1. Kubler

    Sony Room Tone : how to use it ?

    Hi everyone ! I discovered this freebie recently and was a bit puzzled at first. I guess it is meant to add an element of realism and cohesiveness to a mix made of perfectly processed virtual libraries. I read someone's comment that said it added some kind of subtle "texture" to the sound...
  2. Bluemount Score

    Working FASTER for best results

    Some of my best melodies and ideas came from having a spontaneous idea. The creative flow suddenly becomes unstoppable but you can never predict when that's gonna happen. On other days, I can sit there for hours without any satisfying idea, no matter what and how hard I try. When a long-term...
  3. P

    How useful is all this stuff?

    So there's a pretty sweet deal it seems over here https://www.jrrshop.com/izotope-music-essentials-bundle but I'm not sure how useful most of this stuff is. I could see immediate use for RX elements for the use of the noise removal as I'm currently working on a sample library of my own, but it...
  4. Manaberry

    Struggling with mixing: New monitors or AI?

    Hi everyone. I've been struggling lately (more like for few months tbh) with my tracks, especially on the low/mid range frequencies. I still have to learn a lot on the EQ/Mastering side but... I have this feeling... argggg.. the feeling that my monitors are good, but not that good for what I'm...
  5. kessel

    MAutoDynamicEQ experiences?

    Hi, I'm working on several tracks and getting slowly to the point where I will start the mixing and mastering processes. I've been putting some mixing and mastering plugins in my future purchases list during the last months and I already own the elements version of iZotope's Ozone 8 and Neutron...
  6. beyd770

    ELI5: Mixes in headset sounds great, in friends monitor sounds shit - why?

    I'm a beginner in both mixing and mastering, and this issue is apparent in all my mixes. I make something in my DAW, mixing it with my Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro cans, and then sending the mix to my friend for him to record guitars, bass etc. The first time I was visiting him, I was shocked about...
  7. Daniele Nasuti

    SOUNDTRACK Inuyasha - Difficult Situation (needs something more?)

    Here I tried to do this cover as the original and I would know if it needs something more, specially about mixing and sounds (This is the first time I try to do an orchestral piece and also to mix a track) Let me know what you think about and where can I improve, thank you!!! :) This is mine...
  8. Transients

    Prepare Song for Mixing

    Hi When composing cinematic orchestral music with kontakt sample libraries and a huge number of kontakt instances and instrument tracks with midi note information. How do you guys prepare a song for mixing? When the composing part is finished and its time to start mixing the song, everything...
  9. M

    Mixing tips podcast

    ive recently started listening to the mastering show podcast with Ian Sheppard. It’s pretty great. But I would love suggestions for a similar thing that covers tips and tricks for mixing. I’ve been listening a bit to success with music, but looking for something a bit more geeked out. Thanks
  10. Oliver

    MetricAB today for Sale at Plugin Alliance - Anyone using it?

    https://www.plugin-alliance.com/en/products/adptr_metricab.html?utm_source=ActiveCampaign&utm_medium=email&utm_content=Metric+AB+%2439+%F0%9F%8E%AF+24+hours+only%21&utm_campaign=STAR+FOR+ONE+DAY+ADPTR+Audio+Metric+AB+190309 I am looking for something like this for some time. This is normally...
  11. JaikumarS

    Similar plugin - Patcher Plugin(FL studio) for other DAWs

    Hi, Looking for a Similar plugin - Patcher Plugin(FL studio) for other DAWs(mainly for signal flow). Thank you. - JS
  12. JaikumarS

    Plugin to position the signal XYZ

    Looking for a third party plugin to position the signal in XYZ(spacing) similar to the one in fruity loops. Thank you.
  13. D

    How do you do orchestral mixing for trailers, film, tv and games ?

    How do you do orchestral mixing (and mock-ups) for trailers, film, tv and games ? So, I've done this in different ways. But which way do you prefer? Where do you place different sections of the orchestra in the stereo field? Do you put bass string parts central or to the right? Where do you pan...
  14. SBK

    Headphones 300 Euros with much bass and quality sound for mixing-mastering?

