1. BennyHendel

    Is there any way to use a MIDI pedal to turn pages of a score?

    I play midi piano live over zoom with the sheet music as a pdf. I don't have the free hands to click next page but I'd love to be able to do it with one of my many pedals
  2. A

    Cubase - How To Install The Leap Motion Controller And GECO On Windows 10

    So, I recently bought a Leap Motion specifically after watching the Cubase hidden gem video and could not get it working with GECO at all. I had tried everything to sync GECO with Cubase and had almost given up, until I came across an old and unanswered post from @MarcusD, and the problem was...
  3. S

    Searching for a Fadermaster Pro used

    Hey, i'm searching for a used Fadermaster pro. If somebody have one or know somebody who sells his one pls contact me. Thanks!
  4. Garlu

    Controlling iOS apps from DAW (Mac)

    Hi all, I decided to create a Vlog entrance on connecting your iOS apps (on ipad/iphone) to your DAW, for controlling some of those sounds from the sequencer. Just the USB connection is needed for sending bidirectional midi and receiving audio. Hope you like it! *Warning: video is in spanish...
  5. Soundiron Team

    Tips & Tricks: How To Use Maschine Mikro In Midi Mode

    In this video Craig Peters shows you how to get the most out of Midi Mode using Native Instruments Maschine Mikro. Make sure you have the most recent version of Maschine in Native Access. You can download the link to the controller editor template and save some time or you can learn how to set...
  6. A

    Who I am

    Hi everyone. I'm Alex. Studied music composition in Argentina many years ago with professors like Gerardo Gandini. I'm soon to retire from my current job and am wanting to get back into composing after a very long hiatus. I am a Mac user and work with Logic Pro X for my recordings, midi and...
  7. creativeforge

    Using QWERTY keyboard to trigger MIDI notes/chords?

    OK, so I saw this guy trigger chords by using some of his laptop's keys. Anyone knows how to do this? It would be very useful to test libraries patches while not near a MIDI keyboard, like on my 2nd computer. Ideally, even use this to step record maybe? How could I do this? I'm on Windows 7 64...
  8. S

    PLEASE HELP! Issues running multiple controllers simultaneously in Logic X Pro...

    I am in Logic Pro x and using an Alesis Crimson 2 electronic drum kit (hardware) which I am running usb midi to my Mac to control a "producer kit" (software drum kit) from Logic Pro X. This works fine, I want to also run a Komplete 25A midi keyboard (also USB out) to control a software...
  9. TRKStudios

    "River of Life" - MIDI Demo

    Hope everyone is having a great new year!! I made a goal for myself to write more this year (outside of the work realm) and not let cues of mine just dust away in folders :) Been diving into the world of classical music a bit more and trying to let it inspire my writing.
  10. Audiomodern

    Riffer 2.0 Update Is HERE!

    Riffer Version 2.0 update introduces many new creative features and performance improvements. What's new? • Create and Save Custom Scales • Lock Individual Notes or whole Steps • Quick Load Preset Menu • Audio Out for Quick Pattern Preview on Stand-Alone mode • New Scale Transposition Engine •...
  11. jrrshop

    $10 Toontrack Matt Garstka’s Metal Fusion MIDI

    Toontrack Holiday Deal Week Day 2: 66% off Toontrack Matt Garstka’s Metal Fusion MIDI, now $10 instead of $29 for today only: https://www.jrrshop.com/computer-software?arrow=1&dir=desc&manufacturer=141&order=special_from_date&sale=1&type=2 A versatile collection of drum grooves and fills by...
  12. R

    For Sale JL Cooper Fader Master Pro €595

    A few scratches on the console but works perfectly. Fader buttons replaced but all are identical cosmetically >Eight Programmable High-Quality 100mm Faders >Eight Programmable MIDI Buttons >1/4” Programmable Footswitch & Foot Pedal Inputs >Internal Grouping, Scaling and End Point Adjustments...
  13. rhearhino

    New Modular MIDI Controller for Software Synthesizers

    Hi guys! I would like to know your opinion about the MIDI controller idea that we’ve been developing for some time together with a group of several musicians. The idea is to design a MIDI controller fo software synthesizers, which will be built of modules. However, unlike other modular...
  14. Nextmidi

    Something New. Final Teaser.

