midi mockup

  1. gh0stwrit3r

    In depth composing walkthrough [Orchestral Music]

    In this video I go in depth talking about the concepts of dynamics, balancing, panning and EQ clean up. Very important basic concepts that you need to apply when writing realistic orchestral midi-mockups. I use my orchestral music track 'Awakening' for this tutorial. I would love to welcome...
  2. Karma

    SSO Mockup - "Leaving Hogwarts" from Harry Potter

    Hello everyone, you may (or most likely may not) remember that last year I did a mockup of Williams' "Dartmoor, 1912" from War Horse. I recently decided to take a shot at another and this time went for one of my favourite cues from the first Harry Potter film. I had a lot of fun with this one...
  3. gh0stwrit3r

    How to Write Epic Orchestral Music for Film

    I released a video on my Youtube Channel in which I show you how I wrote my Epic Orchestral Music Track "Final Frontier". It really goes in depth. I talk about which virtual instruments I've used, how I did the combination / layering of the different libraries, how the rhythm is build up...
  4. M

    Need midi mockup service

    Hi, I am looking for a midi mockup service that can produce a guitar tone similar to the following. I bought this library. But I can't produce the same tone as advertised. Best
  5. ashtongleckman

    Film Score Project Files - Download Hub

    Hey all, I wanted to create a place where I can post the project files for all my mockups. Hopefully it will be a bit easier to navigate than going through the YouTube descriptions. I'll update the list as new ones become available. Hope this helps. Best, Ashton The Ring Gravity Band of...
  6. Karma

    SSO Mockup - "Dartmoor, 1912" from War Horse

    Hello fellow MIDI tweakers, I'd like to share what I've been working on in my free time for the past couple of months. I recently purchased some John Williams scores and wanted to mockup something that to my knowledge hadn't been done before. It was definitely a challenging piece at times (tons...
  7. M

    Midi Mockup - Flight to Neverland from 'Hook' by John Williams

    Hi everyone, Here is my midi mockup of Flight to Neverland from Hook by John Williams that I recently finished. Some of my favorite music written by John Williams for the film Hook is is in the cue on the soundtrack called 'Remembering Childhood'. So I was exited when I learned that the Hal...
  8. amadeus1

    Shawshank Redemption - Thomas Newman - "Stoic Cue" mockup and analysis

    Here's a mockup and analysis of Thomas Newman's cue "Stoic" for Shawshank Redemption.
  9. Norman

    Orchestration Master Class Series (5 Sessions with free MIDI mockup session)

    It's been said before that fantastic and realistic MIDI Mockups are actually only possible when you approach each cue with vital attention to many details. Those details include the actual composition, the arrangement, your use of orchestration and finally the MIDI Mockup itself to present a...