1. MatthewVere

    I Asked Arnold Schwarzenegger To Teach You About Compression

    Hey everyone - I hope you learn something new and have a laugh along the way :D Chapters: Intro - 0:00 Compression Overview - 0:43 Threshold - 2:20 Ratio - 5:20 Attack and Release - 8:38 Example - 10:16
  2. philmcgowan

    Cobra Kai Season 3 Mixing Walkthrough

    Hey All, I mixed the score for Cobra Kai and did a video walkthrough of my mix of a big action cue from the last episode. Hope you all enjoy! -Phil
  3. M

    BBC-OS: which EQ moves?

    I've been using Spitfire BBCOS Pro for one year now and have curiosity to know which EQ moves people find adivisable.
  4. David Han

    Panning sounds different between headphones

    For some reason, I can never get the panning right and it's getting quite frustrating. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong but I find some sample libraries (CSS,CSB) are recorded rather narrow so I like to pan them separately to widen the stereo image. My problem is when I do the panning in one...
  5. J

    Anybody taken this course?

    Has anybody here taken this course? It's on sale now and Dennis Sands is a very accomplished mixer, and I would like a refresher course to take. However the website looks a little clickbait-y so I just want to make sure it's not total garbage before dropping the money. Course link...
  6. David Han

    How to get dry mixes like Michael Giacchino?

    I noticed Giacchino's scores always mixed quite dry but still have a very rich tone and strong body. Does anyone know how to achieve something like that with samples? or have tips on how to mix like that? To give you some examples,
  7. Bluemount Score

    Do you add reverb to Metropolis Ark?

    I'm currently in a mix situation (90% Metropolis Ark 1- 4) where I find that additional reverb (tails) make everything muddy. Using lots of Surround / Room mics and Teldex is pretty wet by itself. Just added some to the a6 Harp ensemble, because you know, Harps...
  8. dman007

    What are your favourite or recommended VST plug-ins for mixing?

    What are your favourite or recommended VST plug-ins for mixing? Do you prefer one brand over another and why? e.g. Waves, UAD, Slate, IK Multimedia, Brainworx? Others? In your view, are there any real stand out plugins that these companies make? Any type, e.g., compressors, bus compressors...
  9. M_Helder

    Confession of a plugin addict

    Hi, my name is Mark and I am a plugin-holic. I have accumulated a plethora of plugins over the years, so many in fact, that my plugin manager has become a literal maze of folders and names. It even started to throttle my production as i kept scrolling through a seemingly endless list of...
  10. Bluemount Score

    EQing / Mixing fundamental frequencies

    Handling the fundamental frequencies of instruments has always been a difficult task in the mixing process for me. Naturally, it's often the by far most audible frequency (especially at high dynamics), so very often I have the urge to cut it with (dynamic) EQ by quite a bit, until it doesn't...
  11. nuyo

    Smiley Face EQ in Orchestral Hybrid Music ?

    After I went trough a few post on VI, I kept reading smiley face EQ from time to time. I always saw that in combination with EDM Kicks. Is this a thing in Orchestral/Hybrid/Cinematic Music and for sound design ? Are there any existing resources that I can study about that and are there any key...
  12. João Pinto

    Cubase Stems Out of Sync / Misaligned

    Hi folks, I've got an issue here and I was hoping someone could help me out. I'm trying to use Cubase's "export multiple" option to bounce my 70 orchestral tracks. The thing is, since I'm using multiple Kontakt libraries with different sample starts, I had to use the delay compensation...
  13. nuyo

    EQing an Instrument to the back ?

    What Frequency ranges should I EQ to move an Instrument to the front or back of my mix. I know that sounds appear to be closer when you increase highs and lows, but are there any other "tricks".
  14. nuyo

    Drastic Panning the Orchestra ?

    Why do people say you shouldn't pan Orchestral sample libraries ? I know they are "pre panned" but in our stereo we can pan things much further to get a clear and defined sound. Or is it the realism aspect ? I don't think anybody would listen to a well sounding cue and be like: "Man that cue...
  15. creativeforge

    70's Folk & Prog Rock cover - ready for mastering?

    Hi all, I'm looking for a few people who would have interest and time to listen to a song I'm completing? Since February I've been working on a cover of a song from a 70's band (still performing). Acting as both producer and musician, I hired musicians to contribute their talent to play...
  16. SwedishPug

    How do you simulate wide mics?

    Hey everybody, hope you're well. I was wondering what people do to simulate wide microphones in their DAW (because many sample libraries don't include wide mics). I know that there must be a way but I can't quite figure out how to do it naturally or optimally. Thank you! I've learned so much...
  17. nuyo

    Question about Stereo Width

    This is how an individual instrument in my mix looks like: This is how my full mix looks like: This is how my reference track looks like: Does someone have an idea what is happening here ?
  18. nuyo

    Is the highest Instrument always the most audible Instrument ?

