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  1. D

    Logic MIDI CC not chasing!

    Been pulling my hair out with this for so long now and I wanna fix it once and for all. Any help MUCH appreciated! - MIDI CC data doesn't chase. If I play the middle of a region where the CC line is flat and has no nodes, it's set at some sort of 'default' value which is incorrect. It only...
  2. B

    (SOLD!!) FaderCTRL - 8 Channel Midi CC Controller $225 USD

    THIS HAS BEEN SOLD. Selling my FaderCTRL. 8-Channel midi CC controller. Excellent condition. Has been working great in Cubase 10 Pro. Selling as I've been doing most automation via another midi controller. Will dust it a little better before shipping. :D Purchased this on VI-Control - was a...
  3. W

    Midi Programming Question : Articulations, Start, Stop and Combined

    A noob question but I haven't been able to find the answer. Problem: I want to program a Stream Deck to switch articulations, mostly using Spitfire. Easy and Done. But what if I want to, in essence, hold two switches/keys down at the same time? Technically, how does Midi work in that...
  4. H

    [Cubase] How can i modify CC events using a second controller lane? (eg. to scale CC values)

    Hi, is there i way to modulate (in my case scale) CC data in Cubase? Say you have a velocity controlled patch and a little note figure with some dynamic accents for some notes and want to repeat that figure ostinato style. I'm now looking for a non destructive method to scale the velocity...
  5. I

    Wave by Genkl

    Hi I wonder if I can set up the ”Ring midi controller” from Genki to edit midi files. /need help 😀
  6. S

    Recording midi CC in logic deletes midi data.

    I have tried all the "Record overlapping" option. I just started having this problem. I record a midi part, then hit record again to perform the expression and it records the expression and deletes the data.
  7. P

    Going back to Komplete Kontrol in Cubase - How many Instances + Question about Keyboards

    Hey there, Having sold a Keyboard I no longer needed , I am thinking about going back to the Native Instruments S49 / A49 MKK2 + Komplete Kontrol , hosted via Cubase. I did have the MKI when it came out, but back then more than a few instances of Komplete Kontrol seemed to either Crash or...
  8. X

    Do all EW Hollywood patches use the blue PLAY UI buttons?

    I am asking this because as I was trying to figure out which patches use which keyswitches - they usually only activate one or two of the blue buttons. Are the buttons sometimes simply unused? I also noticed that some patches can't accomodate keyswitches because they go all the way to c0. I...
  9. wuubb

    Cubase: MIDI CC's not being sent to VEP

    (Tried googling for this several different ways but I'm prob just too dumb to know what this is called) So I have some MIDI tracks mapped to a VEP instance (see screenshot). Only problem is, the CC curves I've recorded aren't being sent to the Kontakt instance in VEP. Both the notes and CC...
  10. PaulieDC

    **UPDATE: New Firmware/Features 2/26/20** PreSonus FaderPort 8 and 16 Support MIDI CC Finally

    ================================================ UPDATE to original post, new firmware allows switching modes on-the-fly! Read More ================================================ ORIGINAL POST: I've already posted new comments with this news in the existing threads from a few months back when...
  11. A

    Customising Mackie Control Protocol in Logic

    Hi Guys, I recently bought an Icon Platform M+ with display and have been playing around with it. I have been trying to get it to work with both midi CC and as a fader/transport etc. controller. I have delved into the Logic Control Setup and controller assignments within logic to try to...
  12. mcpepe

    Do you use 2 faders? or 1 fader + a foot midi controller?

    Hi! I am new to this orchestral sampler players world so, please, educate me. I have seen a few sampler libraries played using Kontakt and 2 midi CCs for expresiveness. For example, in all Spitfire libraries videos. They usually use 2 faders. Do you use 2 faders? or 1 fader + a foot midi...
  13. benmwatson

    Good Fader Controller for MIDI CC data w/transport controls?

    I'm currently making do with a Korg NanoKontrol2, which works ok, but it has a few drawbacks: * In CC mode, the transport controls don't work as well as in pure Cubase mode, despite my efforts to program and mimic them. * The faders are a bit short. I don't feel like I can easily control the...
  14. JaikumarS

    Best app to control MIDI CC in iPad - Macbook Pro

    Hi, 1) I used to use Korg nanoKontrol for writing expressions and other MIDI CC in Cubase Pro 9 and Logic Pro X. Now I'm looking for a best iPad app to do the same. 2) I have heard about Lemur and TouchOSC - does it have to be manually configured everytime based on the Kontakt Libraries I use...
  15. Lotus Lake

    Is Anyone Else Having Big Problems with Kontakt MIDI CC and Track/Region Automation in Logic 10.4?

    Hi folks, I've been having some serious issues with automation/MIDI writing in Logic Pro 10.4.1. I think there may be several issues I'm encountering, some of which may be a potential misunderstanding of how Logic 10.4 handles MIDI CC Region Automation vs Track Automation, and some of which...
  16. K

    Control (and fade in) volume of bus effect with Midi CC (64)

    How do I fade in the volume of a bus effect using the MIDI CC 64 (sustain pedal) as the trigger? I have been looking at ways to trigger the send level of an insert slot on a bus, using the sustain pedal, or a MIDI CC 64. How can I do that? My issue: I want to add more reverb (from say -30db...
  17. M

    Cubase Controller Lanes

    Hello world! So, I'm in the middle of a project, building a new template for this film I'm working on. I had a feeling for a while that something random was going on with the controller lanes in the key editor. Meaning, I double click some midi event to get into the key editor and find a...
  18. wuubb

    (Cubase) setting expression map articulation in MIDI file

    Expression maps are great, yet they still require you to manually assign articulations to each note in the MIDI editor. Does Cubase assign articulations when using expression maps to any kind of CC or other property that could be added/changed in a MIDI file? I want to explore the possibility...
  19. Akarin

    Need a little help with Metro Ark I strings programming

    Hey all, I'm trying to make my strings from Metropolis Ark I sound "good". Whatever I do, it always sounds like robotic crap. I've made a little example to show you what I mean: I use the "High Strings Legato 8va" patch for the melody and the "Low Strings Sus 8va" for the harmony. This is...
  20. E

    MIDI program changes, cc, Cubase and Vep

    Hi! Long time lurker, first time poster here. I've really hit a brick wall here, and would greatly appreciate any help. I've searched and read all about potential similar issues, but have come up shorthanded, despite learning a lot of new things along the way. So..please bear with me. I'm...
  21. Dirk Ehlert

    CSS & Cubase Expression Maps

    Has anyone figured a working solution for Cubase Expression Maps and CSS? The articulation switching works flawlessly with the MidiCC58 system, but when it comes to leg/non leg and Sord/non Sord (which is also set up wiuth CC58) I can't get it working in expression maps. I tried to set it up in...
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