    Hey guys, I like speakers and headphones with lots of bass, and in general I use to make better mixes when hearing lots of bass that I can feel it! Anyone knows a good headphone pair with strong bass that you can feel it but also be high quality for mixing and mastering? Would love to hear...
  15. I

    Mix Suggestions for my Piece Hollywood Fanfare

    Hi everyone, I've been following these forums for a few years now, and have learned some really great stuff from all the generous contributions that the community has provided. But I've reached a point where what I really need is some direct feedback from people who are much more experienced...
  16. S

    Mixing service for composers

    Hi, I'm working on creating a mixing service for composers. Would love to hear your thoughts about it. Is it useful to you? are prices affordable? My goal is creating a service which composers might need or be interested in. http://santiagolinietsky.com Any thoughts are welcome :)
  17. Beat Kaufmann

    Free: Orchestra Tracks! ...to practice mixing

    The tutorial "Mixing an Orchestra" tutorial uses files from whole orchestral pieces to solve a variety of tasks (compression, panning, EQ tasks, mixing whole instrument sections, etc.). I am happy to make all these orchestra-track- files available to you for free. Visit for download them...
  18. Paul T McGraw

    Dvorak 9th Mixing Feedback Please

    Will you please give me some mixing feedback? My ears are not as good as they once were and I need to know if I am on the right track. The piece used is the Dvorak Symphony 9 Fourth Movement. I have only finished the exposition section. This is 100% VSL plus the Spitfire Symphonic Strings. All...
  19. J

    UAD Plugins and latency

    Hi guys! I'm considering offloading my DAW with a UAD Satellite Octo. I know that the plugins sound great, but I'm a little concerned with latency since the data has to travel from the computer to the UAD box and back. What are your experiences? Has it gotten any better? Cheers!
  20. Time+Space

    Overloud Classic Analogue effects plugin bundle - over 62% off

    For 5 days only, we're giving you the chance to buy two Overloud effects plug-ins for an exclusively low price! Here's some more info about the Classic Analogue Bundle plug-in duo... Dopamine Overloud Dopamine is the emulation of two classic tape encoding processors, used as enhancers. It is...
  21. MoeWalsaad

    Changing from 48.000 to 44.100Hz? (What to expect)

    Hello, even though I don't always export for videos, It's been years and I always record and mix in 48.000Hz inside my DAW, and I keep it that way "to be safe", and "Just in case". Now I am considering ways to minimize the load on my CPU, File sizes, loading/exporting time and RAM, so I want to...
  22. K

    Searching for a good reference track in direction of Ambient(rock), Chill, Soundtrack..

    Hi, while I am trying to improve my mixing and mastering capabilities I realized that in the new version of my mastering software TRackS there is the option to use a reference track. My music (as a simple hobby musician with not much time for it) does not fit really in any category, influences...
  23. 9

    Recording With Effects Processing

    I know nothing about mixing and am trying to find resources to teach me how to record better and finally learn how to start mixing tracks. But I have a general question. Most VST synth patches are enhanced with internal effects built into the synth that give the patches their...
  24. William Palmer

    To Kill The King

    Hi, Relatively new to orchestral mixing - would love some ideas on how I can improve my production! Wrote this with Cinematic Strings 2, Ark 1 and a bunch of freebies. Here's a temporary link to the wav: https://we.tl/t-bETJuRFcVp EDIT: Final version...
  25. Akarin

    Setting volumes balance with pink noise for orchestral music?