    I'm analyzing other mixes to find out why my stuff sucks. ^^ What I noticed is that when I listend to them on a very low level, I usually hear the highest Instrument (that plays the melody) and the percussion. That isn't the case in my bad mixes. Could this be some kind of rule ? At least in...
  19. nuyo

    Best Limiter for creating big fat Sausages...

    I tend to get the best results with Ozone, the Waves Ls seem to work if you use them delicately but not very aggressive.
  20. V

    Why doesn't it sound as good on phone speakers? Feedback on mix?

    Hello, I put out a track on youtube, however it sounds different on phone speakers, as if it's almost too bright. I spent a whole day trying to level the volumes as I wanted. I'm still a beginner, so I'll take any type of feedback as constructive. Here's the track:
  21. Bluemount Score

    Best mixes you've heard

    Just curious for some examples of music you heared that you consider as very well mixed. Mainly interested in orchestral tracks, but could be literally anything, samples or live recorded.
  22. ChrisSiuMusic

    Inside The Score - Tranquility (Theory, Orchestration, Mixing)

    Hi friends! I’m so excited today to begin a new iteration of my breakdown series, broken down into 3 parts (music theory and composition, orchestration, and mixing). We’ll be taking a look into my newest Disney-style piece Tranquility. Today’s video is the 1st part, where we’ll explore the...
  23. xanderscores

    Mixing real viola/violin with OT samples - best practices?

    For my latest sample-based composition I commissioned a professional violist/violinist to record the solo string parts. Everything turned out great, but now I wonder what I can do to make the instrument parts blend really well with the rest of the orchestra (which is almost entirely made up of...
  24. nuyo

    EQ for adding high sparkle ?

    Do you have a favourite EQ plugin for adding high end to your tracks ? (I know every EQ can do this, but every eq interacts a little bit different to the source material) I'm talking about the stuff above 10khz.
  25. Fab

    SoundCloud Mastering Service

    I noticed this recently and although I currently prefer to do them myself, I wonder how many of you have tried this and is it similar to other online mastering technology (LANDR?) Moreover, it seems some people like to complain of the soundcloud compression being quite bad! If that is true then...
  26. Mark Kouznetsov

    Am I going in the right direction at all? (Mixing/Mastering)

    Hello, people! Recently, I finished my first orchestral composition (virtual, of course). I'm very new to this all but while the result in terms of composition was kind of okay, I've started noticing after uploading to Soundcloud that is sounded a bit dull? I know about SoundCloud's compression...
  27. ChrisSiuMusic

    3 Important Tips to Mix a Live Instrument into an Orchestral Mockup (ft. Tina Guo)

    Hi friends! In today's video, let's answer a widely asked question: How do you go about mixing live instruments in with an orchestral mockup? Let's discuss 3 considerations, and I hope you'll find these useful and practical for your own workflow. Please enjoy! In case you'd like to hear the...
  28. Soundiron Team

    Tips & Tricks: Creating A Realistic Orchestral Space with Reverb

    In this Tips & Tricks video, Craig Peters shows you his approach to creating a realistic orchestral space with LiquidSonics Cinematic Rooms reverb. He shows you how to take dry orchestral instruments and place them into a beautiful hall, how to make more reverberant samples sound dry, using...
  29. amadeus1

    A Quick Illustration of my Mixing process, plugins, and sample libraries that I use to get broadcast quality

    Hi guys, I go through some plugins I usually use when mixing a cue and the steps I take to refine the sound to get broadcast quality. Best, Bill
  30. berlin87

    Experiment/Composition: Red, Purple, Orange – Colours of the Orchestra

    Hi everyone, I wanted to experiment with the various 'colours' within an orchestra, from growling bassoons to sugarcoated French horns. Wouldn't dare to call this an actual composition, but it taught me a great deal about orchestration and how to work with VSTs. (That said, I think the...
  31. ChrisSiuMusic

    How the Harmonic Series Makes Orchestration SO Much Easier

    Hi everyone! I hope you're well. I wanted to share with you a concept that not enough people talk about, and it really can make or break an orchestral arrangement: the harmonic series. I think many people have a natural ear for what sounds muddy or clear in an arrangement, but hopefully this...
  32. ethanay

    A very simple, compact analog-style recording and mixing signal chain and workflow?

