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  1. Time+Space

    14th September - This week's new music production news and offers

    Here's this week's round up of new releases and special offers from leading brands at Time+Space to help you make even better music! For more info about each one, click the links below or just visit our website at New iZotope RX 7 Get Cinematique Instruments Vertigo and...
  2. chocobitz825

    Rating the Native Instruments Symphony series

    Seeing that the NI’s symphony series is a collaboration with reliable companies (see below); String Ensembles collaboration with Audiobro Brass/Woodwind collaboration with Soundiron Percussion with sonuscore My question is, how do people feel this NI offering stacks up when compared with...
  3. Titanborn-Axiom

    Starting a Kontakt library...

    Hello everyone, fairly new to the forum. I have begun composing for my own personal project. The project is Progressive Death Metal with Cinematic Elements set in Space. I am currently using East West Quantum Leap Composer Cloud and I’m honestly not crazy about the samples themselves. As a...
  4. A

    FS: NI Symphony Series String Ensemble + Brass

    Hi, I am selling a license for the following NI libraries: * NI Symphony Series String Ensemble: 115€ * NI Symphony Series Brass Collection: 115€ Both: 200€ PayPal accepted. Attention: The above licenses are Crossgrade licenses, which means you will need to have at least one of the...
  5. Time+Space

    20th July 2018 - Latest Music Production News and Offers

    Here's this week's round up of new releases and special offers from leading brands at Time+Space to help you make even better music! For more info about each one, click the links below: New EastWest Spaces II Coming Soon: Zero-G Ethera EVI Update...
  6. Epicurse

    FS - Cinesamples Voxos 2 - Kontakt license

    Hello everyone, Cinesamples licenses cannot be resold per their EULA. Thx, Epicurse.
  7. lucianogiacomozzi

    FS: ProjectSAM Symphobia Lumina SOLD

    Hi guys, I am selling a few things due to needing the money so now we are getting to the nitty gritty of stuff I am really reluctant to part with. ProjectSAM Symphobia 3 Lumina SOLD NI Session Guitarist: Electric Sunburst SOLD Many thanks, Luciano
  8. amadeus1

    Symphony Compared to Symphony Essential - Solo Brass

    Here's the Symphony Series Solo Brass compared to the Symphony Essentials Solo Brass Walkthrough: Thanks, Bill
  9. amadeus1

    Symphony Series Percussion

    Hi guys, A $99 crossgrade option for owners of Symphony Essentials currently being offered or $299 for all 5 Symphony Essential upgrades. Here's a walkthrough of the percussion library: Thanks, Bill
  10. amadeus1

    Symphony Series - Brass Ensemble Walkthrough

    Hey guys, Here's a link for the Native Instrument library on sale until 7/1/18. Thanks, Bill
  11. KATerpiller

    Do I need a DI box for my guitar going into my focusrite scarlett?

    Hi forum! My first post! I have a Focusrite scarlett 2i2 mkII and I'm plugging my guitar directly into it, and then using guitar rig 5 pro for sounds. Should I also be using a DI box?? It sounds OK as it is, the level is OK but would the quality be tonnes better?
  12. amadeus1

    Symphony Series Solo Woodwinds

    Hey guys, Native Instruments is having a crossgrade sale on the Symphony Series. Here's a walkthrough of the Solo Woodwinds. A comparison of the Essential and full Series version. Thanks, Bill
  13. Epicurse

    WTB - Action Strikes by Native Instruments

    I would like to buy Action Strikes by Native Instruments from you... Please PM me for an offer I can't refuse. Thx, Epicurse.
  14. Epicurse

    WTB - Symphony Series – Woodwind from Native Instruments

    I would like to buy Native Instruments Symphony Series – Woodwind from you... Please PM me for an offer I can't refuse. Thx, Epicurse.
  15. amadeus1

    Symphony Series - String Ensemble Walkthrough

    Hey guys, A special crossgrade option is available for those with Symphony essentials. The string ensemble has auto divisi by Audiobro! Here's the walkthrough:
  16. L

    Is it worthwhile crossgrading to NI's 'Symphony Series - Collection' for £239?

