1. 9

    Recording With Effects Processing

    I know nothing about mixing and am trying to find resources to teach me how to record better and finally learn how to start mixing tracks. But I have a general question. Most VST synth patches are enhanced with internal effects built into the synth that give the patches their...
  2. Billy Palmer

    To Kill The King

    Hi, Relatively new to orchestral mixing - would love some ideas on how I can improve my production! Wrote this with Cinematic Strings 2, Ark 1 and a bunch of freebies. Here's a temporary link to the wav: https://we.tl/t-bETJuRFcVp EDIT: Final version...
  3. Akarin

    Setting volumes balance with pink noise for orchestral music?

    I'm having a hard time achieving a proper balance before mixing my hybrid orchestral tracks. Mostly volumes balancing. I've read and watched some tutorials about getting the right levels using the pink noise trick (here's an explanation about that). After trying it on some tracks, I got a much...
  4. Akarin

    Looking for mixing/mastering feedback

    Hey all. Not sure if this is the right place to post but it didn't seem to fit the "members composition" forum. I've made a short 20 secs track to practice mixing and mastering. I'm quite new to this. Could you please give me some feedback on the sound (not the composition, it took me...
  5. Shad0wLandsUK

    WTB: Studio Headphones for Tracking Orch and Home Mixing

    Hey there, I think this may even be my first ever post on the forum :) I am in the market for a new pair of over-ear headphones I have been recommended open-back for mixing also, with them being used for night-time production at home I am looking at Beyer Dynamic DT700/880/990 Pro headphones...
  6. S.M Hassani

    SOLD: TDR Kotelnikov GE an excellent master compressor.

    Hi, SOLD Tokyo Dawn Labs Kotelnikov GE - License transfer is immediate after payment is received. No transfer fees required. TIP: You can resell my TDR license anytime you want. This is better than buying retail from TDR or dealers, as you're not allowed to sell those until 6 months has...
  7. Andrew Goodwin

    How to setup Dual Mono for plugins in Cubase?

    Hi, Can anyone confirm that this method in Cubase PRO 9.5 is exactly that same as the way Protools is simply automatically doing it? I recently watched the waves Alan Meyerson video and he mentioned running the Kramer Master Tape in Multimono on a group/buss channel in Protools. I read, when...
  8. Kubler

    A matter of double bass.

    I'm wondering. Do you guys, in the context of an orchestral piece, mix double basses at their usual place on the stage (aka, right / hard right) or do you prefer to center them ? I usually go for the right panning because I'm kind of a traditionalist-psychorigid type of dude when it comes to...
  9. Craig Peters

    Soundiron Session - Writing A Hybrid Orchestral Track

    Hey guys! Since we're having our Summer Kontakt Player 30% Off Sale, I thought it would be cool to show some of our libraries in action! So this is the track I wrote for the Summer Sale promo. It uses a bunch of the libraries that are on sale right now. I was going for sort of a hybrid...
  10. Fab

    AM Mixing tips 1hr with waves (Link)

    good stuff, doesn't matter if you have the waves stuff or not, ideas transfer over pretty well, although much of the ideas are already discussed elsewhere, this was good condensed learning.
  11. Joël Dollié

    Mixing Modern Orchestral Music | Ebook for sample library composers

    Hello everyone, My name is Joël and i'm a mixing and mastering engineer who specializes in mixing modern orchestral film/trailer music (as well as classical). I want to tell you about my E-book, which was just released yesterday. The reason i decided to write an E-book about mixing modern...
  12. aaronventure

    Orchestral Mixing: Spitfire (a live mixing course)

    Hey everyone! I'd like to announce the release of my "Orchestral Mixing: Spitfire" video course. So you have your Spitfire Audio libraries and they sound great, you're just missing that expressive solo trumpet, prefer a different horn patch or you recorded one or more players in a smaller, dry...
  13. AoA

