music theory

  1. FilmScoringAcad

    Art, Craft, Business of Scoring - 40% OFF CyberMonday Only

  2. M

    Stumped for frenetic chord progression

    Right, so I'm composing for a fan video game project at the minute, which for the most part has been going well so far, but I've been asked to score a level that previously had no music. It has to be a minute-long loop of combat music that evokes massive frenetic tension and danger. The...
  3. Blackster

    [July 19] Free Webinar about Counterpoint

    Hi guys, recently I came across a poll on the Facebook group "Music Theory". The question was "What is the subject you don't know enough about" (or something very similar). Many members voted for Counterpart. For that reason, I'll give a free webinar about the "MITA Application of Counterpart"...
  4. L

    Orchestration: Where do I even start?

    I know the basics of music theory, i.e (reading notation, time signatures, etc). But I have never worked with an orchestral track before. To put it in context, I am an aspiring film composer. I want to learn how an orchestra works, but have no clue where to even begin. I have a hard time...
  5. Norman

    20th Century Harmony Course Starting December 1st -Available as Video

    I will be teaching a new course on 20th Century Harmony that will start December 1st. It will be based on Vincent Persichetti’s seminal book “Twentieth Century Harmony”. For those who are not aware of this book, it is an all encompassing treatise on harmonic procedures, specifically focusing on...
  6. AutoTonic

    AutoTonic Modal MIDI Transposer updated to v1.10

    AutoTonic Modal MIDI Transposer updated to v1.10 AutoTonic has just updated its AutoTonic - Modal MIDI Transposer, a scientific scales & chords realtime processor, to v1.10. The latest update includes now even more sophisticated routing options as well as a monophonic mode, a delay option for...
  7. AutoTonic

    AutoTonic - MIDI Scales & Chords App | Updated To v1.8

    AutoTonic has updated AutoTonic - Modal MIDI Transposer for Mac OS X and Windows to Version Fixes & UI Improvements Chord Memorizer (=Realtime Chord Switching when SCALE is locked) Input & Output Mute Keys (introducing Keyboard Splitting) with -->Keyboard Splitting now you can...
  8. D

    Interpretation/Creation of Moods in Film Music

    I'm currently working on my first feature film and I've noticed the director and I have somewhat differing interpretations of what mood any given piece of music communicates. So this obviously presents a problem when composing a cue. When he wants tragedy, I feel the piece I just wrote is tragic...
  9. sprout

    Plugin Auto-Analyzing Harmonic Functions Showing Roman Numerals & Figured Bass plus Score Notation

    I'm looking for a DAW plugin that can auto-analyze MIDI and perhaps audio then display the harmonic analysis in figured bass roman numerals. It should also display score notation. I'd like to avoid the messy process of importing to a proper notation program like Sibelius. I know that my Logic...