    Hi Everyone. We are new, this is new. I mean we have been here before. A lot. But not as a company. Here is a preview of what else will be new, very soon: www.nextmidi.com All the best, Steffen & Peter
  15. darkneo57

    Pain to set up the vélocity on master keyboard PLEASE HELP !!!

    hi, i'm french, 34 yo, piano teacher, love cinematic music. I have huge difficulties to set the velocity of my master keyboard, and this is not to mention that the response to velocity varies according to the libraries. I have a ROLAND RD700 nx stage piano that I paid over 2000 € about 5 years...
  16. Bluemount Score

    Hardware MIDI fader / controller recommendations?

    I‘m for somehow having a hard time finding a (cheap) MIDI controller with just 2 (or more) faders for external CC control. The E-Piano I use for MIDI recording doesn‘t have a single one. I change all CCs inside the DAW after recording. I thought it‘s finally time to gear up... Any recommendations?
  17. jpb007.uk

    Cubase 10 - videoslave setup stumped!!

    Hi everyone, I'm hoping there is someone here that has successfully setup VideoSlave with Cubase10 or Nuendo 10. Having spent a couple of days trying to sort out why videos freeze in Cubase, I've now decided to follow a number of recommendations to use VideoHive to display videos in-sync with...
  18. D

    For Sale £3,400 ono - Zimmerman Baby Grand Piano w MIDI PianoDisc QuietTime MagicStar 4S retrofit

    For those such as composers and producers who like to improvise on a REAL baby grand piano and at same time record what they play via MIDI into a computer DAW. This Zimmerman Baby Grand Piano has had a MIDI retrofit with a Magicstar QuietTime system around 2011 by J&L PianoDisc Services at a...
  19. MoeWalsaad

    KONTAKT : Purge/Reload samples using Midi Messages?

    Hello, I wonder if there is a way in Kontakt where I can set a (midi CC/ or a MACRO, or a script) that can Purge samples, update sample pool, and reload samples. My goal is to optimize resource whenever I need by loading/unloading the samples needed very quickly. Any tips/suggestions around...
  20. Sarah Mancuso

    [Orchestral & Game Music] Lurking and Mystproj

    I've been working on some new arrangements of songs I composed originally around 2012 for Back to Saturn X, a Doom levelset for which these were originally written as MIDIs. I'd like to eventually put out an EP or album with a bunch of these arrangements, but each of them is a bit of a project...
  21. lutzek

    [Reaper] Change midi send in the middle of song

    Hello, I would like to control multiple tracks with VSTs from one midi track in the way, that only one instrument plays at the same time. In other way I'd like to switch the track that MIDI track is connected to a few times during the song. Can I somehow do that?
  22. OT Henning

    History of MIDI - Interview with Jeff Rona

    Hey Everyone, MIDI is ubiquitous and we all take it for granted. But this little digital idea might just be one of the most important inventions in the realm of digital music instruments. We were lucky enough to interview Jeff Rona about his part in making MIDI the standard protocol for...
  23. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron Tips & Tricks

    This is a series of different tips & tricks on things like sound-design, tech and tricks within the DAW and more. We would love to hear about some of your go-to tips and tricks that you've built over the course of your music production experience! Here is the latest video below Tips &...
  24. Fredeke

    Is there a way to read MIDI note-off velocity in KSP ?

    It's all in the title, but let me elaborate just in case. You know how some fancy keyboards have release velocity - that is, they are sensitive to how fast you release a key? It's in the MIDI specifications, and it can be simulated in a MIDI sequencer (like Reaper's ;)) too. I was wondering if...
  25. kessel

    Komplete Kontrol, which one to buy?

    Hi, I am looking at the different options for the Komplete Kontrol by Native Instruments and still can't decide which one to get, I am mostly doubting between the S61 and the S88, as I already own the Maschine MK3 and I am liking the displays a lot, I find them very useful to navigate through...
  26. cato

    Scoring to picture while keeping a human feel?

