1. Bernard Duc

    Strings ultimate challenge: Mahler 5th Adagietto

    After the success of my LOTR mockup, and since I have too little work and too much time since I move back to Switzerland, I decided to tackle a new piece. I asked for suggestions and received quite a few... but finally I decided to go for what I consider the ultimate challenge for string writing...
  2. Sibelius19

    My wife doesn't get it

    So she said that the harmonies, melodies, and pretty everything don't seem "right." Funny thing, I was kind of going for that. I want sort of an off kilter sense of movement. Things were slightly "off" with the octave jumps in the woodwinds and strings as well. I don't know, maybe I'm crazy...
  3. C

    Mahler Symphony No. 6 Mockup

    Hello everyone, This is a mockup I created about 2 years ago. About 3 months ago I decided to create a video showcasing it. Since posting on youtube I've noticed it getting a lot of traction and random people posting it all over the web. Some slightly positive... and...