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  1. bgavina

    Edit NKX audio file

    Is there any way to edit NKX audio files? When using pianos I like to play my keyboard really soft, with Kontakt's volume very high. And with NI's The Gentleman library I find that the A4 has a squeaky sound when playing notes between velocity 1 and 32 (corresponding to the three lowest samples...
  2. P

    Looking for an Ableton Live 10 Standard & NI Komplete 2 - 12 license

    Title says it all. Hobbyist getting started and can't justify the cost of either software new, for now at least. Thanks
  3. Cory Pelizzari

    Library Spotlight - Session Strings Pro 2

    Get it here: Dry Examples: Patreon: Albums:
  4. Soundiron Team

    Tips & Tricks: How To Use Maschine Mikro In Midi Mode

    In this video Craig Peters shows you how to get the most out of Midi Mode using Native Instruments Maschine Mikro. Make sure you have the most recent version of Maschine in Native Access. You can download the link to the controller editor template and save some time or you can learn how to set...
  5. S

    1970s soul / pop. Session guitarist included - Feeling Fine

    I decided to save myself some time and hire a guitarist. Probably the best decision I've made in a while. The rest of the track was made using MODO Bass, Alicia's Keys and Abbey Road drums. Cheers guys and gals.
  6. fretti

    CLOSED NI Crossgrade Brass (30€)

    Hi all! I'm selling my Crossgrade for Native Instruments Symphony Series Brass Collection. Note: This is the crossgrade, not the full product. You need the Symphony Series Essentials (e.g. through Komplete) in order for the upgrades to work. The transfer ID's are ready to go. Brass...
  7. S

    Walk The Walk - Jazz in Eb (Audio Modeling Horns, NI Abbey Road Drums, Core Bass Pear, NI Pianos)

    The lack of distractions due to Covid 19 lockdown/stay home has caused me to go ahead and try some new genres in my compositions. Used Audio Modeling Sax and the new Trombone, along with a bunch of Native Instruments stuff and the Orange Tree Samples Core Bass. Let me know what you think and if...
  8. Cory Pelizzari

    Revisiting Abbey Road & Studio Drummer

    Abbey Road Libraries Patches: Studio Drummer Patches: Support my work: Buy my albums...
  9. I

    Nils Frahm Una Corda Demo (original composition)

    Hey Everyone! Back again with a follow up to last week's Olafur Arnalds Felt Piano demo. This time with the Una Corda, originally created by created by David Klavins in close collaboration with composer Nils Frahm. All the sampling was done by Galaxy Instruments (same guys who did Noire and The...
  10. S

    For Sale Komplete 12 ultimate

    Willing to part with it for 700. Offer is firm. I'm already taking a 500 dollar loss.
  11. Soundiron Team

    Composing Cinematic Music with Drum Loops, Ambiences, and One Shots

    In this video Craig Peters builds a cinematic styled track from scratch using the free sample pack provided for Native Instruments Metapop scoring competition. Craig talks about how he layers drum loops, using one shots for accents and impact, using ambiences for adding to the drama, and much...
  12. O

    Upgrading from Komplete Ultimate to Standard?

    Has anyone done this? I'm on 11 Ultimate but am only really interested in the updates to Kontakt and Massive X, seems like I can get these by going non-Ultimate for the upgrade to v12, but is there any downside to doing so? Presumably if NI stick to their current model I should still be able to...
  13. Sarah De Carlo

    Metapop - Symphobia 4 Produce This #52: Publish your production here

    Hello Everybody! I decided to participate in the 'Metapop - Produce This # 52' competition, because I thought that working on this video could be a good opportunity to study. I focused a lot on giving music the right mix between Sound Design and the composition of a memorable theme. Publish...
  14. Bluemount Score

    Looking for NI Symphony Series compositions

    Owning the full collection from KU-CE 12, I would like to give it a try and see what‘s actually possible. Barely used it before but everything should be put to a test under fair conditions. I‘m curious what you already got out of the strings, brass and woodwinds, as I could only find very few...
  15. SBK

    Giveaway "Session Guitarist - Strummed Acoustic 1" by NI

    Facebook Giveaway, win Strummed Acoustic 1 by Native Instruments
  16. SBK

    Free giveaway "Session Guitarist - Strummed Acoustic" by NI

    Facebook Giveaway
  17. fretti

    FS: NI Symphony Series/Essentials

    Hi all, I'm selling the following Native Instruments products: Symphony Series String Ensemble Crossgrade: 85€ (Original 299€) and Symphony Essentials Percussion: 30€ (Original 99€) Transfer IDs are already laying around and just waiting for you;) Payment through PayPal; if you're...
  18. ghostnote

