1. J

    FS: Novation Bass Station II

    Selling a mint condition Bass Station II Amazing little synth, I am however moving to a smaller studio, and scaling back on my hardware. I have barely used this thing (mainly due to my expanse of software synths), but it works great as a standalone analog synth, or as a MIDI controller, or...
  2. C

    Most experimental but "functional" transportable midi controller

    Hi all, new here on vi-control. Have a Maschine mk3, and about to have a KK s61 mk2. Otherwise I only have a Roland System-8. So not a lot of experience with midi controllers (had a M-Audio CTRL49, which I didn't find very nice except the keys action). I'm taking an audio design master and...
  3. creativeforge

    AKAI Advance vs Novation Remote (Automapping - should I care?)

    I use Omnisphere and Kontakt a lot, and Mixcraft for a DAW on Windows. I'm looking for a small controller to put on my desk for quick ideas, AND to make scrolling through patches a bit easier. I'm considering picking up either a Novation Remote SL MKII 49 keys or an AKAI Advance 49. In specs...
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