    Hi, I'm interested in how people approach scoring to picture to get a human feel and flow to their music. I use Logic and tend to record to a metronome, but then quantise my MIDI notes 'imperfectly (using the humanize function) to try and keep things a bit less rigid. The reason I do that is...
  27. S

    Pushing EW Symphonic Choirs to the Max

    This is a cue from a short I scored. The director had a very specific vision but no budget for real singers, so I bought this library and programmed all the words in. I would love to know what an experienced ear thinks of the realism- any "tells" that make it obvious it was not a live choir...
  28. M

    EZKeys / EZD2 - messed up midi when dragging from Song Creator window

    Wondering if anyone else has this problem: when I drag midi from the Song Creator Window in either EZ Keys or EZ Drummer 2 into my DAW (Digital Performer), the first bar of the midi gets completely messed up. Notes are left out, some notes are elongated, some are placed in the wrong beats...
  29. Stu Lloyd

    OUT NOW! My first album - Impulsum

    Hi all, I'm excited to finally release my first album titled "Impulsum". A mix of orchestral and hybrid stuff I've been dwelling with over the years and can finally tick it off the bucket list. Would love to know what you think. You can check it out FREE on Youtube. Alternatively it's also on...
  30. Soundiron Team

    Using The Expressive E Touche SE with Kontakt

    Hey everyone! Since a little after NAMM i've been messing around with the Expressive E Touche SE and it is a really awesome and expressive midi controller. For anyone who is interested in seeing how it works with Kontakt I made this video showing how to set it up! - Craig
  31. B

    Windows 10, VEP Standalone, and MIDI over Ethernet

    Trying to find a solution for sending MIDI over network to VEP in standalone mode on Windows 10. MIDIOverLAN used to be the way I did this, but it's discontinued. I own a couple version 2 licenses, but don't have an installer anymore. MusicLab won't provide me with one. I just tried rtpMIDI...
  32. Transients

    Prepare Song for Mixing

    Hi When composing cinematic orchestral music with kontakt sample libraries and a huge number of kontakt instances and instrument tracks with midi note information. How do you guys prepare a song for mixing? When the composing part is finished and its time to start mixing the song, everything...
  33. Fab

    Without using Cubase Inspector ; Where to set MIDI channel in a recorded MIDI event?

    I know Cubase will record the MIDI channel into the MIDI event as assigned by my controller, but how do I change it after the fact? For instance; I recorded a part using MIDI CH1, now I want to reassign the same part to MIDI CH2; Where in the settings would I find this? Can you only set the...
  34. Jdiggity1

    SOLD: NEW Mackie Big Knob Studio+ Audio Interface PRICE DROP

    EDIT: Item now sold Still sealed in box. No longer needed. This is the flagship model in the latest Big Knob series. Original purchase date was over a year ago so there might not be any warranty left. Asking For $280 $250 Pickup from La Canada, Los Angeles. Can ship for an extra $15 or so.
  35. MoeWalsaad

    A software to host Midi input Devices

    Hello, I'm looking for a way, maybe a software to host my Midi input devices, This idea popped up to my mind because I face the problem that my DAW (Cubase) doesn't recognize some USB Midi input devices if it was turned on after the DAW is lunched, so when I forget to turn on my midi devices I...
  36. SimonViklund

    Drum pad to record MIDI input?

    Hi, I'd like to rent a drum pad so that I can input percussion patterns into my DAW (it'll be Reaper or Ableton Live, PC) - and I'd like to hear suggestions for what brand/model of drum pad to get. Whether the drum pad can play samples (stored in the drum pad itself) or if it allows you to...
  37. jpb007.uk

    How to setup Lemur to recognize Cubase Midi Mixer data

    Hi there fellow VI'ers, I hope you may be able to help. I've been trying to figure out how to get Lemur to capture MIDI IN data from Cubase 9.5 What I want to do is, use the Cubase feature of sending a track number to Lemur, and then also a unique number that I can use in Lemur to display a set...
  38. K

    Bcf2000 and ve pro

    Hello! I'm a new member and a new user of Vienna Ensemble Pro and Vienna Smart Orchestra. I currently have a Behringer BCF2000 that I would like to use to control the fader options in Vienna Smart Orchestra. However, when I attempt to get the Vienna faders to "learn" external hardware fader...
  39. A

    Best slider potentiometers I can buy for DIY fader box?