    For Sale FS: NI Heavyocity Damage // Mutations Bundle

    Heavyocity Damage: 100$ (SOLD) Heavyocity Mutations Bundle: 70$ (SOLD) Prices in US-Dollars, € prefered. Payment via PayPal.
  19. E

    Native Instruments Action Strikes

    I am interested in buying Actions Strikes if anyone is looking to sell. Thanks
  20. H

    First Look at Massive X - Review

    Hi everyone! I got my hands on an early release of Massive X and prepared this review. I'd love to hear what you think!
  21. kessel

    Komplete Kontrol now supports MCU

    Hi, it seems like the new Komplete Kontrol update supports MCU and we, who don't use Ableton Live or Logic, will finally be able to use Komplete Synths to control different DAWs: KOMPLETE KONTROL 2.1.3 KOMPLETE KONTROL 2.1.3 is a free update for existing customers, including workflow...
  22. S

    Have A Good Life - by Justin Stewart

    Hey folks, this is something I put together using SWAM Saxaphones, my usual Alecia's keys and some drum samples. I think I'm slowly getting better at arranging the SWAM instruments. In this case I just played 5ths throughout with the tenor sax on top and baritone on the bottom. Oh and for a...
  23. kessel

    Komplete Kontrol, which one to buy?

    Hi, I am looking at the different options for the Komplete Kontrol by Native Instruments and still can't decide which one to get, I am mostly doubting between the S61 and the S88, as I already own the Maschine MK3 and I am liking the displays a lot, I find them very useful to navigate through...
  24. lucianogiacomozzi

    No longer for sale

    Hi all, Spring/summer cleaning again! For sale, I have: Native Instruments Scarbee Funk Guitarist - £30 ProjectSAM True Strike 2 - £60 (incl. transfer fee) Many thanks, Luciano
  25. jrrshop

    $21 deals for the JRR Shop 21st Anniversary Sale

    JRR Shop 21st Anniversary Sale $21 deals from Xhun Audio, XILS Lab, and Nugen Audio, with more $21 deals to be announced throughout the month. 70% off Xhun Audio LittleOne, now $21 instead of $70 and receive JRR Sounds Little Slim Selections free when you buy them together...
  26. O

    Cheapest way to get Komplete 12?

    I received an email from NI with a discount code to get Komplete 12 Select for 99€. If I then upgrade to Komplete 12, it'd cost me an additional 399€. So basically I'd spend 498€ in total for Komplete 12 instead of 599€ Should I get Select for 99€ and then upgrade or should I wait until Black...
  27. Victor N.

    NI Heavyweight Bass and Drums Special 50% Off was wondering if anyone used any of those that they can recommend? especially the drums. thanks also anyone by chance knows a deal on a good bass instrument?
  28. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron Session | How To Write A Dramatic Action Cue

    Hey Everyone! We recently posted a NEW Soundiron Session on our YouTube channel. This time composing in the style of a gritty dramatic action cue ala The Punisher and Breaking Bad. This uses predominately Modern Animated Percussion, Tines & Echoes and some real guitars. Enjoy! If you would...
  29. M

    CLOSED Ended

  30. fretti


    Hi, I'm selling my Crossgrades for the Native Instruments Symphony Series Strings and Percussion. Strings: Sold Percussion: Sold
  31. David@toybox

    Toybox blocks for Reaktor 6.3 with front panel patching

    Hi Guys Just wanted to announce the launch of our blocks for the new Reaktor 6.3 Let me know what you think! David
  32. Soundiron Team

    Voice Of Wind: Adey | Now Available For Kontakt Player & NKS

    Voice Of Wind: Adey version 1.1 is now available for Native Instruments’ free Kontakt Player 6, Komplete Kontrol and S-Series Keyboards. Adey is the first volume in our modular female solo vocal series Voice Of Wind. This library is the perfect addition for songwriters and musicians wanting new...
  33. M

    FS: iZotope, Arturia, Soundtoys, IK Multimedia, Waves Audio

  34. ratherbirds

    Native Access : Blocks Base and Blocks Primes. What are these products ?

