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    Help me choosing a DAW

    Hi, I hope this is the right subforum :) I'm looking for a DAW. I'm new to music production. I used CakeWalk 20+ years ago to enter all notes of classical piano pieces and make it sound "good" there (weird hobby...), but apart from that, I've barely touched a DAW since. I installed Cubase and...
  2. T

    CLOSED IZotope Music Production Suite 4.1

    Hello, I’m selling my iZotope Music Production Suite 4.1, for $140. They are great plugins with the ability to use AI to automatically help you find a starting point on your mix (Ozone, Nectar, Neutron, Neoverb). The remaining plugins contain presets that also help get you moving in a good...
  3. Soundiron Team

    Tobi Weiss on Mental Health, Video Games, Instagram Growth | Soundiron Podcast EP #49

    In this episode Nathan & Craig chat with Anne-Kathrin Dern - a German-born composer based in Los Angeles who creates educational resources for musicians. Enjoy this wide-ranging interview on career stepping stones, immigrating to the USA, growing on YouTube, the numbers game of rejection...
  4. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron Presents - The 25 Days of Composing Competition

    Learn More: To enter the 25 Days of Composing Competition: You must compose an original piece of music (between 1:00-2:00 minutes long) using ONLY the sounds from our free library Desk Bell (Click here to download for free now)...
  5. Al Maurice

    M1 Pro vs Max -- how much memory do I need for Apple Silicon?

    M1 Pro vs Max -- is there any conceivable difference in real world applications? I thought it would be interesting if we could share our experience in terms of ... Apple Silicon now uses unified memory, also many of the machines have higher bandwidth (200-400GB/s). With the efficiency cores...
  6. Time+Space

    ZYNAPTIQ MEGA DEAL! Save up to 60% on Adaptiverb, Wormhole, Morph 2 or the Design Bundle

    ⚡ZYNAPTIQ MEGA DEAL⚡ Save up to 60% on Zynaptiq Design Bundle, Adaptiverb, Morph 2 and Wormhole! Limited time only! SHOP NOW ➡
  7. Time+Space

    Welcome sonora cinematic to time+space

    Welcome Sonora Cinematic to the T+S store! If you're a Native Instruments Kontakt user creating cinematic, ambient or experimental music head on over and take a listen! Right now there's an intro 20% off PLUS spend £26/$30 and get Zero-G's huge Herz-OG synth for free! SHOP HERE
  8. luigizaccheo

    Sound design and MIDI programming on Dua Lipa "Don't Start Now"

    hi everyone, this is a new demo on our music production lessons at Saint Louis College of Music in Rome. Have a good listening.
  9. C

    Is it possible to solve ACPI.sys DPC latency issue on laptop for music production?

    Hi, my CPU will have numerous massive spike to the max most of the time in my DAW when I plug in to charge my laptop and this caused a lot (almost all the time) audio dropouts and pops. After intense research, with the help of LatencyMon, its the ACPI.sys driver that is causing the issue. From...
  10. E

    What basic settings to use for film & game music?

    Hello to all of you I have a bit of an odd question and I hope it doesn't sound dumb. I want to make music in a more professional way that can be used in smaller movie/game production. And I want to start out in the best way for that. In Cubase you can choose under the processing precision tab...
  11. philmcgowan

    Cobra Kai Season 3 Mixing Walkthrough

    Hey All, I mixed the score for Cobra Kai and did a video walkthrough of my mix of a big action cue from the last episode. Hope you all enjoy! -Phil
  12. Craig Peters

    2020 Studio Tour

    Hey All! I recently made a studio tour video talking about my recent (always evolving) home studio setup. I talk about my current guitar collection and some of the history of each and what I like/dislike about them, desk layout, midi controllers and more. Hope you enjoy and feel free to ask any...
  13. smaleski

    For Sale Ableton live 10 suite

    Ableton wasn't a good fit for me so I'd like to offer it to someone who can use it better. License Transfer - $450
  14. Soundiron Team

    Composing In The Style Of Danny Elfman (Soundiron Session)

    In this episode of Soundiron Session Craig Peters deconstructs his track titled "What Lurks Beyond The Grave" which was inspired by film composing legend Danny Elfman. Craig shows how he built the track from the ground up using various Soundiron virtual instruments like Hyperion Strings...
  15. N

    [Berlin] Native Instruments are hiring a Product Owner (f/m/x) for sampled instruments

    As the Product Owner for sampled instruments you will act as a Project/Product Manager and you will be responsible for Native Instruments’ KONTAKT based instruments portfolio. Driven by the needs of our customers you will be leading the instruments creation process from ideation to development...
  16. D

