1. Loïc D

    Il Magnifico (tribute to Ennio Morricone)

    Ragazze i ragazzi, Here's my personal hommage to the great maestro Ennio Morricone. He was hugely influencial to me, and the first music I can remember in my life (3 years old). Of course, it borrows everything from his style, arranging, creativity and a lot of this 60's-70's Cineccità sound...
  2. Stu Lloyd

    Dragonheart Theme with Sample Libraries

    Yo! A lot of my libraries sit there waiting for my attention, so I'd thought I'd give them some. I applied them to the Dragonheart theme, hope ya's enjoy the nostalgia! Libraries used: NOVO Essentials (to thicken the strings) Jaeger Symphony Series Strings (for con sordino) Symphony Series...
  3. B

    Odd number tuplets in Logic?

    Does anyone have suggestions on the most efficient way to create MIDI note runs with odd number tuplets? e.g. 5, 7, 9, 11 notes per beat? Thank you in advance!
  4. Evan R

    Orchestrating for the Studio [Video Walkthrough]

    Hi all! I'm a professional orchestrator working from London UK and though it would be cool to share a video breaking down the process of going from mockup to score to studio session in Budapest: There are also some extra long in-depth videos where I do a fly-on-the-wall video of the entire...
  5. him4nshug4ur

    "SWAM" Ultimate Test - Harry Potter, John Williams (Hagrid's Friendly Bird) Mockup.

    The responsiveness of SWAM AUDIO is just phenomenal. I wanted to do a demo that showcased that exactly. The moment I heard the SWAM Flute, I couldn't help but think about this piece. "Hagrid's friendly bird" from Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban, Composed by "John Williams". However, I...
  6. ChrisSiuMusic

    3 Important Tips to Mix a Live Instrument into an Orchestral Mockup (ft. Tina Guo)

    Hi friends! In today's video, let's answer a widely asked question: How do you go about mixing live instruments in with an orchestral mockup? Let's discuss 3 considerations, and I hope you'll find these useful and practical for your own workflow. Please enjoy! In case you'd like to hear the...
  7. Aleela

    Which library for... this mockup...

    In your opinion, if I wanted to make a mockup of a piece from the soundtracks of "Dinosaur" by James Newton Howard, "Avatar" by James Horner, or any other soundtrack with a feeling of African rhythms, which libraries would you recommend? Thanks in advance!
  8. Nite Sun

    An orchestration and mockup of Henri Dutilleux's 'Sur un même accord'

    Hi everyone! Just sharing something that i've been working on during this quarantine/lockdown period. I've been completely in love with music of Henri Dutilleux for a couple of years now and I've been wanting to do an orchestration of one of his Piano Preludes for ages, as an exercise to...
  9. I

    [MOCKUP] TSFH Stronger, Faster, Braver

    It's far from perfect, but don't hesitate to critique, I want to know. Mocked just the end, the last 1.5 mins, I really like that part. Wanted to see how to recreate it myself. The original starting from 3:14 Some stuff I realized in the process: You can't produce this on headphones...
  10. Paul Ameller

    Batman The Dark Knight Orchestral Mock up

    Hi Guys, I've recently did a mock up of "A Watchful Guardian" from Batman The Dark Knight. Tell me what you think! I did it on Cubase 10.5 I've mainly used Spitfire for the short strings and CSS for the long strings. The Brass are a medley of Berlin Brass, JXL Brass and Trailer Brass (For the...
  11. V

    Vivaldi - Summer - Presto --- Vienna Special Edition VOL 1 and 1 PLUS

    Hi everyone A mockup for this well-known piece. Software I have used: Cubase - Especial Edition VOL 1 & 1 PLUS - Vienna instrument Pro - Virtualsoundstage - Valhalla room reverb I accompanied it with a video to make it more enjoyable. Feedback, criticism and opinions are welcome Greetings
  12. Loïc D

    Order 66 - Time Micro only

    Hi there ! Here's a new cue I made over the last weeks on my rare spare time. This time, my personal challenge was to use only 1 library : Orchestral Tools Time Micro. Oh yeah, that's a gooood one ! No effects were used in the process, only the mic positions. Only a bit of mastering...
  13. Loïc D

    Ministry Of Magic - Advices & spells welcome

    Hi guys, Here's a new tune that took me some efforts to achieve and is a first try with my updated template. The inspiration is quite obvious. Any advice on writing, arranging, mixing, mastering, etc. will be rewarded with Bertie Bott's beans. It's nothing ambitious or serious or...
  14. Karma

    SSO Mockup - "Leaving Hogwarts" from Harry Potter

    Hello everyone, you may (or most likely may not) remember that last year I did a mockup of Williams' "Dartmoor, 1912" from War Horse. I recently decided to take a shot at another and this time went for one of my favourite cues from the first Harry Potter film. I had a lot of fun with this one...
  15. R

    Media Composer looking for work.

