1. ChrisSiuMusic

    6 Steps to Creating Your First Album!

    Hey everyone! Creating and producing your own album from start to finish is a labour of love and commitment, but it can also be overwhelming if you haven't done it before, or still daunting if you're a veteran. In today's video, I'd like to share what I've learned from producing my own album...
  2. D

    Free Music Theory Classes: A Word About Genre and the Context Principle (Part 1)

    Hi friends! Finally resuming music theory. In this episode we'll talk about genre and the concepts that help define the parameters of a specific genre. Related to genre, we'll also discuss part 1 of what I like to call the context principle. Hope you enjoy it! Music tracks featured in this...
  3. Time+Space

    BIG SAVINGS! Zynaptiq, EastWest, VSL, PreSonus, AAS, Eventide

    Lots of deals to be had over at Time+Space... ZYNAPTIQ - Up to 75% off Zynaptiq Pitchmap, perfect for remixes, audio editing and more! EASTWEST - Up to 60% off in the Labor Day sale! Vocals, Pianos, Brass... it's all here! VSL - 30% off all Synchron String Libraries + free expansion! Up to...
  4. Time+Space

    Labour day sale and more! eastwest and presonus

    To celebrate Labour Day, Presonus and EastWest both have incredibly generous offers for a limited time... EASTWEST - Save up to 60% off EastWest's best-selling collections and automatically get their new OPUS Engine for free! What could be better than that? PRESONUS - Save up to 50% off all...
  5. TRKStudios

    "Forgotten Horizons" - 3rd Cinematic Music Album

    It was finished 5 years ago, but better late than never to get it out into the world. This is definitely the most eclectic of my three cinematic music albums and was a lot of fun to work on. Hope you find something on it to enjoy!
  6. Sean J

    Fablehaven Books ~~~ via StaffPad

    The piece is about my all-time favorite book series. I'd trade Harry Potter for Fablehaven and Dragonwatch any day. He writes for ages around 12, but there's a mature psychology, moral grasp, and clever plot twists. It's entertaining and immersive enough to have made a perfect way for me to...
  7. Dave Hilowitz

    Video: 13 tips for promoting your music!

    I've made a video containing basically everything I know about how to promote music.
  8. A

    Counterpoint 4th edition Workbook answers

    Does anybody know where can I find answers to the exercises in Kent Kennan's Counterpoint book? I recently started self studying it and it would be great if I can know how am I doing.
  9. Darrell

    New interview with John Williams where he talks about his musical composition process

    In a recent interview with his piano maker (Steinway), he talks about how he still uses pencil and paper. Here is a short excerpt: Q. Do you still compose with a pen? Have you made the shift to a— A. Oh no, I'm not shifting. While composing, I'm scribbling with a pen and throwing pages all over...
  10. ChrisSiuMusic

    How to Beef Up an Intense Trailer Track!

    Hey friends! I wanted to share an excerpt of a lesson I had with one of my friends and students, Shaheen. He's currently working on a couple of tracks, this one being a big trailer one! I hope you enjoy our discussion. :) It's always fun working on genres that aren't my go-to, so I learn a lot...
  11. SoundYeti

    The Mission of Sound Yeti

    Our Mission is Simple... We strive to provide producers, composers, and musicians of any skill level the tools need to create impactful music. We know how frustrating it can be to feel uninspired. Or maybe you feel like your skill level isn’t enough to make the music you hear in your head. We...
  12. hauspe

    Trance Trailer - Release

    Hi there, as a new member I'm grabbing the chance to announce one of my newest compositions: "Trance Trailer." Trance Trailer is for the main part "Uplifting Trance" including typically film trailer elements. I merged both worlds into one epic piece. I used Omnisphere, Soundmaster One and 2...
  13. mr23

    Hi everyone! Another Belgian is in the house :-D

    🎶 Hi folks! 🎶 I'm glad I've joined the VI Community! Let me introduce myself in a few words : I've been playing and composing music for 30 years. And working in the sound archiving & audio digitization industry for 20 years. Played in various bands, having different projects over the years...
  14. Jonas.Ingebretsen

    Let me go - Disney inspired music (w. Vocals) - Feedback appreciated

    Hello! I'm working on my next song. It's not mastered yet and there's some noticeable clipping. This is the first minute of the track. If you have any comments, critique, or such as; please leave a comment here. Thank you! :)
  15. ChrisSiuMusic

    The Secondary Dominant - A Secret Weapon!

