1. H

    Thoughts on my mix?

    I'm working on a film trailer for a school project and looking for some critique/feedback on what I have so far. Any advice is appreciated :)
  2. H

    Seeking Critique for Film Trailer Music

    This is for a school project. Students are being challenged to write music for a film trailer given no video, but just an outline of the trailer with all of the hit points labeled. I'd really just like some feedback on the overall sound of this. I'm not looking for feedback on the substance/how...
  3. H


  4. H


  5. A

    Rendering Reaper audio using a Piano VST + Yamaha Motif hardware through Focusrite AI

    Hello, I created a Reaper project with 2 MIDI tracks, which plays Garritan CFX (1-st track) simultaneously with a Yamaha Motif device (S90ES, 2-nd track) through Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 AI. The audio output from S90ES is directly sent to the input jacks of Scarlett using special audio cords...
  6. Aleela

    Mixing and Mastering Books

    Hi! Can anyone recommend me some Mixing and Mastering books? From the beginner level up to the expert level. Thank you!
  7. sailenox

    Junkie XL acoustic treatment in his studio

    Hey guys, i recently built my new studio desk and tidied up my studio. The next big thing is acoustics. I dont want to build a pro mixing/mastering room, but i want to mix and master as good as possible. Junkie XL once mentioned that he do all the mixing stuff on his own. I also watched his...
  8. Ray

    How to mix muddy / too wet strings and make them shine?

    I just can't get Spitfire Chamber Strings to work - pizzicato, especially. Maybe I'm just very picky, but I'm not comfortable with what they sound like - don't mind the size - but there's lots of overlapping frequencies in there (not solvable with Reaper's EQ, or maybe I don't do it properly?)...
  9. Vincent Martin

    Folk music + mixing attempt

    Hi, here is a new composition of mine. I used the flute, the accordion and the maracas from NotePerformer, the guitar from Acoustic Guitar, the e. bass from HSSE, and some drums from Realidrums. I tried to mix these heterogeneous sources of VIs. I always struggle with mixing, even for basic...
  10. V

    Why doesn't it sound as good on phone speakers? Feedback on mix?

    Hello, I put out a track on youtube, however it sounds different on phone speakers, as if it's almost too bright. I spent a whole day trying to level the volumes as I wanted. I'm still a beginner, so I'll take any type of feedback as constructive. Here's the track:
  11. Bluemount Score

    Best mixes you've heard

    Just curious for some examples of music you heared that you consider as very well mixed. Mainly interested in orchestral tracks, but could be literally anything, samples or live recorded.
  12. Manaberry

    Feedback on my mix

    Hi, I'm mixing one of my pieces and I need to get some fresh thoughts about it. My ears are kind of tired after days and days of work on my project (7 tracks EP). I've the feeling that 2/3 of my brass are too close and too punchy. Maybe minus a db or two on them would do the trick? I've also...
  13. Manaberry

    Mixing process with librairies (noise floor)

    Hello there! I've been struggling a lot lately while mixing my tracks because of some libraries. I acquired CSS/CSB last Black Friday and it's amazing, really. But when it comes to mixing them, I cannot freely manipulate high frequencies with Passive EQ, Multiband compressor, Saturator -...
  14. Fredeke

    How to mix a demo song for a sample library

    Hello everyone The question is in the title: how should I mix a song demo for a sample library ? Should I : - do a mere level balance, with no eq, reverb or compression - do a simple mix that sounds good enough, and brings out the samples a bit - do the absolute best master I can ? What is...
  15. Soundlex

    Score/Trailer Mix Engineer in LA

    If you Guys know someone out here in LA that is a gem, I need somebody pretty good to mix a couple of difficult tracks first and later this year, a whole feature film score. Thanks for your answers!
  16. mcpepe

    How do you use the reverb?

    So how do you use the reverb/reverbs? -Do you use the reverb from the built-in hall mics from the sample library? -Do you use a reverb plugin and only use the close mics? or hall mics + reverb plugin? -Do you use an insert reverb and a send reverb? only a send reverb? -A short different reverb...
  17. G

    Logic Panning

    In Logic when your are mixing your orchestral instruments, what panning option do you use on Logic's track panners? Stereo Pan, Balance or Binaural Pan. I see by default its using balance. But doesn't it work better to use Stereo Pan?
  18. hozierschurch

    Audio FX Best Practise

    Hey guys, Currently I'm using folder stacks to organise groups of instruments (winds, synths, percussion e.t.c.) and using sends for reverb before routing to the final mix. Aiming to achieve the 'big trailer sound' as a project but I guess these questions could apply to anything really ... Is...
  19. Gabriel Oliveira

    How do you treat your Reverb?

    If you do... HP? LP? Bell/shelf boost/cut? Mid/Side EQ or Stereo EQ? Compression? Saturation? Stereo Widening? Transient Shaping? I've been EQing a bit but would love to hear your approach.
  20. Phryq

    Unable to complete a mix

    So, there's a piece I finished writing a few months ago. All of the midi is 'recorded', samples chosen etc... and I've just been unable to make it sound the way I want. Reverb / balance / EQ etc. It's driving me insane. I compress too much, it sounds dead, not enough, jarring... Could the...
  21. Y

    Online music studio - your home studio

    YOUR HOME STUDIO is a professional and affordable music studio for everyone. We offer services like: session musicians, mastering, composition, music for your site, YouTube channel, podcast, soundtracks etc. Prices starting from only 10$!
  22. C

    Turning solo instrument to an ensemble...

    Hello people, in my free times I am testing to achieve as much as possible realistic sounding ensemble out of solo instrument. Under experimentation is included Reaktor 5 Chet Singer's Serenade III string instrument ensemble which for solo instrument it is sounding quite realistic. My first try...
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