    Hello. My name is Robert Paul Hirsh.I am a composer,producer and arranger with extended experience in music industry.I am offering my services as composer,assistant composer and/or arranging ,paid gigs,only(no internship or volunteer).I am also open to relocate if the payment is adequate.I am...
  16. Sate_music

    Rey's Theme - Mockup (1st minute)

    This is my mockup of the first minute of Rey's Theme. Usually I use virtual orchestra instruments only for my own compositions, so this is my first mockup. Cinematic Studio Strings, Cinematic studio Brasses, Orchestral Tools Woodwinds and Percusion, Master Solo Woodwinds.
  17. silverling_co

    Hello from PA

    Hello everyone! I'm a new user from Pennsylvania. I am a composer (orchestral and band music mostly) and I also do a lot with MIDI mock-ups. I'm excited to get on here a little--I've been lurking a long time! Best! Cody
  18. S

    Pushing EW Symphonic Choirs to the Max

    This is a cue from a short I scored. The director had a very specific vision but no budget for real singers, so I bought this library and programmed all the words in. I would love to know what an experienced ear thinks of the realism- any "tells" that make it obvious it was not a live choir...
  19. beyd770

    Wandering - Orchestral Projects:

    Here is my recent composition, which is my first finished track (!). I started the process by finding motifs, harmony and countervoices with a pianosketch. The tempo has later been adjusted, and all themes have been re-recorded to match the individual instruments used in the mockup. Libraries...
  20. Kyle Preston

    Lord of the Rings | Rivendell Midi Mockup | Howard Shore

    Howard Shore has been an intimidating musical presence in my life. I’ve always loved his work and transcribing it has been a tremendous joy. I can’t encourage you enough to spend the time transcribing the music you love. You’ll discover how your champions think. And it'll enrich your...

    Could someone help me to analyze this and could you mockup this?

    Hi, listen to this: I need to understand the choir part 00:30 - 00:44 and the part 01:01 - 01:18. I mean, I know the chords (C minor - C major and C minor - Ab minor) but I don't understand the length (the timings) of this parts (the choir feels organic because doesn't last the same time on...
  22. Serg Halen

    Two Steps From Hell - Bravestone (Mockup)

    Hey guys! This is my 1st thread on the V.I. and i think i should post my mockup of this incredible track. Maybe you have some comments, or thoughts. Thanks for listening.
  23. beyd770

    Iconica Opus - Sascha Knorr mockup and walkthrough

    Composer Sascha Knorr provides an in-depth insight into producing a demo track for Iconica Opus. Sascha describes the process of composition and MIDI programming with Iconica’s instruments, articulations and different microphone positions to show the quality and realism that can be achieved...
  24. beyd770

    The Last Guardian (PS4) - "Forest" - Berlin Strings Mockup

    After finally taking everyones advice about transcribing more, I mocked up this version of Furukawas wonderful little piece. He has kindly provided scores for several of his compositions on his website: Takeshi Furukawa Berlin Orchestra + Garritan CFX Lite Piano, Pianoteq Clavichord, VSS3...
  25. Illico

    Transcribed : Thomas Newman - Shawshank Redemption

    This is my mockup of the introduction's theme from Shawshank Redemption film. A music from one of my favorite composers, Thomas Newman. I used EWQL Symphonic Orchestra and 8Dio Adagietto layering for strings. EWQLSO and Organic Samples for Horns. From soundtrack:
  26. victorkws

    Spitfire Strings Comparison (Spitfire Studio Strings)

    Hi all, I just bought Spitfire Studio Strings not long ago, and I thought it would be great to do a quick comparison with the other Spitfire Strings libraries. :) Legatos Shorts
  27. R

    Sample Free Mockup of The Planets -Mercury by Gustav Holst

    Here's my mockup of Gustav Holst's Mercury from the Planets. This was commissioned by Audio Modeling. I've also made a video on my process (Making Mercury) for creating large instrumental sections with modeled instruments. That's on Audio Modeling's Youtube channel.
  28. K

    Found a gem in the old east west symphonic orchestra

    I've had the composer cloud for probably about a year now and I still find new things every day. Today I found out that the symphonic orchestra includes some Wagner Tuba patches! Very cool! One of my favorite auxiliary instruments. It seems to blend pretty well with the newer hollywood orchestra...
  29. M

    Lord Of the Rings - The Prophecy MIDI Mockup

    Hi Everyone. I did a MIDI Mockup of this wonderful track from Lord of the Rings. Would love to know your feedback on the same. This is my first upload on the Forum. Looking forward to much more.
  30. cliffordmartin

    Labs Frozen Strings Composition

    Frozen Strings Spitfire LABS Mock Up [Also using the Free Labs Piano]
  31. victorkws

    John Adams - The Chairman Dances Mockup

    The very first John Adams' composition I have been introduced was "The Chairman Dances". I felt in love instantly, it was so rich in texture and I also like the fact that the music has a very strong allusion to the swooning romanticism of Hollywood. This is a very fun piece to sequence as there...
  32. victorkws

    Ralph Vaughan Williams - Symphony No. 5 in D major Mockup

    I love doing mockups for studying purposes. I thought it would be interesting to see how these masterpieces would look like in piano roll. Here's Vaughan Williams' Symphony No. 5 in D Major, 3rd Movement, "Romanza". It has the most achingly beautiful harmonies and longing melodies, probably one...
  33. Vartio

