1. Manaberry

    Struggling with mixing: New monitors or AI?

    Hi everyone. I've been struggling lately (more like for few months tbh) with my tracks, especially on the low/mid range frequencies. I still have to learn a lot on the EQ/Mastering side but... I have this feeling... argggg.. the feeling that my monitors are good, but not that good for what I'm...
  2. beyd770

    ELI5: Mixes in headset sounds great, in friends monitor sounds shit - why?

    I'm a beginner in both mixing and mastering, and this issue is apparent in all my mixes. I make something in my DAW, mixing it with my Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro cans, and then sending the mix to my friend for him to record guitars, bass etc. The first time I was visiting him, I was shocked about...
  3. D

    Adam A7X Monitor Honk

    Hi, I recently upgraded my interface to the Apollo Twin Mk2 and since then have noticed a real honky sound around E & F at E1/F1 and E2/F2 The resonant honky sound comes through on some tracks at E0/F0 too. I never noticed this with my old (Focusrite) interface. Is something wrong with the...
  4. Danny_Owen

    TV/Screen effect on audio monitors

    Hey guys, I've been thinking of ditch my screen monitor for a larger 4k tv. A few years ago I attached my 50 inch plasma screen and had it sitting between my Adam A7 monitors. The A7s were badly effected by this, presumably some electromagnetic interference. I was just wondering what size...
  5. A

    Need help selecting a monitor

    Hi Guys , Been using Studio one 3 from my 15" laptop so far and I really think its time for a change. I have the budget and space for a single display, and I'd appreciate your help making some choices here. I am considering two options: 1. A 24 inch display at 1920x1080 resolution 2. A 27...
  6. Epicurse

    Best Monitor for my DAW Studio One?

    Hey Controllers, I have done my research but I am still searching... lol Many use 3 monitors or TVs like Daniel James who I believe, uses a 30in TV in the middle for his cubase. Some use Wide 21:9 curve screens, some use 4K and some uses touch screens... Not an easy decision to make when all...
  7. C

    High-end wireless (maybe with NC) headphones?

    Is there such a thing? My job travels me a lot so I'm trying to go as much wireless as I can, so I was thinking about a good pair of really high-end wireless headphones. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated. What I'm looking for is this: - Great sound suitable for monitoring, -...
  8. utopia

    Amphion one18 for film work

    Hey guys, looking for your advice. I might have a good deal on amphion one18 and i'm considering upgrading from my focal solo 6. I've tested them earlier and found them more detailed and precise. My question is how any of you who own them think they fit for doing film music? Im a little...
  9. B

    Cubase Pro 9 Screen Resolution

    Hey all, I'm new here, but have found this forum very informative over the last couple of years. There is a lot of interesting information on here from all the dedicated users. Big ups! I recently decided to transition over to Cubase from Ableton Live. Everything is all up and running. For...
  10. NathanTiemeyer

    Upgrading to JBL Monitors- Should I upgrade Audio Interface as well?

    Hi all! For a while I've been mixing on my DT-770 headphones, but I believe it's time to step up my game and finally invest in some studio monitors, as well as some basic room treatment. I'm on a budget so I'm not going top tier, but, after some extensive research I've found the JBL LSR305's...
  11. RRBE Sound

    Upgrading Studio Monitors...?

    Hello everyone! I have been building my small studio set-up for 2 years now, (personally and material.. ;) ) and I have finally decided or come to sense that the Mackie CR4 Monitors I use now, are great, but not great enough. As I mix and master track, I am in the lucky position that my dad...
  12. Daniel Petras

    Subwoofer essentail or a good idea for mixing?

    Hi guys, So far I've been mixing everything on my laptop speakers and a $75.00 pair of headphones. A few weeks ago I got my first short film gig and am currently at the mixing stage. Luckily I'm at my parents house atm and checked my mix on the 5.1 system. To my surprise the low frequencies...
  13. Jdiggity1

    4 monitors in one ~ the future of multi-display setups??

    From CNET: Essentially a 43" 4k display that accepts 4 separate video inputs... Simultaneously They've got my attention.
  14. creativeforge

    End of an Era - JBL's Greg Timbers "escorted out..."

    QUOTING FROM Greg Timbers' own post on Audio Heritage Forum: End of an Era. 43 years with JBL is Over "I was unceremoniously separated from employment by Harman following a 90 second explanation. My position was eliminated! Following an explanation of benefits, I was escorted out. The timing...
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