    (I had a hard time choosing which sub forum to post this in, it's about gear and workflow, but I think mainly gear) TLDR I'm looking to put together my first dedicated (literally, tiny!) music production space. It will mostly be focused on composition, arrangement, recording and mixing...
  33. nuyo

    How to get that fat JXL, 2WEI sound

    The question might sound simple to you but I'm sure a lot of people face the same or a similiar problem. My own mix sounds always much thinner than my reference tracks. There is usually to much harshness in the highs, a lack of stereo depth and "lowiness". When I compare them to other tracks...
  34. Caladrius

    Modern Orchestral Instrumental - Feedback

    Hey! Would love to see some feedback on this: I'll add a poll cause it's easier for people who don't want to comment. Comments would be appreciated, though.
  35. ChrisSiuMusic

    Mixing Orchestral Music Live! My Personal Approach

    Hi friends! In the start of this new series, I'm so excited to take you through a live mixing demonstration of my newest piece 'Path to Freedom'. In this first part, we'll explore taking our tracks and organizing them in a simple and clean way. Please enjoy! Every subsequent part will be...
  36. Cory Pelizzari

    Placing Instruments in a Space (pt.2)

    Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/corypelizzari Albums: https://corypelizzari.bandcamp.com/
  37. IKMultimedia

    Total Studio Spectacular - Up to 75% off Total Studio 2 MAX

    Total Studio Spectacular Save up to 75% on Total Studio 2 MAX! Now more than ever, we all need powerful tools to fuel our creativity. Total Studio 2 MAX provides an incredibly diverse set of music creation tools - a huge bundle of music software with which you can create anything from...
  38. ricoderks

    CSB New Mixing test

    Hi all, I dont really like the out of the box sound from CSB but i love the library very much. I finally took proper time to make the sound Ilike. Mainly wider imaging, EQ and reverb. Any advice or feedback would be very welcome.
  39. Ben

    Easter Special: All MIR Products 38% Off!

    Until the 14.04.2020 all MIR products are 38% off! If you still don't own MIR, you should check it out! It also works with all sound sources, not only virtual instruments but also recordings! Just to be clear: MIR Pro is more then just a reverb ;)
  40. Cory Pelizzari

    (April Fools) How to Make EPIC Trailer Music

    I hope you're all coping well enough during this global crisis. We all need a little pick-me-up now and then.
  41. MoeWalsaad

    Cubase + VEP mixing workflow that works?

    Hello, I recently introduced VEPro to my workflow on Cubase, and I have struggles regarding rendering my tracks/stems on Cubase to preparing them to the mixing stage, I tried the following. 1 - I tried the "Render in place" function, but it renders all the VEPro midi outputs so I end up with a...
  42. gh0stwrit3r

    Mixing Orchestral Music Review - Joël Dollié about Valse Mystique

    In this video I show you a review on my orchestral music track Valse Mystique by Joël Dollié. He is a professional mixing engineer. I think a review done by a professional out of the music industry is gold for us home-based bedroom composers. We're not professionals in all the areas we need to...
  43. M

    What orchestral templates cover and how to arrange it?

    Hi everyone, i'm quite new in here, probably my first post. I was searching for the most suitable orchestral template for my workflow (Cubase 10 Artist + MBP 2015 16gigs ram and i7) but probably heavy load of samples or something else, quite staggering to work. I mostly use Spitfire Symphony...
  44. Cory Pelizzari

    Open Back & Closed Back Headphones Demystified

    Support my work: https://www.patreon.com/corypelizzari Buy my albums: https://corypelizzari.bandcamp.com/
  45. S

    VGM - Title Track - mix feedback

    Hey guys, I scored a video game and for the first time, did a take on mixing stuff myself as well. I'd love to hear some feedback on the mix and tips on how to improve. This ist the Title Track to the game (a japanese, roundbased battle game) Thanks a lot in advance and have a great day!
  46. filipjonathan

    Orchestra reverb

    Hey guys! A quick question. When you're using an aux reverb with your sampled orchestra, how do you eq the verb? Do you cut everything below 100Hz? 80? 50? I would normally cut everything below 300Hz when mixing pop music but since I'm new to the orchestral stuff, I wasn't sure if you actually...
  47. D

    Mixing and mastering track for live performance with a pop-rock band

    Hello! Does anyone have experience with mixing and mastering track for live performance with a pop-rock band ? Should it be raw as possible? Is loudness important and is there any standard numbers? Thanks!
  48. FilmScoringAcad

    Art, Craft, Business of Scoring - 40% OFF CyberMonday Only

  49. RichiCarter

    Opinions Desperately Needed On How To Fix My Mix...

    Hey guys, I've been getting a bit frustrated really. Essentially I've decided to take a variety of tracks, spanning the past few years, and condense them down into an E.P. The drama is as well that I've recently changed machines and most of the original mixes have been lost, which means I only...
  50. Vsevolod

    Sonnox Inflator for Orchestra

    Hello! Does anyone else use Sonnox Inflator to saturate your orchestral soundtracks? This plugin was a revelation for me, although some say that it is already old. I add it to Master Bus. I love the effect knob at a position of 30 to 50%. Could you set this to 100%? I feel the maximum...
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