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  1. Time+Space

    Labour day sale and more! eastwest and presonus

    To celebrate Labour Day, Presonus and EastWest both have incredibly generous offers for a limited time... EASTWEST - Save up to 60% off EastWest's best-selling collections and automatically get their new OPUS Engine for free! What could be better than that? PRESONUS - Save up to 50% off all...
  2. Time+Space

    Last chance! exclusive up to 40% off sound yeti and expansions, only at time+space!

    🚨Last Chance🚨 Save an exclusive 40% on Sound Yeti Ambition and expansions! Tell your story with evolving textures, colourful rhythms and elemental keys! ENDS TOMORROW! Sound Yeti’s Ambition virtual instrument doubles as a sampler and a powerful, versatile synth for the free Kontakt Player...
  3. P

    Checking my music theory understanding, and where to go next.

    Very new to composition, beyond the odd mess around with a guitar and bar cords. Have been learning for 3 months or so. Wanting to first see if I am understanding things correctly and second to ask what else it would be useful for me to learn to, alongside the endless practising of what I have...
  4. B

    Benji filmer game/film composer

    Yo yo yo I’m doing some game music composing, here’s my demo if ya need a boy to do your music I got ya just hit me up with a DM: benjifilmer on twitter or Instagram my demo:
  5. S

    FS: Captain Plugins (Chords, Play, Deep, and Melody) (SOLD)

    Hey y'all! I'm currently selling my license for Captain Plugins at a great price of $50. Captain Plugins is an amazing assistant for music production whether you're a beginner or someone looking for inspiration in making music. For more info: Lmk if...
  6. L

    [QUESTION] Which Orchestral Libraries are a must-have for film/game scoring?

    If you could choose only one per category, i.e (Solo Strings, would be separate from the orchestral range of string libraries). Which Libraries are a must-have and why? I am trying to build myself a collection of libraries that I would be able to compose almost any orchestral score with...
  7. Le Malin 78

    Two new music composed for filmmaker showreels

    Hello everybody, I’m proud to present to you two new showreels of my friend Julien Patoue (Film Director) on which ones, i composed the music : One being based on a song written for the occasion (Wedding Song) on which Julien followed the rhythm of the song while giving indications of pace of...
  8. SamiMatar

    New All-Analog Synth Album

    Hello all! I'm happy to announce the release of my newest album, District 970. The album plays like a film score. Set in a distant future. It is the story of Noah, a child living in a city under siege. For those who care, the album was created exclusively with analog synths and mixed completely...
  9. JaikumarS

    Writing for TV Series in 2.1 or 5.1?

    Dear Composers for TV in the UK and the US, I would like to know whether you are writing in 2.1 or 5.1 for your ongoing / upcoming TV series in 2017-18? Thank you. - JS
  10. J

    Hello from Boston!

    Hello everyone. I want to start off by saying that I am really looking forward to being part of this forum. I like to learn new ways of approaching my craft. Along with new tech and music. My education background is in sound engineering, sound editing and foley work. I've also done some film...
  11. Jediwario1

    Raiders Bounty (original orchestral piece)

    Hi everyone, here's a short orchestral piece I recently wrote. With this piece I was wanting to create something upbeat that didn't rely on generic epic percussion or synth arpeggiators to maintain the rhythm/beat/pace. Sample libraries I'm using are: Cinematic Studio Strings, Cinebrass...
  12. Nathan Allen Pinard

    New Youtube Series where I Orchestrate using StaffPad/Studio One

    Hey everyone! So I decided, just to see how it would work, to post my sessions with writing music. In this case I'm writing for an OC Remix project and completely re-orchestrating a video game theme. I've always known about OC Remix and always wanted to do something like this. I have 6...
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