1. dfhagai

    SPitfire Studio Winds - Free expression maps & Track Presets!!!

    Hey Guys, Here's a link to download my super detailed Cubase Expression Maps & Track Prestes for all of the instruments in the Spitfire Studio Winds Bundle!!! I’ve been using Cubase for more then two decade. As a full time musician and a Steinberg Certified trainer for well over a decade, I...
  2. B

    Can anyone convert this small instrument script into a multiscript? its a midi latch

    Hi can this be converted from instrument script into multiscript? its a "midi latch" that works with chords. Actually its 2 scripts - not sure which one is best. {Advanced Latch by BigBob of VI-Control-Forum} on init set_script_title("Adv Latch") message("") declare $held_note_count...
  3. rigidaudio

    Can a multiscript receive midi data from instruments?

    Hi everyone, basically, the topic says it all. Is there a way to receive scripted CC or play_note events in a multiscript from any inserted Kontakt instrument? Thanks :-)
  4. geronimo

    Multiscript wallpaper ?

    Hi _ Is the line as in a KSP Instrument available ? set_control_par_str ($INST_WALLPAPER_ID,$CONTROL_PAR_PICTURE,"picture name") On an Apple machine, the file path is: HD / Library / Application Support / Native Instruments / Kontakt 5/ pictures I can be wrong but no image mounts with the...
  5. rigidaudio

    Kontakt 5 / multiscript / wallpaper switching? - SOLVED

    Hi everyone, i am currently struggling with 5 scripts and $INST_WALLPAPER_ID. From the manual it says that the last loaded wallpaper will be used. Now, when i use 5 scripts in my NKI and associate a wallpaper to each script - that of course doesn´t work. But how would i go about changing...