    Hi everyone, I currently own Native Instrument's Komplete Ultimate 11 which includes some symphony essentials instruments. Aside from those in the Kontakt Factory Library (and Sibelius sounds), these are the only orchestral virtual instruments that I own. For £239.50 ($299.50), is it worthwhile...
  17. biggiantcircles

    Project Sam Symphobia 50% off at NI

    Can't believe nobody's posted this, unless I just missed it somewhere. So $867 for all 3 vs $1369 for the bundle on Project Sam's site directly. Not too shabby. I know they've been around a while, but they all...
  18. Y

    For Sale FS: Overloud: 3 TH-U Rig Libraries for €40 / IK / PA

    Hi there! Thanks for stopping by! Please send me a PM if you're interested in one of my offerings and I'll provide you with further details. I'm also open to reasonable price-offers if you'd like to buy several items. Payment through Paypal. All prices INCLUDE the Paypal Fee! :thumbsup...
  19. jrrshop

    Up to 60% off FXpansion, Ohm Force, JST, Image Line, Wave Arts, Xhun Audio, Audionamix, & more

    Up to 60% off FXpansion, Ohm Force, JST, Image Line, Wave Arts, Xhun Audio, Audionamix, n-Track, Softube, Rob Papen, Toontrack, and Native Instruments 50% off FXpansion BFD 3 hyper realistic acoustic drums instrument, now $174.50 instead of $349: 56% off...
  20. lucianogiacomozzi


    EDIT: Sold now! Hi all, So, I'm getting married in under a year so need to sell some stuff, things I am just not using so I am continuing with this. It's a shame but the show must go on and the show is bloody expensive! This is a CROSSGRADE, as defined by NI's website: "This crossgrade only...
  21. S

    CLOSED FS: N.I, Reason, DMG, Tone2, Heavyocity, Overloud, Audified, Soniccouture, UA.

    Hello, PM me if you have any questions. I’m looking for Acustica-Audio plugins for trade, especially Nebula. For Sale: DMG Audio Multiplicity $135 Propellerheads Reason 10 $175 Native Instruments Razor $40 Native Instruments Kinetic Toys $50 (includes Kinetic Treats) Native Instruments...
  22. sdBDigital

    SOLD: NI Komplete 11

    Hey everybody, This seems like the right place to go, but if anyone's interested in purchasing the Komplete 11 bundle, you've come to the right place. UPDATE: Sold. - Stephen
  23. SimonViklund

    KONTAKT question: What's so dangerous with batch resave?

    Every time you click "batch resave" in KONTAKT, this warning message comes up (see the attached image). Among other things, it says "You should only do it if you know exactly what you're doing!!" complete with the double exclamation marks. Now, in order to do a batch resave you just point...
  24. lucianogiacomozzi


    Hi all, I'm selling Emotive Strings as I just don't use them any more having a couple of other libraries along the same line and some new custom samples. Selling for $75 (way under half NI store value) via PayPal for payment. Native Instruments has approved and sent me the transfer code ready...
  25. rigidaudio

    Kontakt GUI Maker v2 pre-order

    Pre-Order the future of Kontakt instrument design today: Kontakt GUI Maker v2! More information: Offer is available until February the 1st , 2018. Thanks!
  26. T

    NI Symphony Series Brass Ensemble a good starting brass library?

    Just making my first orchestral library purchases now. As far as brass is concerned, I'm absolutely in love with OT Berlin Brass as nothing I've heard seems to come even remotely close. That said, since I'm only getting into this type of music, I think it makes more sense to start out with...
  27. R

    NI Symphony Series Strings VS Cinematic Studio Strings

    Which is a better purchase? Looking for real world experience with each library.
  28. premjj

    Calling all Developers for their opinion: Is this a fair trade practice?

    Hi Posting this as a request for opinions from the developers on this forum. The Komplete 11 Ultimate purchase sets me up for over 500Gb worth of downloads. Since I don't have the need for all the instruments immediately, and also don't have that much free HDD space available right now, I...
  29. rigidaudio

    NEW! Hypernode electronic music arranger for KONTAKT

    Hi, this is to inform you about our newest release (and our most massive one ever): "Hypernode" - the modular electronic music arranger. Hypernode is a fully modular electronic music arranger and a collection of over 300 KONTAKT® multi instruments, serving pretty much most of contemporary...
  30. kurtvanzo

    Native Access connection failure

    Anyone else having a connection error with NA? This thread describes the problem... Wondering if NA is working in older versions (though I suppose it will just tell you to update first) or if...
  31. HeadlessBuddha

    [FS]Native Instruments/Soundiron Symphony Series Brass Solo for $100

    I acquired this a few months ago and ended up not even downloading or activating it since I planned to use it on a project that ended up not happening. I even forgot I had it. It sounds really really good, I just don't and won't have any use for it so I prefer to sell it. The low price is in...
  32. J

    FS Heavyocity Damage and Evolve, N.I Action Strikes, Action Strings

    Purchased K11U a few months back and finally selling duplicate libraries that i already owned previously. I still use all of these libraries in some capacity and hold them in high regard. -Damage SOLD -Action strikes $150usd (£110.50) -Action strings $150usd (£110.50) -Rise & Hit SOLD -Evolve...
  33. Synthmorph

