1. H

    Thoughts on my mix?

    I'm working on a film trailer for a school project and looking for some critique/feedback on what I have so far. Any advice is appreciated :)
  2. H

    Seeking Critique for Film Trailer Music

    This is for a school project. Students are being challenged to write music for a film trailer given no video, but just an outline of the trailer with all of the hit points labeled. I'd really just like some feedback on the overall sound of this. I'm not looking for feedback on the substance/how...
  3. H


  4. H


  5. Aleela

    Mixing and Mastering Books

    Hi! Can anyone recommend me some Mixing and Mastering books? From the beginner level up to the expert level. Thank you!
  6. sailenox

    Junkie XL acoustic treatment in his studio

    Hey guys, i recently built my new studio desk and tidied up my studio. The next big thing is acoustics. I dont want to build a pro mixing/mastering room, but i want to mix and master as good as possible. Junkie XL once mentioned that he do all the mixing stuff on his own. I also watched his...
  7. amadeus1

    Networking a master and slave with Vep 7

    Hi guys, Here's a video detailing cable modem and slave computer hardware as well as software connections via ethernet and Vep 7 to set up a master and slave computer. Best, Bill
  8. GrapeBotherhood

    Question regarding Vienna Ensemble Pro and Gigabit Switch

    Hi guys, I want to work with 1 master and 2 slaves computers in Vienna Ensemble Pro. I've read I need a Gigabit Switch to connect the three together. Since I have two lan ports on each computer, I can have internet on a separate port of the master, so I don't actually need internet signal on...
  9. GrapeBotherhood

    Need Help With Networking Configuration for Master/Slave Setup!

    Hey guys, I have a Mac Pro tower that I want to use as a master, and want to connect to a PC tower to be used as the slave, to use as master/slave for Vienna Ensemble Pro, and stream VST libraries from slave to master. I have poor networking experience/knowledge, can anybody help me? So, I...
  10. GrapeBotherhood

    Master/Slave setup: where to put best CPU?

    As in the title....given that I mainly work with: - Lots of VSTs and Kontakt instances -Lots of Orchestral Work -Not so much audio recording -A few plugins in the inserts, but the most of them would be used only in mixing/mastering phase, when I have already bounced all the VSTs tracks to audio...
  11. A

    NEW SSL Analog Strip for In-the-Box Mixing

    What you guys think of it? I'm very curious...looking forward to check that out.
  12. G

    Raid0 sata drives?

    I have some spare old SATA 1TB drives lying around, and was wondering if would get a slight performance gain if I RAID0-ed them and put my less used sample libraries on them? Currently my less used libraries are on one of the SATA 1TB drives connected via an external USB3 enclosure going into my...
  13. G

    How to disable a VEP instance from your master

    I think this has been mentioned before on the forum, but I can't seem to find it. Is there a way to disable a channel in VEPro from my master if the VEPro template is on my Slave? For example a specific CC message I can send from my track in Cubase to disable the channel on the VEPro slave?
  14. Dr Sabs

    Cubase 9 Record Stems into Pro Tools 12

    Hi All, I am currently trying to find a way to be able to have Cubase record stems directly into Pro Tools. Is this only possible through 2 computers, or am I able to do it all on the same machine (with pro tools hosting video and such). Either way, what software/routing does one have to go...
  15. M

    Master/Slave: MacMini + PC?

    Hi all! I'm planning a system upgrade very soon, and I'm thinking about going one of the following routes: - PC Master + PC Slave - Mac Mini Master + PC Slave Considering the Mac Mini is long in the tooth, I'll wait and see if Apple will release a new model before the end of this year. I was...
  16. N

    Master and Slave computers..

    Hi, Could I ask you opinion of which of these two computers should be used as a master or a slave? Perhaps you could offer some reasons as to your choice. No experience in this area and I definately need help from an old hand at these things! regards niven. Specs: New computer: Core i7800X 6...
  17. creativeforge

    Touch Innovations Kontrol Master: Holy Grail of mapping?

    Anyone seen this at NAMM or in a music store? Or has one? EXPERIENCE UNLIMITED KONTROL Combining the KM with your favorite editing software transforms your workflow from standard keyboard and mouse control to a fluid and precisely accurate experience. The Kontrol Master is the link between...
  18. D

    Macbook Pro with Mac Pro slave vs Single 12 core Mac Pro?

    Hi, Got a few questions about slave systems and what you guys think is my best option - mostly for large orchestral templates in Cubase and/or Pro Tools. I used to use a 2010 2.66GHz i7 8GB Macbook Pro as a single machine but a couple of years ago bought a 12 core 3.46GHz Mac Pro 5,1 which I...
  19. marky7400

    Overall mixing and mastering

    Hey All I am still beginning my journey as an orchestral composer and have trouble with getting the overall mix and content as accurate as I would like it. I am working through a few courses in production and composition for orchestra and wondered if anyone could listen to my track here and...
  20. G

    Logic and VEP recommendations

    I know this has probably been mentioned quite a few times here and I've read through some of the posts but just wanted to double check how you guys recommend working with Logic (on the master) and VEP (on the slave). I've just gotten into VEP, and the networking is great, now onto making a...
  21. G

    Will I get better performance from two computers or one spec-ed up one

    Hi Guys, I've got a Macbook Pro 2012 with a 2.5Ghz i5, 16GB RAM and 250GB Crucial SSD I've also got an HP Probook 450G2 with a 2.4Ghz i5, with 16GB RAM, and 250GB Crucial SSD. I'm wanting to set the two up together in a master/slave setup. You think I'll be ok with performance with these two...
  22. Phryq

    Unable to complete a mix

    So, there's a piece I finished writing a few months ago. All of the midi is 'recorded', samples chosen etc... and I've just been unable to make it sound the way I want. Reverb / balance / EQ etc. It's driving me insane. I compress too much, it sounds dead, not enough, jarring... Could the...
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