this awesome forum. I have an Omnisphere Multi with 4 parts, each of which is arpeggiated. They are playing via MIDI fed to Omnisphere from my DAW (Cubase). I'd like to turn off all 4 arps at the end of the track so it has a button ending. I may also want to turn off (or ease off...
  25. Aleela

    Omnisphere in a Hard Disk

    Does Omnisphere work well if I install it on a internal (or external) hard disk? (No SSD)
  26. P

    SOLD: Omnisphere 2.5

    I have received approval from Spectrasonics to sell my License for Omnisphere 2 / 2.5 The $50 transfer fee is included in my asking price. I will also include shipping within the continental US for the original box, original usb drive and factory papers. REDUCED! from $350 to $300 via PayPal...
  27. U

    Omnisphere piano roll notes sound different every time I replay the same notes..

    This is omnisphere on Fl studio here is the example i made u can hear the sound changing everytime I play it Please help
  28. R

    Seven Omnisphere 2 Patch Libraries - $99 or $20 each

    Expand Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2's already vast sound library with over 600 new patches! The ILIO patch libraries are perfect for creating the latest styles of electronic music for TV, film, video game music, pop, and all varieties of electronic dance music...
  29. Foni Al Foniya

    How to fix Omnisphere "not have permission to access folder"

    Hey guys, I'm having trouble with "Spectrasonics - Omnisphere 2" when I move the library to an external hardrive. After a long search for solutions on the internet was quite easy just change the permissions folder and all. see picture fix it.
  30. Cory Pelizzari

    Getting a Silent Hill Sound With the Original Samples

  31. creativeforge

    Omni 2 sluggish after update to standalone?

    After updating to Omni 2, I noticed the loading time is a few seconds slower when dialing in new patches. Others have noticed it too (on KVR). None of the issues flagged are related to computer power, so let's not go there. Unless you know of a secret setting that was never required before...
  32. Cory Pelizzari

    Library Spotlight - Keyscape

  33. brickman

    SoundsDivine's Kompletely Omnispheric - Omnisphere 2 Available Now

    This is a big collection of sounds , mostly related to the light and dark sides of sound. Its also available as 4 smaller parts but its been designed as one cohesive journey into sound. ‘Kompletely Omnispheric’ features 600 presets for Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 . Kompletely Omnispheric...
  34. N

    Ram usage with multiple Kontakt or Omnisphere instances

    I understand that it is recommended to sometimes have multiple Kontakt instances for Logic as it spreads across cores better that way, but I end up having 50 or even 60 different instruments and they're all different Kontakt instances, will that eat up much RAM? How about with Omnisphere - will...
  35. creativeforge

    Omni 1 to Omni 2: what's your experience?

    If you owned Omni 1 for years and worked with it and then upgraded to Omni 2 - I'd like to hear a bit about your experience. I own Omni 1, yet I know I would keep looking for libraries even if I owned Omni 2. Has Omni 2 increased your abilities to work the synth to create your own patches...
  36. PulseSetter

    DISRUPTOR: New Omnisphere Soundset for Film and Video Game Composers

    PulseSetter Sounds releases Disruptor for Omnisphere 2: We are pleased to announce that our new soundset for Omnisphere 2 is out! This newly designed soundset contains 187 patches of hybrid film and video game score oriented sounds. Since Omnisphere 2 offers great modulation flexibility and...
  37. creativeforge

    Minimum (Windows) laptop specs to run DAW and VSTs

    I've looked around online, and concluded that I needed to have an Intel chip, at least 16 to 32GB of RAM, SSD drive (1TB), USB 3 ports (Firewire if I can for my Saffire Pro 24), 14 inch screen minimum, max 17 inch, network card, etc. I'd be installing Mixcraft or Reaper, Omnisphere, Addictive...
  38. TheUnfinished

    Omnisphere Pangaea by The Unfinished - out now!

    Hello! Omnisphere Pangaea is now available to purchase! Pangaea is a collection of 300 patches showing off the lighter side of Omnisphere, with a particular focus on ambient, ethnic sounds. Full of hybrid instruments, pads, sequences and textures, Pangaea blends real instruments with organic...
  39. Time+Space

    Ian Boddy Dark Ambience for Omnisphere 2

    Eminent UK sound designer and electronic musician Ian Boddy needs no introduction. He has created an impressive catalogue of sample library and virtual instruments for some of the world´s biggest audio developers. So, choosing who to work with on our very first product was an easy decision to...
  40. Vin

    MIDIssonance Omnisphere Symmetry - Available Now

    Hey guys, After I shared some free patches here a while ago, quite a lot of people contacted me asking if I plan to do commercial work... ...well, I present you MIDIssonance. MIDIssonance will be all about contemporary cinematic sound design. Being a working media composer myself, I very much...
  41. G

    Omnisphere Sort By Ratings

    Hi, just new here. I use Omnisphere pretty much every day. I think it is a fantastic and versatile plugin, but I have a bit of an issue with the sort function. It is great that there are ten thousand sounds to play with, and I have spent some time going through them all and rating the ones I am...
  42. P

    Omnisphere digital download question

    Hey guys, I recently bought a Mac and spent a couple of days installing every plugin and library I had in the former Pc. Now I need to install Omnisphere, Trilian and Stylus Rmx but I don’t get how to do it without buying an external cd/dvd reader. The website says I can download a digital...
  43. Time+Space

    Pendle Poucher's Sound Dust libraries for Kontakt, Maschine & Omnisphere

    We are pleased to welcome Sound Dust to Time+Space, a UK-based company providing strange and beautiful instruments and sounds for your music. The ´brainchild´ of Pendle Poucher, who has written and produced soundtracks for major TV channels in the UK and around the world, and collaborated with...
  44. C-Wave

    FS: Waves Audio

    Waves packages for $450: - H-Reverb $100 - Morgan Page EMP Toolbox (including H-EQ) $175 - Gold Bundle $175 including one brand new 1-year maintenance plan - JJP Analog Legends $125 - Supertap Delay Plugin $40 (or free) PayPal ONLY
  45. J

    Install Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 without the version #1

    I purchased Omnisphere 2 not knowing that I needed v1 to properly install it. Help anyone? Greatly appreciate it
  46. TheUnfinished

    Omnisphere Colossus by The Unfinished - now on sale!

    Omnisphere Colossus is now on sale! Omnisphere Colossus is a collection of 600 patches (and 130 multis) for Spectrasonics' Omnisphere 2 synth. The first commercial soundset by The Unfinished, who also created factory patches for the release of Omnisphere 2, Colossus is aimed at cinematic...
  47. Time+Space

    Audiority's first Omnisphere 2 soundset now available!

    A few weeks ago, Spectrasonics released the V2.1 update for Omnisphere 2 which introduced a Library Publishing feature that allows third-party sound developers to create easily installable sound sets. Audiority is one of the first developers to take advantage of this feature with the release of...
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