1. S

    Mapping CC1 to external fader.

    I can find a "virtual knob" for just about everything else, except the CC's, There's no CC to click on to be able to "learn" What am I missing?
  2. ryevick

    How Would You Map This Controller For Orchestral Libraries?

    I recently purchased the Nektar Panorama P6 and I'm about to start mapping the faders, encoder knobs and buttons to the left of the display window for different sound libraries and saving them as presets. The main and first preset I want to save is for Spitfire Audio libraries. I own several of...
  3. mcpepe

    Do you use 2 faders? or 1 fader + a foot midi controller?

    Hi! I am new to this orchestral sampler players world so, please, educate me. I have seen a few sampler libraries played using Kontakt and 2 midi CCs for expresiveness. For example, in all Spitfire libraries videos. They usually use 2 faders. Do you use 2 faders? or 1 fader + a foot midi...
  4. d.healey

    HISE velocity spread mapping - video

    I made a short video demonstrating how to quickly map samples across velocity ranges in HISE.
  5. Lotus Lake

    Is Anyone Else Having Big Problems with Kontakt MIDI CC and Track/Region Automation in Logic 10.4?

    Hi folks, I've been having some serious issues with automation/MIDI writing in Logic Pro 10.4.1. I think there may be several issues I'm encountering, some of which may be a potential misunderstanding of how Logic 10.4 handles MIDI CC Region Automation vs Track Automation, and some of which...
  6. W

    Spread same note/sample in mapping editor and copy and paste to the entire key range

    I know there is a feature called "auto-map" and "auto-spread". But that stretched out that same sample to each key switching notes. I dont want that. Is there a way without copying and pasting the sample a billion times to make individual duplicates of that same sample mapped out to the entire...
  7. magneto538

    Prevent a MIDI note to be sent to Kontakt's MIDI out

    I have a drum library. As many drum libraries out there, I have an "external" mapping - C1 is Kick, E1 is Snare etc. - and an "internal" mapping that I use to handle Round Robins, alternates and stuff. Each note on the internal mapping is a different Drum Kit (I have RRs mapped over velocity). I...
  8. toddkedwards

    Mapping CC's to MIDI Controller/Data in Logic Pro X [Newbie]

    Hello my fellow VI members! This might sound like a very stupid/simple question for most of you but I was wondering if anyone could point me in the correct direction on mapping CC data within Logic Pro X. I currently have a Nectar Impact 88 MIDI keyboard and would like to have the sliders be...
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