missing samples

  1. C

    Spitfire Symphonic Brass & Berlin Percussion - Issues with Remembering Samples Btwn. Mirror Rigs

    Hi Vi Community, For months now, I've been having this very annoying issue with Berlin Percussion (and now, it has recently happened with the Spitfire Symphonic Brass Library): My workplace is set up such that there are two identical workstations, where each...
  2. higgs

    Spitfire SSB - Tuba & Trumpet Solo Stereo Mixes?

    I've grown fond of using the Spitfire stereo mixes over the past few months. Recently though, I've had some hiccups with SSB Stereo Mix patches. I've downloaded SSB expansion twice now, and I'm still getting missing samples errors for: j - Trumpet Solo (Stereo) m - Tuba Solo (Stereo) Before I...
  3. C

    Vienna Ensemble Pro: Spontaneous Loss of Sample Contents' File Paths

    Hi Everyone, Today, I encountered a very odd issue when loading my metaframe in VEPRO: After having successfully loaded the same metaframe just an hour earlier, I relaunched my metaframe, only to find that the content file paths for a small handful of instruments...