member's compositions

  1. tabulius

    My adventurous orchestral walkthrough at Youtube - JXL Brass, Cinematic Studio Strings etc.

    Hi, I just uploaded a new track of mine to Youtube. Please check it out and I would welcome any thoughts or critiques about the arrangement, mixing etc. I wrote a detailed description of all the virtual instruments I've used in the Youtube, but I might as well copy-paste it here. Woodwinds...
  2. Taj Mikel

    The Germ Of A Belief Net - Symphonic Hard Rock

    This is my epic symphonic rock song called 'The Germ Of A Belief Net'. I would love any feedback or critique, and thank you! :)
  3. ricz

    Playing w/ Oceania Choir

    I was on the road for work when I found out about the Oceania sale, and I had to snatch it up. Of course, being 3,000 miles away from my studio meant getting a little creative. I literally played this into Logic using the Oceania library and Kontakt factory library with Logic's "musical...