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  1. G

    First orchestral library purchase decision

    Hi! I'm trying to decide which orchestral library to start. There is the Spitfire spring sale going on right now, and I'm thinking about the BBCSO but I'm not sure what to do. I'm not new to orchestration, I have studied it and scored more than a few songs. I would like a library that I can...
  2. F

    Orchestral Tols Metropolis Ark 1 vs Ark 4

    So I’m having a bit of an issue deciding what to get. I know Metropolis Ark 1 is mainly for EPIC music, loud, in your face my-fff. Ark 4 seems to almost be a mix of Ark 1 and Ark /, but maybe not as epic sounding as Ark 1? Does anybody have any of the above mentioned libraries, maybe 1&2 and 4...
  3. H

    First try at trailer music, looking for composition critiques

    Hi everyone, I bought Ark 1+4 during the NI Sale because I've always had an interest in trailer/epic music, but I've never actually made any of it before. I've been taking the Trailer Music course on Evenant and here is a work in progress hybrid track I'm making for the course assignment. I...
  4. will_m

    Albion One vs Metropolis Ark 1

    Not strictly a review as such but hopefully a useful comparison between two of the big ensemble libraries.
  5. Bluemount Score

    Tier Ascent (adventurous orchestral piece)

    This one is part of the album I'm currently releasing and my 9th composition overall. In my opinion, it's definitely my best release so far. Any listen and feedback is much appreciated. Libraries used: CSS MA 1 MA 2 Albion ONE Action Strikes Kontakt Factory Library
  6. 4al.Coda

    Into Jungle - Orchestral adventure/action

    Hi guys! :) Recently I get redroom Palette – Primary Colors, and I used it for the 1st time last Week to compose this piece inspired by the next video game: shadow of the Tomb Raider. I chose not to use brass in this composition (just a little bit of tuba sometimes). The beginning represent the...
  7. T

    Bad Metropolis Ark I spot mic bug + crashing :(

    Just downloaded MAI and started messing around with it. There seems to be a bug on all patches that have spot mics (i.e. any of the horns, the bassoons, choirs, etc). When I start playing the spot mic will turn on and then turn off a couple seconds later ... and then back on ... and so forth. If...
  8. Jorgakis

    Love Theme 1992

    Hello, I recently rewatched the 1992's Dracula Movie, and I just love its soundtrack. So I stole the key and the alto flute and the em9-chord from Mina's and Dracula's Theme and did the usual dramatic thing that I always want to do. Some JW's across the stars orchestration is included ofc:D...
  9. Jorgakis

    One of the few hybrid tracks I did

    Hello there, never posted this track on this forum, it's one of the few "modern" hybrid tracks that I tried to compose. It has a bit of a "the plane just landed"-vibe (as I call it) but I like to listen to it from time to time. Still using HW Strings on this one (that I didn't eq that nicely)...
  10. Jorgakis

    Rise - Heroic Theme

    Hello there, while working on a symphonic piece again, tried to make a more commercial track as a break. I thought it was really tough. Since I feel that the use of "hybrid" instruments is not the area I feel really comfortable with, I tried to make a contemporary epic kind of theme with the...
  11. P

    Metropolis Ark choir - timestretched/warped in Cubase 8.5

    This is new for me... I used audiowarp to improve the timing of the marcato choir notes. Metropolis ark sounds awesome but gives me less control than other libraries. In the end turns out I didnt have to do that much, but the increased control is very exciting. It made me think about and work...
  12. Jorgakis

    Marco's Journey - asian/orchestral(kind of)

    Hello guys, I uploaded this song aome weeks ago but decided to share another track on this forum... but I thought this piece was kind of funny and it is one of the few works that didn't feel too ambitious, which made it turn out much better than the other stuff I did imo. I was really amazed by...
  13. Jorgakis

    The Birth of A Planet (Orchestra)

    Hello, so I tried to make some space music. I somehow had the movie "Prometheus" in mind(I don't know if that's a good thing). I hope you will enjoy!
  14. Jorgakis

    The Vampire (now with Part 2: "Van Helsing")

    Hello there, this was a joke at first, as I wanted to do something like daphnis et chloe darkmode. But somehow I think it's funny and surely a bit too off(which I like). I'd be happy to hear some opinions and suggestions. EDIT: I did a part two:D I think the overall structure seems a bit...
  15. OrchestralTools

    Orchestral Tools CAPSULE 2.5 Release + CAPSULE in 4 Minutes Video

    Hey Guys, we are proud to announce that again we will make the life of composers a little bit easier, individual and flexible - The CAPSULE 2.5 update is here! An update which will increase usability, playability and customization options of the most powerful articulation management system ever...
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