    Hi, Today, i found 2 news products to install in my NI Native Access console : Blocks Base and Blocks Primes. What is that ?
  35. Arise

    Sold, please delete

  36. beyd770

    Feedback on structure, form and harmony: Pianosketch for orchestra

    Just finished Mike Verta's "Structure"-masterclass, and learned a ton! What do you think of this little sketch? What could I do to improve my form even more before starting writing out the individual pieces? Piano is The Grandeur from NI, with Altiverb Todd AO-input at 40% and...
  37. M


  38. S

    Noire - Demo for the PURE Presets Category

    I haven't played around with the sound design section of the instrument just yet, but I did explore the Grand Piano category a bit. It's definitely a great instrument for film scoring.
  39. BrandonYLau

    Favorite Reaktor User Library?

    Hi all! I've been doing (musical) sound design for a while now, but I'm just getting started with using the Reaktor User Libraries. There seems to be a million of them, so I just wanted to ask around for favorites/other interesting and useful units. If it changes anything, I'm using Zebra...
  40. Vonk

    Why I hate Windows effing updates

    Dear customer, We are currently investigating an issue that affects our TRAKTOR KONTROL S4 Mk2, MASCHINE STUDIO, and all KOMPLETE KONTROL S-Series Mk1 hardware. Following the latest updates to Microsoft Windows 7, 8, and 10, these controllers are no longer recognized. The issue was introduced...
  41. cliffordmartin

    Piano prelude idea/demo Theme

    Piano Prelude/Demo demo. A theme to be developed for a short film.
  42. Soundiron Team

    Composing with Mimi Page Light & Shadow

    We recently released Mimi Page Light & Shadow, our new ethereal solo vocal and sound-design library in collaboration with singer-composer Mimi Page. In these two videos she breaks down her tracks showcasing both elements of the library "Light & Shadow". Ethereal Dreamscapes of Light Demo...
  43. K

    Native Instruments: Una Corda, The Giant, Action Strings and Drumlab

    Hi everybody. I'm selling the following plugins: Una Corda: SOLD The Giant: U$60 Action Strings: U$200 Drumlab: U$60 Payment through PayPal. Thanks, Karim
  44. Epicurse

    FS - All of these Products from Native Instruments

    Today, I am selling these products from Native Instruments as a whole package. I never found the need to use them with Presonus Studio One 4. I use other libraries. Send me a PM with a price of $1200 and it will be all yours. - On 6/30/18, I paid $500 for Symphony Series Brass Symphony Series...
  45. Silence-is-Golden

    Native instruments support -> post q and wait? SOLVED

    hi guys, not an invitation for blasphemous talks or anything, but I cannot get OT's OSR to appear in my Kontakt library list, and after contacting OT support I was advised to go to NI for support on this. I can only see an online forum with Q&A and posts that are from users like me requesting...
  46. Arise

    Your favorite Komplete-bundled NI piano library?

    Hey guys, What's your favorite piano library from the ones that come bundled with Komplete (the basic edition), and why? Here are the libraries I'm refering to: The Giant The Gentleman The Grandeur The Maverick Una Corda
  47. bfreepro

    Review: Native Instruments Symphony Series - Woodwinds

    This is a pretty short review but... sadly I couldn't find much to like about this collection :/. Going to be doing a few more quick reviews in the coming weeks, as I continue to work on writing a big one for Genesis Choir by Audiobro, per request from my last poll :) "5.5/10 - Unfortunately...
  48. P

    Native Instruments Symphony Percussion

    Native Instruments is doing a 50% thanksgiving sale on some products including the Symphony Series. I'm in need of an orchestral percussion library. I have the Symphony Essentials (which I don't like at all) and I'm sceptical about this percussion library. How does it compare to other...
  49. Olfirf

    Komplete Kontrol mk2 and Cubase Question ...

    Does anyone have KK mk2 and uses Cubase? I haven't found information on how this works and NI's documentation and product videos are rather commercial-like than having any information in them what you can really do with it. So, how does host automation work? When I initialize the KK-S-series...
  50. Taj Mikel

    NI Komplete as bread and butter?

    I’m looking at picking up a NI controller and it comes with NI Komplete. There looks to be a lot of diversity there, but I’m a little skeptical of the quality/usability compared to “dedicated” kinds of libraries. Can anyone comment on this bundle? How would it serve for layering purposes or...
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