1. berlin87

    Menu soundtrack for a medieval strategy game

    Hi everyone, to hone my skills and to try something different, I wrote a little 40-second track that could act as a soundtrack for the main menu of a video game. Think Age of Empires :) As people spend very little time in the menu, it would repeat itself after 40 seconds. I don't think of...
  2. Everratic

    First attempt at medieval fantasy music

    Hi guys, I recently purchased Era II Medieval Legends and am learning about medieval composition. I composed this song using the library exclusively, and I aimed for a somewhat realistic composition and mockup. I'm specifically seeking feedback on how to make it sound even more realistic - any...
  3. Everratic

    Rinascimento vs ERA II Medieval Legends

    Hey guys, I really want to compose medieval style music, so I decided I'm going to purchase a special library for it. I'm having trouble deciding between Rinascimento by FluffyAudio and Era II Medieval Legends by BestService. They both sound great and have their own highlights. I did a lot of...
  4. ianfontova

    Do you need real celtic-folk-medieval instruments for your music?

    Hi everyone! I'm a soundtrack composer with special interest for celtic music. I mix celtic music with epic-orchestral, viking, pagan, funk, metal, electronic... I mix orchestra library sounds with quite a variety of acoustic folk instruments (flutes, bagpipe, violin, guitar, bouzouki...
  5. beyd770

    60min speedscoring - now using my own vocal! :O

    Decided to do speedscoring daily for min 60 mins, and just have a go at whatever comes out of it. I decide the theme by choosing a picture, and then disconnect internet and phone, and will go with the first idea that presents itself. It's amazing how often I go back to the first take/version...
  6. Thomas Kallweit

    Old Dance (medieval mixmax) [slightly updated]

    Maybe I will finetune it more as it is slightly rough. Could have done more with articulations.
  7. M


    deleted, moved to composers forum.
  8. EpicDude

    Nothing to see here.

    Nothing to see here.
  9. lucianogiacomozzi

    Sold: forest kingdom - final reduction

    Hi there, All sold! Many thanks, Luciano
  10. MatthewHarnage

    Fantasy track combining Medieval Era II with acoustic guitar. Looking for any feedback on mix.

    Hey everyone, This was created for a Fantasy game coming out in 2018. It is played in a secret library area and was meant to be calming and somewhat reflective. The main melody is the main theme of the game, inverted. I thought I did pretty well with the mix. Everything sounds clear and...
  11. SoundChris

    Soundtracks for Film and Games

    Hey there guys, here is my personal composer web-page. I am a multi-genre composer from germany mainly focused on orchestral, piano, jazz and medieval music. I am also creating hq library demos if needed. If you are interested in my art just check out my music at