    Hey friends! For those who may not know, what is the secondary dominant? How does it add lovely colours to your chord progressions? Let's talk about it in today's video! :)
  16. D

    Free Theory Classes: m9th Avoidance, Consonance/Dissonance, Sus Chords, Add Chords, 6/9 Chords, Intro to Extensions, Problematic Notation

    500 Subscribers!! Woo hoo!!! Thank you SO MUCH for watching and subscribing. In Episode 25 we're going to finish up with drop voicings, discuss the minor 9th avoidance rule, consonance and dissonance, suspended chords, add chords, 6/9 chords, we'll introduce extensions, and finally discuss some...
  17. sailenox

    A little Update - my own audio technology company which will change the sound of future

    I posted this last year. I just want to give you a little update. Right now i'm studying information- and communication technology and its really hard. I've learnt so much until now. I know how an Equalizer works and i can even build my own Equalizers. I'm surrounded by cracks in audio...
  18. D

    Free Music Theory - Chord Symbols for 7th Chords, Reasons for Good Notation Practices, and Chord Inversions

    Hi friends! Hope this is useful. In Episode 22 of Music Mechanics we'll talk about chord symbols for seventh chords, WHY proper notation practices are so important, chord inversions for triads and seventh chords, octave displacement, and the root position and first, second, and third inversions...
  19. dman007

    What's this music?

    Can anyone tell me what this music is ? Thank you!!
  20. A

    Heroic and Epic Song Attempt - Thoughts, Feedback and Criticisms Welcome!

    Hi everyone, I created this piece for a competition and thought I would share it here. The track is called "Call of the King", and my intent was to make it sound heroic and powerful. Let me know what you think!
  21. HIWES

    Composer looking for work | HIWES

    I can make any genre that you are looking for and make all the sound effects you might need. Rates/Payment Method: Prices will be negotiated privately in DM's. Because i don't want to give a specific price and deny indie developers that are creating some incredible games that work on a low...
  22. Bluemount Score

    How much $$$ for a decent laptop for music production?

    So I'm pretty much a hardware-noob, especially when it comes to laptop components. Somebody else did put together the parts for my current computer and I was somewhat proud that I actually managed to make it running on my own. It's still a great PC, however I'm planning to buy an additional...
  23. LeSoma

    Looking for a video game music composer!

    Hello everyone! We are currently looking for a music composer for our upcoming indie game! The game is a pixel-art side scroller Die And Retry game that takes place during the Greek Mythology. We wouldbe looking for someone who can make the perfect soundtrack for this game and that would fit...
  24. D

    Music for Relaxation free to use

    Hello forum. My contribution to the community! If you wish to use this song in your video, don't hesitate to contact me, it's free. Cheers!
  25. TRKStudios

    Working Composer here from ORLANDO, FL - *New Website

    Composer here from Orlando, FL. Just saying hello and wanted to share my newly updated website: Hope everyone is staying safe and doing well! Tyler
  26. dman007

    Reverbs for film/tv orchestral mock-up and works

    What reverbs do you recommend and/or use for film / tv orchestral music ? Any thoughts on: UAD Ocean Way Studios UAD Lexicon 480L Valhalla Vintage Verb Perfect Room Pheonix Verb Any others? Looking to get room sound, that space and sense of distance Would like to know people's...
  27. ChrisSiuMusic

    How To Create Vocal Harmonies WITH Music Theory (Video Reaction)

    Hi everyone! Today I wanted to react to a video created by a good friend of mine, Austin Hull. He recently uploaded this video to help producers create vocal harmonies without needing too much music theory knowledge. I wanted to fill in the gaps and show you how you can write your harmonies...
  28. dman007

    Free software for adding music to videos?

    Regarding adding music to video that already has dialogue and sfx, is there a good, free or inexpensive video editor that can do this job for different frame rates and export formats (e.g. for HD, for YouTube etc) ?
  29. ChrisSiuMusic

    Mixing Orchestral Music Live! My Personal Approach

    Hi friends! In the start of this new series, I'm so excited to take you through a live mixing demonstration of my newest piece 'Path to Freedom'. In this first part, we'll explore taking our tracks and organizing them in a simple and clean way. Please enjoy! Every subsequent part will be...
  30. ChrisSiuMusic

    Path to Freedom (Official Audio)

    A Disney-inspired orchestral piece to lift your spirits during this time of Covid-19. Enjoy!
  31. D

    Beethoven's 5th Symphony — MIDI Remake (Studio One 4)

    Hey forum! Hope you are having a great quarantine time. Working at least :) So i tried to recreate this piece i mentioned in title. Let me know your thoughts and of course, if you have any questions let me know. This is the full version of first movement of 5th Simphony. Project is huge so...
  32. 8Dio Productions

    8Dio Early Leap Year Sale 40% off all products.

