1. C-Wave

    For Sale Dorico Pro 3.1.1 $425

    Dorico Pro 3.1.1 $425.
  2. MSutherlandComp

    Regarding Pre-recorded Atonal/Aleatoric/Cluster FX Libraries ...

    To preface, this subject falls somewhere between sample libraries, notation, and orchestration. I've recently come to my senses and realized that there are many aleatoric FX, etc. that bread and butter sample libraries don't typically come with. To clarify, I'm speaking not of pre-recorded...
  3. João Pinto

    Film scoring accelerando notation

    Hello composers! I'm scoring a short film which will later be recorded by a live orchestra. There's a specific accent point, which needs to land on the first beat of the next bar. To do that I need the orchestra to accelerate for 1 bar before the accent and reach it on the exact timecode frame...
  4. ryevick

    Seeking Spitfire Notation

    I just purchased a few Spitfire libraries, the main one being BBC SO. I have been trying to find out what the best notation/scoring software would be and was/am hoping Presonus Notion 6 would be a good option, especially since I use Studio One 4.5 Pro. I contacted customer support at Spitfire...
  5. kessel

    VSTi that finds notes out of audio files?

    Hi, I've been looking for a VSTi that may be able to find out the notes of song parts by analyzing it, but I'm not very convinced with my findings. The one that looks to do the job the best is Photosounder's Spiral, which seems to be pretty fine but in my opinion is way too expensive ($99) for...
  6. R

    Fraudulent copy's of Music.

    Hi all, I'm not sure which forum to post this in. Please move if required. I've found a youtube page which is trying to sell... linked page to a payment method (no I've not paid for it), copyrighted arrangements, passing them off as theirs... and to make issues worse, the visual score and...
  7. N.Caffrey

    Violin artificial harmonics

    Hi, could someone help me with violin artificial harmonics? I know the correct notation requires to have the note you want to play written 2 octaves below, with a squared note a perfect fourth above. This works for high notes, but for lower notes how should I approach this? As I should use a...
  8. M

    Daw project to sheet music

    Hello, I write a lot of symphonic music in Logic Pro X using samples (mostly from Spitfire Audio). I have been asked by someone to show a score for some cues and as I don't have any finished sheet music. I don't have much experience with sheet music and notation for all instruments so was...
  9. M

    Best DAW for creating sheet music for drums

    Hi everyone, new here and fairly new to music, takes bloody ages to handwrite drum scores and I know for a fact that garageband can create drum sheets but I don't have a mac. I want to basically plug in my electronic drums, record straight live into a Daw and print the sheet music once I...
  10. H

    Reduced Orchestral Scores

    Hi, This is my first time here. first, I would like to Thank Mr Daniel James. In one of his interview he said a lots of good thing about this forum. I'm here now, And i'm glad I did. Can any one tell me how or where I can find some information that can teach me how to Reduce Orchestra Scores to...
  11. marcodistefano

    Dorico and Cubase integration

    Hello, Anyone using Dorico here? I would like to setup a big orchestral template to be able to compose using the following chain: Dorico [for notation & expression maps] -> Cubase 9 [for synths, audio, mixing & mastering] -> Vienna Ensemble Pro [for sounds] -> Kontakt -> samples I use to...
  12. B

    Notation problem with Bb Trumpet in Cb Firebird suite

    Hi, I'm not able to understand how the trumpet notes written in the score for Stravinsky's Firebird end up sounding at the pitch they do. It's complicated by the fact that it's in Cb, so 7 flats, and with the trumpet sounding a whole tone lower. This is well outside my basic knowledge of playing...
  13. R

    Sibelius (Help req with complex chord notion)

    Hi, I'm using Sibelius 7.5.1 and want to notate the chord (which shouldn't be too complex I assumed) Cm with an added 6th & 11th over a G bass Note: Written, 'not' a chord diagram. Cm(6/11)/G Could some explain the syntax for writing it, I've yet to find how to do so. Kind regards.
  14. M

    Alternative to Logic Pro X for displaying duration bars in the score editor

    I don't own Logic and I do not plan to buy it so do you a notation software which enables us to display the note's duration and works approx. the same way of the Logic score editor ? Here is what I mean : Thanks
  15. Maestro1972

    Staff Pad Devices

    Hey guys, I am interested in StaffPad but not so much about the $$$ needed to purchase a Surface. However, I was wondering for those of you that use Staffpad, are you using it with i7 or i5? Are there other devices that are better suited for the program? for instance I read in a previous...
  16. E

    Getting hold of full orchestral film scores

    I'm looking for some orchestral film scores to study from, but can't really rake out $75 for a few pieces which seems to be a fairly normal price for some John Williams scores Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks
  17. Phryq

    Making Reaper Notation like Sibelius

    Hi guys, so as some may know, Reaper now has built in notation. Reaper is much cheaper than Sibelius, or other scoring software, however, the workflow is much different. As someone who had been using Sibelius since version 2 (since I was a child) I couldn't change workflow. And so I've created...
  18. Paul T McGraw

    DAW alternatives Notion, Overture, Dorico?

    After years of praying for a true notation based alternative to a DAW, finally we have (or are about to have) multiple alternatives. HURRAH! I have tried using a DAW, two of them in fact, and I just don't like them. I like working with notation. I use Sibelius, and I really like Sibelius, for...
  19. d.healey

    Transcribing from ear to score

    I can hear a melody and almost immediately play it on piano, might take me a few wrong keys to get the first note but once I've got it I can get the rest - relative pitch. What I can't do is hear a melody and write it down, I can get bits of it but not reliably. Does anyone have any practical...
  20. maclaine

    StaffPad does Star Wars - Binary Sunset(ish) test

    Hi gang, I occasoinally see posts about StaffPad on the Microsoft Surface, so I wanted to give a real-world usage example. Over this past weekend, I was away from my main composing rig but had my Surface (the max spec Pro 3 model) with me. StaffPad was one of the first programs I bought for it...
  21. 1

    EW Hollywood Series sound set?

    Hello guys! I'm just wondering if anyone of you have had experience with "The Sound Set Project"? I use Cubase to do my mockups, but I would like try out some new sounds for Sibelius (7.5 atm) when notating some of them, as I have the complete Hollywood series diamond and some other libs from...
  22. d.healey

    Overture 5 has finally been released

    The Overture 5 public beta went on sale a couple of days ago. Obviously being a beta version it's not finished yet, but if you want to help its development (spot bugs, request features etc.) it's really worth checking it out.
  23. JohnBMears

    Exporting from Sibelius into Logic Pro X

    Since I have worked in Sibelius for so many years (and use it for part production) I am much faster at inputting for some types of projects. But when EXPORTING a MIDI file from Sibelius into Logic Pro X, there is a ton of program change, pan, reverb, etc info that I don't want to bring into...
  24. ottomc

    Using Spitfire Mural strings in Notion

    Hi everyone, I have made a video on how to setup and use the Spitfire Mural strings in the notation software Notion from Presonus. The video might be of interest to those of you that (like me) have a notation-centric approach to composing music, but still would like to enjoy the benefits of the...