1. H

    Cubase 11 - Open Mixer/Key Editor on the same monitor each time?

    Hi there, I've hit an issue in Cubase which is that I'd like my MixConsole and Key Editor windows to open in separate windows on specific monitors when I open them up. When I move them to another monitor, and then close them again, pressing the key command to open them up just opens them up on...
  2. H

    4K 32" monitor recommendations?

    Hi all - I'm currently working on a dual-screen setup (one AOC QHD 32" monitor as my main monitor, and a 27" ASUS off to one side.) I'd like to replace my main monitor with a new 4k 32" (or larger) monitor, and mount my current 32" monitor on a stand above it - both for easier viewing/less...
  3. M

    Control multiple monitor directly from Logic (and sonarworks only when listening)

    I found a way to get a sort of control room (like in cubase) (or fx monitoring in reaper) directly in Logic. I want share it here, for me it works, maybe this could be helpful from someone else. You need to have a multiple out audio interface (i used a fireface 800). 1) In Logic create a bus...
  4. J

    Experiences with 3 monitors for Macbook Pro 16

    Looking at a possible solution with 3 qhd / 4k monitors connected to Mac Pro 16. Anyone with experience with such a setup ? Which Thunderbolt and/or USB-C hub did you use ? (I would like to add at least one Thunderbolt 3 or USB-C hub) DisplayPort / HDMI / USB-C as preferred connection ...
  5. B

    Need Studio Monitors/Treatment help

    Hello, I am currently in need of finding out exactly what monitors I would need for my room. Currently, the room I'm using is 9x11 Feet. It has no treatment whatsoever, so it has the most high pitch, annoying reverb that makes anything annoying. I was looking into soundproofing in a...
  6. wuubb

    How to get rid of noise in USB interface

    I recently redid my setup with a new laptop and monitor and started getting noise through my interface. This is my setup: I went through and plugged in items alone 1 by 1 until the noise happened. The culprits were the monitor, and the Yamaha keyboard. Both the keyboard and the interface have...
  7. paulmatthew

    Good Display Options For A Mac Pro 2013 Trashcan?

    I've just purchased a used 2013 Mac Pro and I am trying to figure out what would be the best option to go with . A HD LED TV or 4K TV , a Thunderbolt display or an actual monitor? I'm thinking 33" or under for screen size . There's a lot of choices and this will be used strictly for music and...
  8. N.Caffrey

    Is 50 Hz ok for 2nd tv monitor?

    I'm planning to add very soon a 2nd tv monitor, which will mainly be for watching film/shows I'm working on while composing to picture. Will 50 Hz be ok or lag somehow? No mouse or scrolling will be involved, just the picture playing in Logic Pro. Cheers
  9. jmauz

    FOR SALE: VESA Compliant Dual Monitor Desk Mount

    For sale: VESA Compliant Dual Monitor Desk Mount. Heavy duty, easily adjustable, cable clips. I had a 30" and a 24" mounted to this unit with no problems. It's in excellent condition. Unlike cheapo units this thing is built very well and has a large hand screw to tighten the clamp attachment...
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