1. beyd770

    Most efficient way to organizing multi's within Capsule?

    Problem solved. Please delete post.
  2. M

    Question about Berlin Strings Multi

    Hi all, I'm just beginning to delve into Berlin Strings Main. Is it possible to create a multi that contains both long and short articulations? The multis seem to be divided into longs and shorts; I would love to be able to mix the two kinds of articulations into one instrument. Am I...
  3. E

    Expression Maps in Cubase

    Hi, I'm in the process of making expression maps for my libraries and I'm having trouble setting them up. I want one track that has kontact and an expression map that houses all available articulations for that instrument. A lot of my libraries come with multi patches but also the individual...

    Cubase Multi Core (XEON)

    Hey everyone, So looking to make the switch to Cubase Pro 8. Wondering what the multi core support is like? Stable / Issues / Core Limit Can Cubase support Xeon's of up to 24 Cores? What would the core limit be for DAW these days? As opposed to Graphic Intensive applications where the higher...
  5. tarantulis

    How to handle MIDI channels for multi-timbral solo instruments?

    I'm trying to set up an orchestral template. I've got VEP running on my slave computer but the MIDI channels are really confusing the hell out of me. The thing is, I can load a 16-output instance of VEP and have 16 instruments playing on separate MIDI channels no problem---but ONLY if these...
  6. Alesis

    Insts using load_array_str or save_array_str simultaneously in multi

    There seems to be a conflict when 3 or more patches in a multi try to save/load arrays at the same time using a key switch. They all use the same script, aside from a 2nd script with a back-end ui_menu, used to assign a couple unique PGS variables to each patch. (I wish there was something like...