    Stage Magic - Pretty whimsy animation syle thingy

    Hey there, Just finished this little ditty that took like way too long to program... Workflow consisted of sketching the whole thing out on symphobia with as little effort as possible and focusing on working out all the motific stuff and development and hit points and whatever. And then going...
  34. JuanSebastianBach

    John Williams' Lost World Theme Mockup

    Hi all! Wanted to share this simple mockup I recently uploaded. I used VSL (All standard except strings) with MIR Pro (Vienna konzerthaus). Cheers!
  35. ashtongleckman

    The Result of my HZ Mockup Journey (So Far)

    Hi all, I just finished putting together a suite of music that over the past year I've arranged and programmed, from scores such as Interstellar, the Last Samurai, Inception, and more. It's been a huge passion project, and I've learned tons along the way. I'd love to know what you think. :)...
  36. Bernard Duc

    Strings ultimate challenge: Mahler 5th Adagietto

    After the success of my LOTR mockup, and since I have too little work and too much time since I move back to Switzerland, I decided to tackle a new piece. I asked for suggestions and received quite a few... but finally I decided to go for what I consider the ultimate challenge for string writing...
  37. Bernard Duc

    Template test: LOTR Lightning of the Beacons / VSTi mockup.

    I'm sorry if this is in the wrong forum, feel free to movie it. After moving back from the US where I was studying, I spent the past few weeks setting up my workstation and creating a new template in Reaper. I decided to do this mockup of "The Lightning of the Beacons" form the LOTR soundtrack...
  38. Loïc D

    Singapore, 7PM (Contemplative / Orchestral)

    Hi guys, here's my last piece. It took me months to achieve both because I have very little time for music and also I had to tame new libraries (OT 1st chair) and did LOTS of tries with libs. It's inspired by a stay in Singapore some years ago (my wife was working there by then). Maybe it can...
  39. beyd770

    Recreation of "From past to present" Jeremy Soule - Skyrim Soundtrack

    Hey guys! Just made a short walkthrough of my most recent mockup of one of my favourite tracks from the Skyrim-soundtrack. I'm a _real_ beginner when it comes to making viritual orchestra, so I would really like your feedback to help me improve and expand both my writing- and mixing-skills...
  40. K

    The Asteroid Field - Mockup

    Hey all, Long time lurker, first time poster. I've recently completed an orchestral mockup of The Asteroid Field (Concert Version) by John Williams from The Empire Strikes Back and would like to share it with you all. I'd love any feedback you might have on the performance/mix/mastering; I'm a...
  41. tarantulis

    Orchestrator needed

    I'm looking for an orchestrator to convert a MIDI mockup into a readable score. The piece is roughly 7.5 minutes in length. No actual orchestration needed, I just need a score. Timetable is flexible. PM me for details. -Dave
  42. Grim_Universe

    Star Wars Main Title with Sample Modeling and Adventure Brass

    At last I had time to experiment a bit and to test all my latest thoughts about the virtual orchestra. So, after Cinematic Studio released their solo strings, this library became a necessary addition to the main library. I tested it a bit and liked result a lot. And then I thought: "Ok, now we...
  43. Jdiggity1

    Dragon Race - HTTYD2 (Hollywood Orchestra Gold)

    I don't know about you lot, but I think it's about time we kicked the Star Wars opener out of top-spot for mockup testing, so here is yet another attempt at mocking up a cue from the How To Train Your Dragon series. This was made exclusively with East West Composer Cloud, and the stock Cubase...
  44. N

    Working fast / efficiently

    Any general tips or suggestions on strategies to compose / produce both more quickly / more efficiently?
  45. 9

    Virtual Instruments...Life beyond the Mockup

    Hello out there. I recently decided to join after discovering this forum while searching Google for reviews of virtual instruments a while back. There's a lot of knowledge and experience here that I know I don't have. So, respectfully, I want to get perspectives from the community and...
  46. N

    Walt Disney logo mock up

    Hey guys! I know it's been a while, but I did another mock up. Please check it out and comment. Thank you! Walt Disney logo mock up (1990-2006)
  47. beyd770

    First attempt at happy cinematic music - Albion ONE

    Hey guys! Norwegian noob trying to get some overview on orchestral mockups and writing with samples. I have never studied music, and I can not read from sheets, so I can only rely on my ear and what I can hear inside my head :) This is my first template, and my first "real" composition. If...
  48. Iskra

    Mixing experts... would you be so kind to give some brutal feedback?-Revised version added

    Hi all! I took some free time this past weekend to make a mockup of one of my favorites scores: Back to the future by Alan Silvestri. Love this since I saw the movie when I was a kid, and made the mockup mainly to learn about that 80s orchestration techniques (very similar to those of JW of the...
  49. K

    Creation - Holly music composition

    This is my new track check it out here:
  50. DavidL

    Star Wars Force Awakens - Rey's Theme Mockup

    Hey everyone, this was my first time doing something of this scale, so just wanted to share it with y'all and get your thoughts. Arsenal: EW Hollywood Orchestra Gold, ProjectSAM Concert Harp, and Ravenscroft 275 in Cubase 7.5. Hope you enjoy it!