1. H

    Cubase 11 - Open Mixer/Key Editor on the same monitor each time?

    Hi there, I've hit an issue in Cubase which is that I'd like my MixConsole and Key Editor windows to open in separate windows on specific monitors when I open them up. When I move them to another monitor, and then close them again, pressing the key command to open them up just opens them up on...
  2. Kubler

    Cubase • Adding delay to a mixer audio track

    Hi everyone, I am in the process of transitioning from FL Studio to Cubase, so far I've been able to sort out most of the basics but I still have some things to figure out, and this is one of those. In FL there's simply an icon on the mixer tracks on which you you can click to add or substract...
  3. MoeWalsaad

    Override Windows outputs, apply EQ, FXs, Ducking etc..

    This is not a music production question! yet I think VI forum is a very suitable place to ask this. I'm looking if there is a software that can override Windows audio output, put the audio of all running software/games into a mixer, and be able to adjust the audio coming from each software...
  4. dman007

    How do I get thel mixer to scroll to the selected track ?

    Cubase If I have a track selected in the project window and then go to the mixer, although I can sync the selecter mixer channel, how do I get the mixer to scroll to selected channel so I can see it?
  5. Karsten Laser

    Cubase Mixer - Create STEM View

    Hello fellow Vi-Controllers, i want use MixConsole 2 for exclusively showing my 20 Stems (Grouptracks) I created a Visibility Config only showing the corresponding Grouptracks and did not link it to the visibility of my Arrangement window. BUT: When I create new Grouptracks they are shown in the...
  6. kurtvanzo

    Freelance Mix & Mastering Engineer available

    Hey Composers, 20 years experience mixing and mastering in Los Angeles on Films, TV, Trailers, and albums both live and virtual. Pro Tools studio with the latest software and plugins to make your mix shine. Fab Filter, Kush Audio. iZotope, Sound Toys, Lexicon, Altiverb, Spaces, Waves full...
  7. A

    Audio interface / mixer advice

    Hi, I've been using a Focusrite Sapphire 56 for many years and it's done the job, but is dying. I have a lot of hardware synthesizers and drum machines and wanted to have them all rigged up at all times rather than plugging and unplugging. I look to be able to kill two birds with one stone...
  8. dman007

    Cubase 9.5 Bug

    Anyone else had the Cubase 9.5 mixer glitch bug? It's reproducible.
  9. RRBE Sound

    WTB: Avid Artist Mix

    Hello All! I am searching for an Avid Artist Mix, controller. I am hoping to find one which have a ''student'' friendly price. Price-vice maybe $200-300 and it must be shiped to Denmark. I am looking forward to hear from you. All the best Rune
  10. A.P.

    Symphony Series String Ensemble - Mixer Bug / Error

    I am encountering serious Problems with the SSSE Mixer Page in Kontakt (5.x.x, 5.5.x and 5.6.x) and Logic Pro X (10.2.4). It`s a long time that this happens now and the 1.1 Update that I already did some time ago, did not resolve the issue. The Mixer Page randomly hangs on after reopening...
  11. S

    SOLVED_SFX Editor / Dialogue Editor Needed

    This post has been solved. Thanks everyone!
  12. MarcusD

    Cubase & Nuendo - Track Icons

    Hey guys, there's already a thread in 'Sample Talk' I've been posting in which some of you may have already read, I've decided to create a separate thread regarding the icon packs I've been posting (hopefully in the right forum section)...
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