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    Here's a theme I wrote, and I figured I could enhance your viewing experience by putting it to a clip from How to Train Your Dragon :) Thoughts?

    Hey everyone! This is a short theme I just wrote for a new medley I'm composing. After listening to it, I realized that it could possibly go well with a movie scene and I instantly thought of this one. So this isn't a re-score. The video was just a something extra I felt like adding for...
  2. H

    Thoughts on my mix?

    I'm working on a film trailer for a school project and looking for some critique/feedback on what I have so far. Any advice is appreciated :)
  3. H

    Seeking Critique for Film Trailer Music

    This is for a school project. Students are being challenged to write music for a film trailer given no video, but just an outline of the trailer with all of the hit points labeled. I'd really just like some feedback on the overall sound of this. I'm not looking for feedback on the substance/how...
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  6. S

    Some advices for reverber in orchestral music?

    Hi, I would improve my skills in mix and mastering in orchestral music, there are some videos where explain how to use reverb in orchestral music or which are the best reverb (free or paying)? PS: sorry for my English ^^
  7. H

    I'm having a problem with hiss/static.

    I threw a piece together just now to demonstrate the problem. The libraries that I use (Cinematic Studio Strings/Brass/Woodwinds) seem to be pretty quiet, but increasing the volume to my liking just makes the hissing more apparent. Leaving the volume at 0 dB leaves the mix sounding quiet, even...
  8. leearmbrust

    Mixing my own music and how can I improve it?

    Hi everyone! I'm struggling with mixing. Not that I don't know how, but it's my own music and I'm too used to how it sounds, so my mixing opinion is biased. Can you give me an opinion on how to get out of that rut, and how my mix sounds in this piece? Thank Ya
  9. Aleela

    Mixing and Mastering Books

    Hi! Can anyone recommend me some Mixing and Mastering books? From the beginner level up to the expert level. Thank you!
  10. sailenox

    Junkie XL acoustic treatment in his studio

    Hey guys, i recently built my new studio desk and tidied up my studio. The next big thing is acoustics. I dont want to build a pro mixing/mastering room, but i want to mix and master as good as possible. Junkie XL once mentioned that he do all the mixing stuff on his own. I also watched his...
  11. jrrshop

    Up to 70% off iZotope Music Production Suite, Tonal Balance Bundle, upgrades, crossgrades, and individual plugins

    Up to 70% off iZotope Music Production Suite, Tonal Balance Bundle, upgrades, crossgrades, and individual plugins: https://www.jrrshop.com/computer-software?dir=asc&limit=54&manufacturer=343&order=name&sale=1&type=2 iZotope Mix & Master Bundle Crossgrade from any Elements/Standard/Advanced...
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