    Importing an uncompressed audio file into Vegas Pro

    Hi, I recently composed a song and rendered it to a .wav-file. Once I open this file I hear maximum volume, but if I import this file into Vegas Pro or Audacity I'm forced to lower the volume in order to avoid clipping. Why is that? Isn't it possible to just keep the quality as though I'd just...
  14. Anami

    Reference tracks for mixing film/media music

    Hi all, Curious which reference tracks you guys (media/film composers) use when mixing your own work. I know these threads do exist in forums like Sound on Sound and Gearslutz, but it's less spoken about in orchestral or other soundtrack genres. I really liked the mixing and recording of...
  15. A

    John Carpenter style production

    Hi all, I thought it would be interesting to do something in the same vein as John Carpenter and Alan Howarth with original hardware: Sequential Circuits Pro-One and Oberheim DX. I've then made a longer walkthrough of the production, sound designing, mixing and mastering in Cubase for those...
  16. ChrisSiuMusic

    Mixing Audio vs. MIDI

    This is my take on the subject.
  17. 1

    Anyone using ASC - Acoustic Science Corporation? (Acoustic treatment company)

    Hey everyone! :D Like the title says, is there anyone using ASC - Acoustic Science Corporation to treat their mixing rooms? Have not heard a single bad review of their stuff so far, but would like to know more opinions. The prices are pretty steep and I'm wondering if it's overpriced or if it's...
  18. David Hall

    A chair for days?

    So I wasn't sure if this was the right forum to put this thread. I'm struggling with lower back pains and as you all are well aware, we sit on our computers for hours and if you don't have a good chair you might end up with some sore back pains. Now I am not a chair connoisseur, so I would...
  19. Pierre

    Out now: BOOM Library’s next sound design plug-in: Enforcer

    Hey guys, we're gladly introducing our next audio plug-in: Enforcer Enforcer adds punch & a powerful body to your samples. You can beef up sounds or add only a hint of weight. You can use it as a kick-drum synth, exchange existing kick drum tails and tune them easily using semitones or you can...
  20. hozierschurch

    Volume Workflow Advice

    I’m creating Orchestral Hybrid music mainly using VSTs but concerned my methods re: volume might be way off piste! Typically staring with faders at -6db. If a vst is too quiet / loud in relation to others I’m using input gain / trim to level it out. After that I’m dealing with volume ‘on the...
  21. J

    Mix with the Masters - Namm LIvestream

    For those of us not cool enough to attend - there's a Mix with the Masters livestream going for the next 4 days. Schedule: THURSDAY 25 11AM SYLVIA MASSY 12PM SHAWN MURPHY 2PM EDDIE KRAMER 3PM JACK JOSEPH PUIG 4PM JOE CHICCARELLI FRIDAY 26 10 AM ANDREW SCHEPS 11 AM JACQUIRE KING 12...
  22. dtonthept

    "Big" Pro Tools templates?

    Is anyone here running a large template in Pro Tools for composing and mixing? That is to say, in addition to instruments and midi, do you have a fair amount of processing, plugins, bussing, etc going on? I'm guessing VEP is essential to making this happen. I'm just wondering if, through your...
  23. John Busby

    Be Thou My Vision - instrumental

    Interested to hear any thoughts on this - mix, arrangement, recording etc. I'm still very much a rookie. Live violin live acoustic Una Corda Tina Guo Albion One & Una Corda stuff for ambience + reverbs and reversed reverb tails
  24. Gordon_hiphoplp

    Setting up 5.1 surround

    Hi, I have been working on stereo so Far, but now I feel that I should consider upgrading to 5.1, I work for television Primarily and In India, 5.1 is still not used much in TV commercials or programs, but I still want to do it, Need advise on setting up budget 5.1 surround system from you guys...
  25. N

    Do you process VIs within Kontakt (or VEP) or in the Daw?

    I was curious how some of you other guys like to do this. Say for example if you have 3 or four Damage patches (or some other drum library or something similar) loaded up, would you assign auxes for each of them into Logic / Cubase etc so you could process them from the DAW? Or would you use...
  26. M

    Beyerdynamic DT 880 Pro & Sonarworks ?