    Beethoven's 5th Symphony — MIDI Remake (Studio One 4)

    Hey forum! Hope you are having a great quarantine time. Working at least :) So i tried to recreate this piece i mentioned in title. Let me know your thoughts and of course, if you have any questions let me know. This is the full version of first movement of 5th Simphony. Project is huge so...
  17. TimBlastMusic

    Hello from working Composer and brand new Twitch Music Production Streamer

    Hi All!!!! My name is Tim Blast. I work as a music composer for Films, TV, Video Games, Trailers and Advertising. You can hear my music in "A Mermaid's Tale", "Five Piece", "Born Wild", "PawParazzi", "11 Days", "Remnants" and more on my website: I live in Los Angeles, CA and...
  18. Soundiron Team

    Building A PC For Music Production | Tips & Tricks

    In this video we talk about how to get started building your own PC for music production. We cover all the parts we chose, tips while building your PC, and things to keep in mind while deciding which parts to buy. We'd love to hear about your specs below!
  19. L

    [QUESTION] Which Orchestral Libraries are a must-have for film/game scoring?

    If you could choose only one per category, i.e (Solo Strings, would be separate from the orchestral range of string libraries). Which Libraries are a must-have and why? I am trying to build myself a collection of libraries that I would be able to compose almost any orchestral score with...
  20. Epicomposer

    Cinematic synthesis course by evenant (review)

    Today we’re taking a look at Evenant’s online course Cinematic Synthesis – Digital Sound Creation. This course, hosted by producer and Ableton-certified trainer Big Jerr, is focusing on the creation of cinematic synth sounds heard in soundtracks of recent blockbusters and TV series like Dunkirk...
  21. Time+Space

    24th August 2018 - This week's new music production news and offers

    Here's this week's round up of new releases and special offers from leading brands at Time+Space to help you make even better music! For more info about each one, click the links below or just visit our website at New Zero-G Future Wave New Big Fish Audio CIRCLES New Impact...
  22. David Hall

    A chair for days?

    So I wasn't sure if this was the right forum to put this thread. I'm struggling with lower back pains and as you all are well aware, we sit on our computers for hours and if you don't have a good chair you might end up with some sore back pains. Now I am not a chair connoisseur, so I would...
  23. Epicomposer

    Epic orchestral production walkthrough

    We recently had the chance to talk with German composer and producer Dirk Ehlert (trailer music for The Hunger Games, Destiny 2, Assassin's Creed Unity) on the creation of his first solo album ELEMENTS, published by Dos Brains, L.A. In the course of the interview, Dirk was kind enough to...
  24. ontracktuts

    [BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL] On our Music Production Courses

    Hi VI-Controllers, You all ready for Black Friday? Have you made up your wishlist? Well its just around the corner. We're running Black Friday specials on our music production courses. All these courses are $10 until the end of Black Friday. Grab them while you can and we look forward to seeing...
  25. ontracktuts

    Sound Design tutorial course on Creating Audio Logos

    Hi VI Control, We've put up a new course on our site on 'Sound Design - Creating Audio Logos'. If you interested please check it out. Since getting into music production and doing some work for companies and advertisement agencies, I got interested in what goes into creating unique audio logos...
  26. Walid F.

    Black Friday: Learn How To Make Soundtrack Music - Online Course

    ** A FULL 30% OFF! USE CODE BLACKFRIDAY DURING CHECKOUT ** Hi! Are you a beginner composer? Want to learn how to start composing, recording and mixing soundtrack music? I'm here to help you out! I've created an online music course where I'll Answer common questions like: How do you compose...
  27. Nathan Allen Pinard

    New Youtube Series where I Orchestrate using StaffPad/Studio One

    Hey everyone! So I decided, just to see how it would work, to post my sessions with writing music. In this case I'm writing for an OC Remix project and completely re-orchestrating a video game theme. I've always known about OC Remix and always wanted to do something like this. I have 6...
  28. Time+Space

    New - introducing the Time+Space Studio Cast

    Time+Space's Jon and Martin have been in the studio filming the first of our new video casts. In this premier episode they take a look at iZotope´s Vocal Synth, Eduardo Tarilonte´s KWAYA, Audiority's Shimmer Sky Omnisphere expansion and Synthogy´s incredible Ivory II Grand Pianos. The video...
  29. Time+Space

    Time+Space launch Easter savings spectacular

    Will you be taking advantage of the long Easter weekend to make some music? We've got a whole host of deals on sample libraries, virtual instruments and effects plugins to help you feel inspired and creative. We've pulled together offers on a range of cinematic sounds and tools, ideal for...
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