native access

  1. ratherbirds

    Native Access : Blocks Base and Blocks Primes. What are these products ?

    Hi, Today, i found 2 news products to install in my NI Native Access console : Blocks Base and Blocks Primes. What is that ?
  2. premjj

    Calling all Developers for their opinion: Is this a fair trade practice?

    Hi Posting this as a request for opinions from the developers on this forum. The Komplete 11 Ultimate purchase sets me up for over 500Gb worth of downloads. Since I don't have the need for all the instruments immediately, and also don't have that much free HDD space available right now, I...
  3. Sami

    Licence question about Kontakt and Sample Libraries

    Most companies allow "two installations of the product". That -as far as I understand it- means that I am allowed to copy-paste the serial number into Native Access once on two different computers and then point Native Access to where the Sample Files are stored. What happens once I try to do...
  4. kurtvanzo

    Native Access connection failure

    Anyone else having a connection error with NA? This thread describes the problem... Wondering if NA is working in older versions (though I suppose it will just tell you to update first) or if...
  5. E

    Native Access relocating library problem

    Hello guys! I'm having this issue with Native Access and Kontakt and just can't find any solution for it. Few days ago I did the relocating libraries on my SSD's and because of some reason Kontakt won't load Spitfire Brass library anymore at all (load - to have it in the libraries tab together...