    Hi, I only start to learn mixing and am definitely a newbie in using the Sonarworks Reference tool. I just installed the soft version 4. I use the DT880Pro average preset (I plan to send them my headphones for a more precise calibration at the end of my trial period). I also use monitors but my...
  27. James Marshall

    Eventide EQuivocate giveaway

    I just saw this tempting offer. Has anyone here got experience of the plugin? The only thing putting me off is having yet another EQ that I'll never use, as FF Pro-Q2 and Neutron seem to cover me for most things. If it's half decent I'll grab it while it's free, and maybe you should too!
  28. Kubler

    Instruments spatialization – What and where ?

    Hi everyone, I was wondering how you handle the spatialization of your instruments within an orchestral mix—not talking about the reverb or the ERs, just the panning. The traditional symphonic chart is a must-be for me at some extent, but there is some point where it's just not enough, or not...
  29. karelpsota

    Sound Design Tutorial - How To Whoosh Hit

    Some friends were curious about the sound design process on the INSTINCT library. Hence, I decided to do a little tutorial. All the raw sounds were recorded in Detroit. The sub hit was synthesized with Serum in another session. Let me know if you like the format. (I'm experimenting with the...
  30. P

    Seeking mix&mastering artist

    Hi I've started writing for trailer music purposes. I always have had mixed and mastered my own music (outside the real of orchestral music), but for this sole purpose, I believe the tracks must live up to an standard, quality wise, in order to be accepted. Therefore, I don't want to risk it...
  31. V

    Mixing Different String Libraries

    Hello there, I was recently watching some videos by Junkie XL where he discusses the score he made for The Dark Tower. And in it, he mentions how he mixes Berlin Strings with Hollywood Strings because the tightness of the Berlin Strings mixes well with the openness of the Hollywood Strings. I'd...
  32. Time+Space

    Up to 70% off iZotope Mixing and Mastering Tools

    iZotope is renowned for delivering the finest tools for audio production and its software for mixing and mastering is no exception. This month, prepare your studio for the Autumn with big savings on the following award winning plug-ins... Ozone 7 Mastering Suite: Save 20% on the Standard and...
  33. arpegiah

    Looking for mixing and mastering engineer for trailer tracks

    I have hard time finding a good engineer to mix and master some of my trailer tracks that i wrote. Most of them are combination of midi and live instruments. Do you have any recommendations? Thank You In Advanced!
  34. JaikumarS

    Compress Video to smaller size to load into PTHD

    My Client had shared a movie file Type.mov (Apple ProRes 422 HQ, 1920 x 1080 (1888 x 1062) Data rate - 191.39 Mbit/s Data Size - 166GB FPS - 25 Is there a way I could compress it to a smaller Data Size from 166GB without losing the audio quality so I can load into PT HD 10.3.1 and work...
  35. Illico

    Muddy, What hear(s)?

    How to get the sound or piece less muddy ? A "muddy" mix sounds bad. It was something about frequencies wars zone (100-1000Hz), in fact frequencies are fighting and it’s difficult to hear each part. I think that fixing a muddy mix comes down to EQing, but that could be acheive by : - A good...
  36. DanielOutro

    A Short Interview with Alex Rights: Mastering Engineer at Montreal's Le Lab

    Pretty self-explanatory post - Alex works as an engineer at Le Lab, one of Montreal's top mastering facilities. He answered the 5 most common questions he hears, giving his insight and advice on the mastering process. 5 Common Mastering Questions Answered Hope you like it.
  37. Tenku

    SOLD: iZotope Alloy 2 Essential Mixing Tools

    IZOTOPE Alloy2 Essential Mixing Tools • All Plugin Formats (AU, VST, AAX etc.) • Same Day Digital Delivery of License & Software. • Free License Transfer • RRP: £249 • More info: http://www.soundonsound.com/reviews/izotope-alloy-2 Will take £129 or best offer. Paypal Only.
  38. JaikumarS

    DVD/Blu-ray player to watch movies in 5.1 surround studio

    I'm looking for an analog DVD/Blu-ray player to connect with RME fireface UCX and watch movies in 5.1 so that I can listen to the scores, and analyse the signals that is being fed into the LCR and Surround. I would like to know how you are using it in your existing surround setup at your...
  39. M

    Analog summing for film scoring.

