modern scoring strings

  1. R

    Audiobro MSS experience reports

    Very first impressions and tips: tl;dr - It sounds great, but I haven't seen a lib ruin its sound out of the box so badly since... MSB :( Lots of the default settings may trip you up. Things that can ruin the sound (IMO): Auto-divisi keeps the legato from working as expected - they tell you...
  2. amadeus1

    Modern Scoring Strings EXPANDED LEGATO by Audiobro

    Hi guys, Here's what the Legato Sul Tasto, Sul Point, and Sordino in the expanded library sound like. Best, Bill
  3. ag75

    Audiobro Modern Scoring Strings

    Well this is exciting. has now been released. Follow discussions starting on page 116 of this thread: Great live stream showing off the sound of the library...
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