1. G

    RDP keeps dropping between my Mac and PC Slave (VEPro)

    So I got a new PC Slave. I have been using Mac mini Slaves before this. So I have an iMac as my main Master machine running Logic, and now an i7 PC that is the slave machine running VEPro server. Now everything is running fine between the Mac and PC with VEPro. My only problem is my PC is in...
  2. B

    Windows 10, VEP Standalone, and MIDI over Ethernet

    Trying to find a solution for sending MIDI over network to VEP in standalone mode on Windows 10. MIDIOverLAN used to be the way I did this, but it's discontinued. I own a couple version 2 licenses, but don't have an installer anymore. MusicLab won't provide me with one. I just tried rtpMIDI...
  3. GrapeBotherhood

    Question regarding Vienna Ensemble Pro and Gigabit Switch

    Hi guys, I want to work with 1 master and 2 slaves computers in Vienna Ensemble Pro. I've read I need a Gigabit Switch to connect the three together. Since I have two lan ports on each computer, I can have internet on a separate port of the master, so I don't actually need internet signal on...
  4. GrapeBotherhood

    Need Help With Networking Configuration for Master/Slave Setup!

    Hey guys, I have a Mac Pro tower that I want to use as a master, and want to connect to a PC tower to be used as the slave, to use as master/slave for Vienna Ensemble Pro, and stream VST libraries from slave to master. I have poor networking experience/knowledge, can anybody help me? So, I...
  5. JaikumarS

    Slave machine Builder - UK

    Hi, I'm looking for a company like in the UK(preferably - London) who build slave machines for film scoring using VEP. Thank you
  6. thecompactor

    Looking for advice on a network setup for my partner & myself

    Background Both my partner and I are media composers. Recently, she took on a project that is pretty large in scope and was working away at it with a subscription to the EW Composer Cloud. Everything was going fine until her iLok was obliterated by our cat. Since I wasn't working on anything at...
  7. G

    Mac Mini slave keeps losing connecting

    So I got myself a Mac Mini 2.3ghz Quad unit. It's all setup. It has a manual IP. But the problem I'm having is it keeps losing connection to the master. I don't have a screen connected to it. BUt after 24hours I lose connection. I cant VNC or ping it. I then have to manually reboot it and then...
  8. wuubb

    *Survey* Researching what kinds of computer setups people use

    Hello everyone! I'm doing some research as to what kinds of computer setups people use for composing/production. I've created a quick google survey and if you wouldn't mind taking a quick minute or two to fill it out it would be most appreciated! Thanks!
  9. JaikumarS

    Optimising Slave Machine for VEP6

    I have a slave machine which is 24GB RAM, Gigabyte - GA-X58A-UD9 (rev. 1.0) , Quad Core i7 3.2 GHz - Hackintosh. I'm planning to upgrade the RAM to 48GB(as this is the maximum that the motherboard can accomodate) and use Samsung 850 EVO SSD - 1TB Internal x 4 for my Sample libraries(Spitfire...
  10. dtonthept

    PC DAW + Mac Pro Slave and... web portal?

    Hey everyone, My new PC is due to arrive very shortly, and I'm thinking about different workflows and how to best use my 5,1 Mac Pro 2 x 3.46GHz 32GB RAM machine. I'd love to keep my PC off the net but I do need to do a lot of sending/downloading mixes and multitracks. I'd also like to be able...
  11. J

    NAS for storage - How do you have yours setup?

    Hey guys, I'm thinking about adding a NAS to my studio for archiving / music playback / backing up etc. I like the idea of NAS as I can have 3.5" noisy drives in a separate room and all I need is an ethernet cable to connect. If I purchased one of these, , would I be correct to assume that I...
  12. stigc56

    Setup advise for Mac Slave

    Hi I have 3 Macs in a network. The connection is made via a switch. I'm trying to improve performance and wonder if I can gain anything by connecting my DAW Mac (Cubase 8 - Mac 12 core) to my first slave mac direct? I have tried this once before, but couldn't make it work. Are there somebody...
  13. cacophonix

    Is you DAW connected to the internet?

    Hello, Seeing some developers taking the direction of not allowing offline registration of their products (or make it very difficult for the non-hacker user), I wonder if I am a the last dinosaur by strictly isolating my DAW from the Internet... Could you please tell me what is your DAW...