    Hi, Is there anyone who uses analog summing for film / tv scores? I'm considering x-desk or a sigma, but think that maybe it's hard with stems and tweaks? Thanks!
  40. Time+Space

    IZotope - 40% off Mix & Master Bundle (Neutron & Ozone 7)

    This incredible bundle deal gives you iZotope´s multi-award winning Neutron mixing console and Ozone 7 mastering suite for 40% less than the cost of individual purchases of these titles! With elegant workflows suited for both beginners and experts, the Mix & Master Bundle is the perfect one-two...
  41. MoeWalsaad

    How do you protect your ears?

    P.S: I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right section! a moderator action/advice may be needed. Hello Everybody! I wonder, what do you do to protect your ears during music production? and how do you prevent headaches and dizziness and ear fatigue? Because I work on music for long hours...
  42. DanielOutro

    8 simple steps for a better vocal mix

    Hey! We've put together a step-by-step guide to mixing vocals - hope you like it :) 8 Simple Steps to Mixing Vocals Like a Pro
  43. DS_Joost

    So about the Waves H-Series...

    Since about a week or so I completed the Waves H-Series through the plugin deals they have going on right now. I already had the H-Comp and H-Delay through the Gold bundle, and recently added the H-EQ and H-Reverb. My question is, why does nobody talk about these on this forum? I ask this...
  44. Grim_Universe

    Typical epic trailer (horns and spiccato strings ftw)

    So I decided to compose a bit of commercial music. Want to understand how it will be sold on audiojungle platform and maybe will try to send this to RSM. So what do you think, guys?
  45. 1

    Headphones that are better than Sennheiser HD-series?

    Hello everyone! :) I'm currently mixing on the HD650's from Sennheiser, and really enjoy their clarity and sound. Coming from Shure SRH440 which sounded like ass, switching to the HD650 was like experiencing a whole new level of sound and clarity. After a couple of years using the Sennheisers I...
  46. JN Music

    Game of Thrones main title with tin whistle!

    Hello everyone, this is Joshua from Hong Kong. I've done some work for Chinese TV dramas and some Hong Kong films. Here's a personal project that I would like some feedback to, as I aim to improve my skills in mixing/arranging/orchestrating etc.. This is my personal take of the Game of Thrones...
  47. MarcJovani

    Bobby Fernandez - "There aren't any mixing secrets. I can teach you everything that I do"

    Hi everyone, this is my first forum post ever. Please, forgive me if I mess up with the format or style. I wanted to share with you the video of an interview with 3 times Grammy winner, mixing engineer Bobby Fernandez (Clint Eastwood, Danny Elfman, Brian Tyler) Watch the full interview here...
  48. FFM

    Never overpay for score prep, mixing, and editing of your compositions again!

    Do you think you are spending too much time or money on your score prep and the post-production? Did you know that the Sofia Session Orchestra & Choir offers a complete package for your recording needs? Our services include arrangement, orchestration and score preparation with meticulous...
  49. MatthewHarnage

    Sounding Similar to Lost Odyssey OST

    I'm in love with the reverb and overall mix of this soundtrack. Any ideas on how to get a similar vibe? Short of hiring the same orchestra/musicians that is. The ensemble sounds small for an orchestra (in terms of timbre) but the actual sound is so etherial and larger than life. Thoughts?
  50. composerboy

    Alan Meyerson: Mix with the Masters

    Has anyone subscribed to the Mix with the Masters site and watched the Alan Meyerson tutorials?