    I'm having a hard time achieving a proper balance before mixing my hybrid orchestral tracks. Mostly volumes balancing. I've read and watched some tutorials about getting the right levels using the pink noise trick (here's an explanation about that). After trying it on some tracks, I got a much...
  26. Akarin

    Looking for mixing/mastering feedback

    Hey all. Not sure if this is the right place to post but it didn't seem to fit the "members composition" forum. I've made a short 20 secs track to practice mixing and mastering. I'm quite new to this. Could you please give me some feedback on the sound (not the composition, it took me...
  27. Shad0wLandsUK

    WTB: Studio Headphones for Tracking Orch and Home Mixing

    Hey there, I think this may even be my first ever post on the forum :) I am in the market for a new pair of over-ear headphones I have been recommended open-back for mixing also, with them being used for night-time production at home I am looking at Beyer Dynamic DT700/880/990 Pro headphones...
  28. S.M Hassani

    SOLD: TDR Kotelnikov GE an excellent master compressor.

    Hi, SOLD Tokyo Dawn Labs Kotelnikov GE - License transfer is immediate after payment is received. No transfer fees required. TIP: You can resell my TDR license anytime you want. This is better than buying retail from TDR or dealers, as you're not allowed to sell those until 6 months has...
  29. Andrew Goodwin

    How to setup Dual Mono for plugins in Cubase?

    Hi, Can anyone confirm that this method in Cubase PRO 9.5 is exactly that same as the way Protools is simply automatically doing it? I recently watched the waves Alan Meyerson video and he mentioned running the Kramer Master Tape in Multimono on a group/buss channel in Protools. I read, when...
  30. Kubler

    A matter of double bass.

    I'm wondering. Do you guys, in the context of an orchestral piece, mix double basses at their usual place on the stage (aka, right / hard right) or do you prefer to center them ? I usually go for the right panning because I'm kind of a traditionalist-psychorigid type of dude when it comes to...
  31. Craig Peters

    Soundiron Session - Writing A Hybrid Orchestral Track

    Hey guys! Since we're having our Summer Kontakt Player 30% Off Sale, I thought it would be cool to show some of our libraries in action! So this is the track I wrote for the Summer Sale promo. It uses a bunch of the libraries that are on sale right now. I was going for sort of a hybrid...
  32. Fab

    AM Mixing tips 1hr with waves (Link)

    good stuff, doesn't matter if you have the waves stuff or not, ideas transfer over pretty well, although much of the ideas are already discussed elsewhere, this was good condensed learning.
  33. Joël Dollié

    Mixing Modern Orchestral Music | Ebook for sample library composers

    Hello everyone, My name is Joël and i'm a mixing and mastering engineer who specializes in mixing modern orchestral film/trailer music (as well as classical). I want to tell you about my E-book, which was just released yesterday. The reason i decided to write an E-book about mixing modern...
  34. aaronventure

    Orchestral Mixing: Spitfire (a live mixing course)

    Hey everyone! I'd like to announce the release of my "Orchestral Mixing: Spitfire" video course. So you have your Spitfire Audio libraries and they sound great, you're just missing that expressive solo trumpet, prefer a different horn patch or you recorded one or more players in a smaller, dry...
  35. AoA

    Importing an uncompressed audio file into Vegas Pro

    Hi, I recently composed a song and rendered it to a .wav-file. Once I open this file I hear maximum volume, but if I import this file into Vegas Pro or Audacity I'm forced to lower the volume in order to avoid clipping. Why is that? Isn't it possible to just keep the quality as though I'd just...
  36. Anami

    Reference tracks for mixing film/media music

    Hi all, Curious which reference tracks you guys (media/film composers) use when mixing your own work. I know these threads do exist in forums like Sound on Sound and Gearslutz, but it's less spoken about in orchestral or other soundtrack genres. I really liked the mixing and recording of...
  37. A

    John Carpenter style production

    Hi all, I thought it would be interesting to do something in the same vein as John Carpenter and Alan Howarth with original hardware: Sequential Circuits Pro-One and Oberheim DX. I've then made a longer walkthrough of the production, sound designing, mixing and mastering in Cubase for those...
  38. ChrisSiuMusic

    Mixing Audio vs. MIDI

    This is my take on the subject.
  39. 1

    Anyone using ASC - Acoustic Science Corporation? (Acoustic treatment company)

    Hey everyone! :D Like the title says, is there anyone using ASC - Acoustic Science Corporation to treat their mixing rooms? Have not heard a single bad review of their stuff so far, but would like to know more opinions. The prices are pretty steep and I'm wondering if it's overpriced or if it's...
  40. David Hall

    A chair for days?

