1. Cory Pelizzari

    Library Spotlight - Psaltered Zither

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  2. Cory Pelizzari

    Library Spotlight - The Lowdown

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  3. Cory Pelizzari

    Library Spotlight - Timphonia

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  4. David Donaldson

    A Psaltered Zither By MODWHEEL Released with Intro special

    I'm sure you've all been wondering "Where's MODWHEEL, what have they been up to lately, they've been very quiet?" Well we've been heads down, with the most wondrous metallic tones ringing in our ears...and it's time to spread that wondrous ringing far and wide. Today we are launching the A...
  5. Cory Pelizzari

    That Percussion Library - Perc+

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  6. David Donaldson

    ***Bass Banjo By MODWHEEL Released With Intro Deal***

    The Bass Banjo plus Bang-On Sidekick DrumChum and Banjelis synths!! Yes, now everyone can enjoy the great sound of Bass Banjo. Some history. Back in the mid eighties, when we were struggling musicians with plenty of time on our hands, a band mate and I made a bass banjo for use in our outdoor...
  7. yannistzav

    Control CC1 Modwheel via Slider and vice verca

    Hi guys! I have modwheel to control crossfades between groups. I want to be able to control the modwheel through a slider in the interface. I also the slider to move when modwheel moves. The easy part for the modwheel to move the slider is via right click on the slider -> learn midi cc#...
  8. reutunes

    Modwheel : Waveskimmer - The Samplecast Big Review

    Big Review section of The Samplecast show 66 - Modwheel : Waveskimmer More information on Waveskimmer ► The Samplecast YouTube show ►
  9. reutunes

    I'm so tired of all this...

    Zzzzzz... I'm basically asleep thanks to working on a huge number of projects over the last few days, but it was great to take a "break" and put this week's Samplecast together. It's another packed show with some big releases from Sonokinetic, Spitfire, Output and UVI. Despite trying out all...
  10. David Donaldson

    ***WaveSkimmer by MODWHEEL released with intro deal***

    MODWHEEL (in association with ShapedNoise) have finally finished the WaveSkimmer pulse machine. Kirke from ShapedNoise had a brilliant, germ of an idea, and it's only taken about a year of agonising by all of us to bring it to fruition. It's had a lot of minds on it, this one, some sharp and...
  11. David Donaldson

    The Rubber Band Box By MODWHEEL- Free for a short time

    Until the end of November MODWHEEL are giving away The Rubber Band Box. Another in the line of strange, one off instruments (the real and the virtual) made by the team at MODWHEEL. The Rubber Band Box is a 4 string cigar box with a pick up, that has been laid out chromatically for the virtual...
  12. michaelamlacher

    Spitfire Symphonic Dynamics

    Hey there, I was wondering if someone of you fellow composers already tried to find out how the dynamic range on the Spitfire Symphonic Libraries (Strings, Brass, Winds) are laid out on the modwheel. I am currently going through Visual Orchestration 2 which is a great source of information and...
  13. David Donaldson

    MODWEEL releases The Lowdown V2 - all things Double Bass

    Back in 2014 MODWHEEL released The Lowdown, our unique take on a double bass virtual instrument sample library for Kontakt. It was our first release and it's still our most popular, so a few months ago we decided it was time for a serious overhaul. It deserved it. After feedback from users and...
  14. David Donaldson

    MODWHEEL Releases Mystichord......It's out there

    Looks a bit like a vintage organ, sounds like something from another sphere. 21 Patches (plus 215 snapshots) of mind blending transcendence from alphaville to dreamville exploring the furthest dimensions of inner and outer space. Only $US29 Watch this tutorial and all will be revealed.
  15. David Donaldson

    New Release-Timphonia by MODWHEEL (At Intro Price US$49)

    It's taken us a while but we reckon well worth the wait Timphonia By MODWHEEL All things Timpani. Hits, flams, ruffs and rolls with mallet and sticks. Brushes, bowed cymbals with Timpani pedal bends, shell and body hits, Phrases (free time and BPM'd) loops, programmed patterns, ball bounces...
  16. David Donaldson

    Last Chance To Get MODWHEEL'S (Updated)"Worldly Goods" For Free

    For a fair while now MODWHEEL has been offering a percussion freebie called Worldly Goods. It's part of our "Creative Differences" percussion series. We've just updated it so if you already have it we suggest you download it again as we have added a few more patches and been fine tuning and...
  17. David Donaldson

    MODWHEEL's "Creative Differences" series of drum and perc review

    A great review of 3 of MODWHEEL's"Creative Differences" drum and percussion releases ( we are still working on the 4th in the series Timpani and Kettle Drum) And in case you missed it here is us road testing a bunch of...
  18. David Donaldson

    MODWHEEL HAS 30% discount on all its Libraries

    Yes it's the season of giving and in the spirit of the season of giving MODWHEEL is giving a seasonal discount on any library from its rich and varied catalogue. Yes that's right we're giving a 30% discount on all our libraries while in season……..just enter the code "MerryChristmas" at checkout...
  19. David Donaldson

    MODWHEEL releases Angklung - The Bamboozler

    MODWHEEL have just released Angklung - The Bamboozler. The Bamboozler is going out at an incredible introductory price of only US$15.00 This is the 3rd release in their Creative Differences series of drum and percussion libraries, after HUMDRUM (calfskin drum set) and The Bends (metal meets...