1. A

    NEEDED: Javascript expert to create batch processing routine

    Hello everyone! I'm working for a composer, Chris Stone, in editing and creating a large orchestral sample library. I was informed of this website by a friend and thought I would post a paid job opportunity for anyone who can help us with a specific task; We are searching for a Javascript...
  2. B

    How can I improve my orchestral mix? Short Williams-esque Cue

    Hey EVERYONE!!! FIRST TIME, LONG TIME COMING! I've been getting into doing these mockups recently and am wondering if any of you guys, with much more expertise than little old me, can point me in the right direction to getting a more convincing sounding orchestra! I think it sounds okay...
  3. anatholy

    UI Designer for Kontakt Instrument Wanted

    Hi guys! We are,, at the last stage of programming of our first child, a new instrument for Kontakt. And we need a designer to make an awesome design for it :) The instrument has many options and panels, so we need someone very very strong and have a good skills in UI. Please, send...
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