    So I wasn't sure if this was the right forum to put this thread. I'm struggling with lower back pains and as you all are well aware, we sit on our computers for hours and if you don't have a good chair you might end up with some sore back pains. Now I am not a chair connoisseur, so I would...
  41. Pierre

    Out now: BOOM Library’s next sound design plug-in: Enforcer

    Hey guys, we're gladly introducing our next audio plug-in: Enforcer Enforcer adds punch & a powerful body to your samples. You can beef up sounds or add only a hint of weight. You can use it as a kick-drum synth, exchange existing kick drum tails and tune them easily using semitones or you can...
  42. hozierschurch

    Volume Workflow Advice

    I’m creating Orchestral Hybrid music mainly using VSTs but concerned my methods re: volume might be way off piste! Typically staring with faders at -6db. If a vst is too quiet / loud in relation to others I’m using input gain / trim to level it out. After that I’m dealing with volume ‘on the...
  43. J

    Mix with the Masters - Namm LIvestream

    For those of us not cool enough to attend - there's a Mix with the Masters livestream going for the next 4 days. Schedule: THURSDAY 25 11AM SYLVIA MASSY 12PM SHAWN MURPHY 2PM EDDIE KRAMER 3PM JACK JOSEPH PUIG 4PM JOE CHICCARELLI FRIDAY 26 10 AM ANDREW SCHEPS 11 AM JACQUIRE KING 12...
  44. dtonthept

    "Big" Pro Tools templates?

    Is anyone here running a large template in Pro Tools for composing and mixing? That is to say, in addition to instruments and midi, do you have a fair amount of processing, plugins, bussing, etc going on? I'm guessing VEP is essential to making this happen. I'm just wondering if, through your...
  45. John Busby

    Be Thou My Vision - instrumental

    Interested to hear any thoughts on this - mix, arrangement, recording etc. I'm still very much a rookie. Live violin live acoustic Una Corda Tina Guo Albion One & Una Corda stuff for ambience + reverbs and reversed reverb tails
  46. Gordon_hiphoplp

    Setting up 5.1 surround

    Hi, I have been working on stereo so Far, but now I feel that I should consider upgrading to 5.1, I work for television Primarily and In India, 5.1 is still not used much in TV commercials or programs, but I still want to do it, Need advise on setting up budget 5.1 surround system from you guys...
  47. N

    Do you process VIs within Kontakt (or VEP) or in the Daw?

    I was curious how some of you other guys like to do this. Say for example if you have 3 or four Damage patches (or some other drum library or something similar) loaded up, would you assign auxes for each of them into Logic / Cubase etc so you could process them from the DAW? Or would you use...
  48. M

    Beyerdynamic DT 880 Pro & Sonarworks ?

    Hi, I only start to learn mixing and am definitely a newbie in using the Sonarworks Reference tool. I just installed the soft version 4. I use the DT880Pro average preset (I plan to send them my headphones for a more precise calibration at the end of my trial period). I also use monitors but my...
  49. James Marshall

    Eventide EQuivocate giveaway

    I just saw this tempting offer. Has anyone here got experience of the plugin? The only thing putting me off is having yet another EQ that I'll never use, as FF Pro-Q2 and Neutron seem to cover me for most things. If it's half decent I'll grab it while it's free, and maybe you should too!
  50. Kubler

    Instruments spatialization – What and where ?

    Hi everyone, I was wondering how you handle the spatialization of your instruments within an orchestral mix—not talking about the reverb or the ERs, just the panning. The traditional symphonic chart is a must-be for me at some extent, but there is some point where it's just not enough, or not...
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