    Hello, like many have tried before me, I am going to build my own fader CC controller. I was about to buy ALPS faders but I read somewhere that they are kinda flimsy and have no real resistance. So now I'm looking for something better? I was wondering if anybody has any recommendations for some...
  40. jpb007.uk

    Komplete Kontrol S88 cannot play in Cubase / Nuendo

    Hey folks, So here's a really annoying head scratcher!! :shocked: Having returned from a few days away, I've switched on my studio, loaded up Cubase 9.5 and hey presto everything works except I can no longer play any notes from my NI Komplete Kontrol S88 keyboard or my Roland A49. What is...
  41. Alex Niedt

    Metropolis Ark 4 | User Demo

    I'm quite proud of this, as it's really far-removed from anything I would have made if I hadn't restricted myself to this amazing library.
  42. A

    Customising Mackie Control Protocol in Logic

    Hi Guys, I recently bought an Icon Platform M+ with display and have been playing around with it. I have been trying to get it to work with both midi CC and as a fader/transport etc. controller. I have delved into the Logic Control Setup and controller assignments within logic to try to...
  43. Jacques Heine

    Breath control

    Hi, I recently discovered the existence of "breath controllers" in a lot of youtube videos where musicians play midi keyboard while blasting out their lungs in a plastic pipe. So I was wondering : is it necessary, when using a breath controller, to do it always in conjunction with a keyboard or...
  44. Jdiggity1

    FS: M-Audio Keystation 88 Mkii - MIDI keyboard **$100** LA

    Selling an M-Audio Keystation 88 Mkii that I've been using for about 5 months. Happy to let it go for $100 local pickup in LA (Glendale/Montrose area). I still have the box and packaging for it so can probably look into posting it for the right price. Modwheel has a very slight "grain" to it...
  45. Akarin

    How coherent is Spitfire Symphonic Orchestra between sections?

    AHi all, Currently, I'm using Steinberg Iconica for its ease of use and I'm thinking about graduating to a better sounding orchestral library (Iconica is great but is somewhat limited.) I'm looking at the Spitfire Symphonic Orchestra with the Chamber Strings instead of the Symphonic ones. How...
  46. whiskers

    Help me choose a new 88 key controller/keyboard (NI S88 MK2 v SL88 Grand)

    Hello all, Recently my MPK88 (which I wasn't a huge fan of, but it did have a lot of options) bit dust, with the USB housing coming loose. So i'm looking to get another 88 key hammer action keyboard. I'm looking for something that feels good playing, and have tentatively arrived at potentially...
  47. victorkws

    John Adams - The Chairman Dances Mockup

    The very first John Adams' composition I have been introduced was "The Chairman Dances". I felt in love instantly, it was so rich in texture and I also like the fact that the music has a very strong allusion to the swooning romanticism of Hollywood. This is a very fun piece to sequence as there...
  48. C

    Cubase: Merging Projects WITHOUT Losing MIDI Track Input Settings

    Hi Everyone, I wanted to see if you could help me resolve a very annoying issue in Cubase 8.5/9.5: When importing MIDI/VST tracks from another Cubase.cpr file into a new Cubase session (i.e. "merging" projects), the inputs for the newly imported MIDI/VST tracks...
  49. jcuno

    Competition with Prizes from Samplemodeling, 8dio, Eastwest, VSL...and Lorne Balfe is a judge

    updated 12/1/2018: The submission period for this contest is now over. We will be announcing the winners on our facebook page shortly after December 14th 2018 Your friends at the Virtual Orchestration Facebook group are having their first composer midi only competition. In the process, we may...
  50. Shad0wLandsUK

    [SOLVED] Purchased iConnectMIDI4+ Need advice on setting it up on Windows 10 using RTP-MIDI

    Hi guys, I am about to order an iConnectMIDI4+ for my studio wondered if anyone here would be able to point me in the diection of compatible 3rd Party USB Type-B to Lightning connector cables? I have found a few I like on Amazon, but unsure if they are supported... http://amzn.eu/d/fJGdxTR...