1. Thomas Kallweit

    Night on Mars

    Just sharing a track out of my newest work-album (reminiscent to older sci-fi musics)
  2. Bluemount Score

    ... I've probably listened to too much "Mars" (BBCSO, CSB and NI Symphony Series composition)

    ... and of course I don't even dare to compare it to Gustav Holsts original, but it must have been an inspiration in some parts. This track is almost a year old, not in 5/4 and a rather traditional approach (?) to the overused term of "epic music", therefore I somewhat tried to keep it realistic...
  3. Bluemount Score

    Gustav Holst - Mars (Mockup, beginning)

    Please be generous with me here! :shocked: Second time I try a mockup. I made this for practice reasons by only watching and listening to an orchestral performance on YouTube, no sheet papers etc. Therefore, some instruments are missing for sure. Besides reverb, it's completely unmixed. Also I...
  4. Mads Skønberg

    Selling libraries

    Send me PM for asking about what I am selling and prices. NB! Good prices.
  5. ptram

    Building words with Soundiron Olympus Choir

    Hi, I would like to use the Mars+Venus choir to make a virtual choir sing. By exploring the PolySustain chants, the Marcato/Sustain Builder, the Phrase Builder, and the single Vowels and Staccato elements, I've started to think that the best way to simulate a singing choir is to remotely...
  6. L

    SoundIron Mars- Sticking Notes on Kontakt Keyboard?

    HI- Setting up a template for a composer friend and finding that some of the patches in Mars are showing held notes on the Kontakt Virtual keyboard, after the real keyboard has been released. ( this isn't a sustain pedal issue, which I've double checked ) I'm not sure if this is meant to...
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