1. Bluemount Score

    Room tone audio files?

    I'm searching for simple, long room tone recordings to lay under my orchestral tracks for quite moments. Nothing too fancy. Ideas where to find something like that? Thank you!
  2. A

    Music Hosting Site Suggestions?

    Hi, I'm an amateur composer/songwriter and would like to share my music (in the form of MP3 files) with a few close friends who have asked to hear it. I have no interest in selling the music or developing a fan base, however I would like to host the music online to make it easily accessible...
  3. M

    [Tutorial] Cubase - export multiple Formats at once

    Hi guys, I wrote a small script to make the Postprocessing function in Cubase's export dialog useful. Mainly for the reason that I was working on project were i needed to export MP3, WAV and OGG at the same time. Here is a screenshot: Thanks to DAWlabs for explaining the custom export...
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