1. F

    OWC NVMe U2 Shuttle - 4NVMe drives inside an enclosure!

    Don't know if anyone saw this, but OWC announced a new product that allows you to use NVMe drives inside a 3.5 enclosure to then put into some sort of 4-Bay or NAS setup. Looks super interesting, all I know is that NVMe drives are a lot faster for streaming samples than a normal SSD. Will there...
  2. T

    Do disk partitions affect performance? [W10 w/ 1TB NVMe SSD]

    Hi there! OK. Simple (hopefully) question: 1) Do disk partitions affect DAW/audio performance, or any other DAW performance related metric, negatively? I've had a look, but I haven't managed to find this question being asked or answered. (Please feel free to link me to somewhere where this is...
  3. woodslanding

    Just thinking about a new studio build.... that time of year!

    So I'm reading the passmark benchmarks from the top down, looking for the first cheap processor.... and I come to the Xeon 2690, listing at $395 these days. Turns out there are used ones for half this price on amazon. 14k on the benchmarks, and for $400 I could get 2. Sandy bridge, right...
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