1. Soundiron Team

    Voice Of Wind: Adey | Now Available For Kontakt Player & NKS

    Voice Of Wind: Adey version 1.1 is now available for Native Instruments’ free Kontakt Player 6, Komplete Kontrol and S-Series Keyboards. Adey is the first volume in our modular female solo vocal series Voice Of Wind. This library is the perfect addition for songwriters and musicians wanting new...
  2. PaulieDC

    When NKS is NOT Suported... DAW Question

    So the Studio One forums at PreSonus have been lit up for quite a while because Studio One 4 still doesn't support NKS. I'm trying to understand what I'm really missing as Studio One Pro 4 user... I just recently started using Kontakt because of the Berlin half price sale at Christmas so I now...
  3. Time+Space

    ENDS 10TH OCTOBER - 65% off Virtual Guitarist Amber

    "I've recorded several tracks using Amber and not a single person has spotted that it's not the real thing, some of the tracks have been listened to by top producers and engineers and not one of them has called fake. In fact I can't think of another VI that tries to emulate the real thing that...
  4. Red Room Audio

    RELEASED: Palette Orchestral Series FREE v1.1 Update - 7+ GB of new content!

    Greetings! Today we're excited to release the FREE v1.1 update for our Palette Orchestral Series. The update adds over 7 GB of additional content including new instruments, features and enhancements to make your experience with Palette even better. This video offers a complete rundown of...
  5. Time+Space

    24 hour deal - Soundiron Kontakt Player Micro Packs Bundle - 50% off

    Hi all, today's '12 Days of Christmas' deal is an exclusive bundle of Soundiron Micro Packs, including: Apocalypse Percussion Micro Mercury Boys' Choir Micro Olympus Choir Micro For just £49.95 inc / €56.45 inc / $67.00 ex! These instruments are a great introduction to their full version...
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