1. ChrisSiuMusic

    Songwriting For Animation - Write Memorable Songs! Available now until August 7th!

    Hey friends, I'm so proud to share with you that my newest online course Songwriting for Animation is now available! This course will take you into the world of the classic Disney hits, such as Beauty and the Beast, A Whole New World, Part of Your World, etc, and help you to elevate your...
  2. FelixDeepTerror

    How is cinematic harmony progressing?

    So, I really like today's cinematic music being produced, it integrated the more modern way of doing harmony from pop with the old orchestral ways. However, my question to you is how should the harmony of cinematic music progress from here? Hans Zimmer sort of set a standard of the Dminor chord...
  3. dman007

    What's this music?

    Can anyone tell me what this music is ? Thank you!!
  4. P

    Have you ever Dreamt a composition / Melody which you went on to use ?

    Interesting Question, as i find my mind subconsciously comes up with some lovely stuff just at the point before falling asleep; Do i remember it the next day ? Of Course not ? I think McCartney came up with Yesterday in a Dream (apparently) , and i have had one or 2 come to me that stuck with...
  5. nickmurraymusic

    Does Melody Even Matter??

    Hey Guys, I wanted to open up this discussion on melody. Does it even matter? Check out my thoughts on it here and would love to hear what you think!
  6. Akarin

    How to write an effective melody

    Hey all. I've just written one of my processes to create an effective melody: Do you have any tips and tricks to share?
  7. amadeus1

    John Williams - Across the Stars - Analysis

    A discussion of the melody and harmonic chord structure of Across the Stars by John Williams.
  8. hozierschurch

    Hollywood Diamond Strings - Melody Advice

    Can anyone offer any advice on achieving a mix of luscious long notes with enough bite to keep the shorter ones 'lagless'! I've been using the main motif from E.T. as an exercise using this patch: 1st violin Sus 13 RR. It has a great 'soaring sound' but sounds a bit laggy on the shorter notes...
  9. thov72

    Most used music/melodies in commercials

    I listened to "Peter and the wolf" today with my kids and thought, wow, this melody "Peter´s Theme" has been used quite a lot in commericals. I actually cannot recall which ones (I´m getting old) but wondered which other melodies have been (over-) used in commercials? Any ideas ?
  10. ranaprathap

    Melody creation - tips and tricks

    According to me, the most difficult part in composing is coming up with original, simple and memorable melodies that can transform into themes in a score, or become the chorus/verse of a song. How do you guys come up with simple and memorable (hummable) melodies? Can you share some tips, tricks...
  11. neblix

    Re-score School Project (Orchestral, Japanese Orchestral)

    Hi all! I was to do a film rescore of any clip of my choosing for my film scoring class final project. I decided to do a clip from my favorite anime OVA "Gundam Unicorn". Anime music and japanese composers like Hiroyuki Sawano (original composer of the anime, also wrote music for Attack on...
  12. d.healey

    Transcribing from ear to score

    I can hear a melody and almost immediately play it on piano, might take me a few wrong keys to get the first note but once I've got it I can get the rest - relative pitch. What I can't do is hear a melody and write it down, I can get bits of it but not reliably. Does anyone have any practical...
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