1. ChrisSiuMusic

    Checking Out: NOIRE by Native Instruments & Galaxy Instruments!

    Hey friends! In today's video, we'll take a dive into one of NI's best piano libraries, NOIRE. Why is it such a favourite among composers? Let's find out!
  2. EwigWanderer

    For Sale Orange Tree samples, Soundiron and Heavyocity

    Hi, These are for sale: Native Instruments: Noire SOLD Evolve Mutations Bundle $50 Session Guitarist - Picked Acoustic SOLD Soundiron: Emotional Piano (player version) $50 + $37.25 fee Requiem Light Symphonic Choir (player version) $80 + $49.75 fee Olympus Choir Elements (player version) $50...
  3. Fab

    FS: Guitar Rig 6 Pro [open to px and trade]

    Hi there, I have Guitar Rig 6 Pro up for sale or px/trade if you happen to have libraries/plugins listed! Paypal only please. A few libraries that I am interested in: Noire Sonuscore lyrical violin and cello phrases Stradivari violin Many thanks, Fab
  4. W

    CLOSED Noire - $70 - sold

    LOVE noire. Bought it as an individual purchase/serial. Now I will have a new copy in Komplete upgrade, so selling the individual item/serial. Paypal. $70.
  5. filipjonathan

    K(U,CE)13 Libraries You're Looking Forward To

    Hey guys! Since I'm a very impatient person and can't wait for the NI summer sale, I love talking about it 😃 For those of you who are upgrading/updating from previous versions or those of you who have purchased the full version, what are your favorite libraries/libraries you are looking...
  6. Mark Kouznetsov

    Jerry Goldsmith - Love Theme (from «The Blue Max») (Piano arrangement, NI Noire test drive).

    I've owned Noire for ages, but for some reason never really used it. It was fun just to play around with when it came out, but I always preferred (and probably still do) C. Bechstein's Digital Grand. Never cared for the Particles Engine and it always had too much sub in the lower range, while...
  7. jtyh1g11


    - - - ALL SOLD - - -
  8. P

    CLOSED Native Instruments Noire

    Native Instruments Noire - £79 + PayPal fees. This is an amazing instrument for a bargain price. Selling due to K13 upgrade. Please contact me for details. Payment to be made by PayPal only. Transfer via NI transfer process Cheers, Paul
  9. S

    Noire - Demo for the PURE Presets Category

    I haven't played around with the sound design section of the instrument just yet, but I did explore the Grand Piano category a bit. It's definitely a great instrument for film scoring.
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