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  1. RRBE Sound

    Buying a Synthesizer to also use as a MIDI Controller???

    Dear All, I was looking around the forum and wasn't able to really find anything about this topic. For the past 6-8 maybe 9 years, I have been working on MIDI keyboards. And though I do know, that there are a lot of fantastic MIDI keyboards out there, I want to purchase my first ''real''...
  2. A

    Dynamic Modwheel Trouble when using a controller

    Hi, UPDATE: I have figured out the problem, it was very easy, I had to delete automations in the pattern controls that i had set up when I would use the mouse sketch method
  3. ryevick

    Would The Akai MPK249 or the MPK261 Be A Good Orchestral MIDI Controller?

    I'm new to orchestral sample libraries and looking for a MIDI Controller to take when traveling, for orchestral work. Has anyone tried the Akai MPK249 or the MPK261? I wish the faders where on the left side or middle but it looks like it could handle articulations pretty well, even via pedals...
  4. C

    Most experimental but "functional" transportable midi controller

    Hi all, new here on vi-control. Have a Maschine mk3, and about to have a KK s61 mk2. Otherwise I only have a Roland System-8. So not a lot of experience with midi controllers (had a M-Audio CTRL49, which I didn't find very nice except the keys action). I'm taking an audio design master and...
  5. Steve W

    FaderMaster Pro keeps going bad - is it me?

    I’ve had my FaderMaster Pro for many years, bought it new, and have had it (expensively) rebuilt twice. Now once again I’m down to only two working faders and I’m seeing the USB writing on the wall. The symptoms are always the same - after a while the most used fader will get digitally "hung...
  6. toddkedwards

    Mapping CC's to MIDI Controller/Data in Logic Pro X [Newbie]

    Hello my fellow VI members! This might sound like a very stupid/simple question for most of you but I was wondering if anyone could point me in the correct direction on mapping CC data within Logic Pro X. I currently have a Nectar Impact 88 MIDI keyboard and would like to have the sliders be...
  7. W

    Horrible kontakt5 problems -- instrument banks, loading

    Just learned three horrible things about Kontakt 5.5: (EDIT: work-around posted below in comments for the first two) that K5.5 ignores midi CCs sent to instruments in an instrument bank that K5.5 ignores pitchbend sent to instruments in an instrument bank that anything saved in K5.5 can not...
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