1. wuubb

    Host samples on NAS with 10gbe

    So this is part question, part personal anecdote from my own setup. I currently have a Linux server that I use as a NAS with 3x1TB SSDs with all of my samples on them. Back when I built this SSD's were really $$$ so it seemed like a good idea at the time. The server has a Mellanox Infiniband...
  2. thecompactor

    Looking for advice on a network setup for my partner & myself

    Background Both my partner and I are media composers. Recently, she took on a project that is pretty large in scope and was working away at it with a subscription to the EW Composer Cloud. Everything was going fine until her iLok was obliterated by our cat. Since I wasn't working on anything at...
  3. J

    NAS for storage - How do you have yours setup?

    Hey guys, I'm thinking about adding a NAS to my studio for archiving / music playback / backing up etc. I like the idea of NAS as I can have 3.5" noisy drives in a separate room and all I need is an ethernet cable to connect. If I purchased one of these, , would I be correct to assume that I...