    Massive Biomorph by Synthmorph

    Hi Everyone, the Massive Biomorph Synthmorph pack is not "just another Massive soundset", but the result of a longer research in morphing sound design. Each preset in the pack allows you to morph between different sonic snapshots by animating 30-40 parameters simultaneously with the turn of the...
  34. B

    FS: Native Instruments Evolve R2

    For Sale: EVOLVE R2 - 50 EUR / 60 USD Selling this as I have Komplete. Currently on sale at NI and Heavyocity for 99 USD. Please PM, payment via PayPal. EDIT: Guitar Rig 5 sold
  35. Paul Morgan

    Native Instruments Bundle, over 50% off

    Hi all, I recently bought NI Komplete 11 Ultimate so I'm selling those instruments I already had that are duplicated in the package on Ebay, link below: The...
  36. Kore G

    Alden Nulden Productions Reese Bass is now available

    After many and many hours of working, Reese Bass is now available at Reese Bass is an Alden Nulden Productions Kontakt 5 instrument library. Reese Bass was mainly made for the producers of Drum & Bass.
  37. A

    FS: NI Symphony Series Brass Solo - $150

    I'm selling my never used, never downloaded Native Instruments Symphony Series Brass Solo that usually costs $299 for just $150. Reason for selling: I was scoring a documentary and thought I'd need it, but when I sent my first ideas to the music director he asked me to use more electronic...
  38. mr.vad0614

    For Sale Neural DSP, Celemony, Best Service, Toontrack, Waves, Magix & More!

    Please see list of available items below, although I have stated the prices for each. I am also open to reasonable offers too and am willing to negotiate within reason...Thank you for your interest! PLEASE NOTE: Buyer must cover PayPal Fee, this will vary depending on the the country or area...
  39. elpedro

    All sold

    Hi All, I have these N.I instruments for sale, as I have re-acquired them in bundles. Prices are in U.S dollars and Paypal fees included. GUITAR RIG 3 Software Edition with GUITAR RIG 4 PRO UPDATE $15.00-SOLD Studio Drummer $25.00- SOLD Session Guitarist - Strummed Acoustic $35.00-SOLD...
  40. Knomes

    Owning KU11, it's convienent to buy Symphony Series?

    I own KU11 so i'd be eligible to buy all the symphony series collection at 150€ each one. I found two reviews about Brass ans Woodwinds here:
  41. reutunes

    Galaxy / Native Instruments - Thrill - The Samplecast review

    Big Review section of The Samplecast show 47 - Galaxy / Native Instruments "Thrill" More information on Thrill HERE The Samplecast YouTube show ►
  42. reutunes

    Native Instrument's THRILL review - plus news, bargains, tips & updates. Samplecast #47 out now

    Thank you so much for all of your wonderful messages of support following my brief illness last week - you are all GREAT! It's back to work this week with a packed show featuring 12 different libraries and plugins. Is this the longest ever Samplecast show? This week's main review is Native...
  43. Reid Rosefelt

    50% Off on Arturia V Collection 5 for Native Instrument Users

    I just received an email about this special NI offer for the Arturia V Collection 5 for $249 (or $99 for update) It ends on 5/31...
  44. shapednoise

    NKR, UACC & Default or Standard Midi Spec CC usage for Kontakt Libraries. COMMENTS PLEASE!

    Hi all, On the Controller interfacing with software front, things seem too be slowly improving, with NI putting forward NKR and the SpitfireAudio UACC, and these are welcomed, as universality and consistency are what made MIDI so universally useful rather than proprietary brand specific...
  45. J

    Native Instruments Komplete 11 Ultimate upgrade price?

    So i have K11 and thinking about the upgrade to K11U as I seem to buying more and more of the libraries included in K11U. The upgrade price is showing at AU$599 (Australian Dollar) but when i sign in to my NI account it then shows (My Upgrade) at AU$799. Is this a glitch or do they have...
  46. J

    Can i sell individual libraries from N.I Komplete 11?

    Sorry not directly a buy/sell post but could potentially be. So i bough Komplete 11 but find myself only using around 25% of it so can i sell off the individual libraries that i don't use? I know NI stuff gets bough sold but wasnt sure if the Komplete budle was diferent. Advice would be...
  47. J

    *NOW BOUGHT* Want to buy N.I Action Strikes

  48. EpicDude

    Nothing to see here.

    Nothing to see here.
  49. M

    Native Instruments Razor for sale

    I realised I have too many synth libraries, so I'm selling my copy of Native Instruments' Razor. It costs £89 on the NI website. Am selling for £60. Thanks!
  50. NI_Berlin

    Native Instruments is hiring a music technology expert!

    We're looking for a Partnering Manager (f/m) to join our product creation team at Native Instruments in Berlin. Please go to the careers section of the NI website for details - since I seem not to be able to put any links into this thread..
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