    8Dio Early Leap Year Sale 40% Off All Products.
  33. Alfeus Aditya

    I rescore Avengers fight scene

    I am one of those who are amazed by the music of Tom and Jerry, and similar cartoons that don't have much dialogue and are only supported by very good background music. I tried to do this to one of the Avengers scenes. I cut and just took a scene without dialogue and then tried to make funny...
  34. TRKStudios

    "River of Life" - MIDI Demo

    Hope everyone is having a great new year!! I made a goal for myself to write more this year (outside of the work realm) and not let cues of mine just dust away in folders :) Been diving into the world of classical music a bit more and trying to let it inspire my writing.
  35. K


  36. Anevis

    Hello from Czech Republic!

    Hi, I'm Lukas (Anevis) from a very tiny village in South Bohemia, Czech Republic. I've been playing piano for about 10 years now and I've been wanting to learn to play guitar and drums for a while, but still didn't find the courage to do so yet I guess. Music has been my hobby since I was...
  37. ChrisSiuMusic

    Super Mario Odyssey Trailer (w/ Fanmade Music)

    This is something I've wanted to do for a while: place one of my Odyssey-inspired pieces over the trailer and see how it fits. Please enjoy :)
  38. TimBlastMusic

    Hello from working Composer and brand new Twitch Music Production Streamer

    Hi All!!!! My name is Tim Blast. I work as a music composer for Films, TV, Video Games, Trailers and Advertising. You can hear my music in "A Mermaid's Tale", "Five Piece", "Born Wild", "PawParazzi", "11 Days", "Remnants" and more on my website: I live in Los Angeles, CA and...
  39. Sarah De Carlo

    Back from the summer holidays ... New production: 'A Hero's Birth'

    The return from vacation was rather traumatic ... but our luck is to always find it where we left it: the music! Good listening, Sarah.
  40. L

    Hiii guys 👋

    So this is where the yellow brick road has led me... I am in my young 20’s, am lured in by the nostalgia that wafts from the memories of the roaring 20’s, Madagascar, ancient Egypt, and Tibetan mountains home to zen monasteries, I live in Colorado USA, I am fascinated with eastern culture and...
  41. Zioma

    Experienced Composer (over 800+ projects done)

    Hello everyone, My name is Iliya Ryakhovskiy and I am a full time music composer. Throughout the years I have completed 100's of compositions with over 800+ music related orders for clients from different countries around the world. If you are interested, come check out my website. There you...
  42. gh0stwrit3r

    Awakening - Orchestral Music / Original Composition

    Today I released 'Awakening'. An orchestral music track / original composition. Hope you enjoy it!
  43. Leslie Fuller

    Advice on Latin Music Kontakt Libraries (not Percussion).

    As posted in another thread here, I’ve gained much valuable information on Latin Percussion Kontakt Libraries for my current gig helping an Afro-Cuban / Latin Jazz Percussionist to record his music. As he is very adept on many hand percussion instruments, he wants virtual instruments which...
  44. ChrisSiuMusic

    Film Scoring For Beginners: Reviewed

    Hey composers! Today we're diving into my first course review - all about film scoring for the individual who wants to dip their toes into the field, and learn the best practices for navigating through this industry. Please enjoy! :) Check out the course here...
  45. Mads Skønberg

    Epic Music - Mads Skønberg - now on YouTube

    I now have a YouTube-channel. Here you can listen to my latest compostition on SoundCloud: And here is a YouTube-video - the theme is pollution of our planet...
  46. ThomasNL

    Building my own little studio, need some resources

    Hey guys, I finally got my own little room to make my music production studio, no more working in the living room! ;) I am trying to find information, guides and resources that can help me make it a good working place. The thing i find hard is that you can make it as crazy (and expensive) as...
  47. E

    Grand Guilds - Main Menu Theme

    Heya @everyone! Just wanted to share another of my tracks! This is another one from the Videogame gig I´m doing. -Grand Guilds is set in a Fantasy almost Victorian-Age (Pre-Steampunk) Land, the continent is on the brink of war between the 2 most important nations and a dark plot is stirring...
  48. Stu Lloyd

    OUT NOW! My first album - Impulsum

    Hi all, I'm excited to finally release my first album titled "Impulsum". A mix of orchestral and hybrid stuff I've been dwelling with over the years and can finally tick it off the bucket list. Would love to know what you think. You can check it out FREE on Youtube. Alternatively it's also on...
  49. ChrisSiuMusic

    How To Produce A POWERFUL Trailer Track

    Like trailer music with an acoustic touch? I think you'll enjoy today's video, in which we break down my recently released 'Forces Align', and talk about the production and arrangement that gives it a tight and powerful feel.
  50. K

    PolyExpression . com, a new community for Expressive Instruments/Controllers

    This is a new community for Expressive Instruments/Controllers I hope it’s ok to post this here, as I think its very relevant to vi-control. Me and some members of the Eigenharp community have put the effort into setting up this new forum. (in response to also Google+ will be shut down in...
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